Yellowstone National Park falls on the list of the busiest national parks in the US, having millions of travelers crowding the park to witness its beautiful scenery. Located in the western part of the US, in Park County, the northwest corner of Wyoming, this national park has a lot to offer to visitors at any time of the year. It is the first national park in the world, built in 1872, and rich in natural history, beautiful geological landscapes, as well as geothermal wonders. There is immense wildlife, waterfalls, geysers, and springs to make everyone has the most stunning safari experience. There is so much to explore in this beautiful park. Here are 9 of the best times to visit Yellowstone National Park. Related: Why You Should Experience Yellowstone From An Explorer Cabin

9 Visiting Yellowstone in April

Visiting Yellowstone in April is fantastic. Along the Lamar Valley, visitors can witness births of bison as well as bears coming out of their dens. The best part about having a vacation in Yellowstone is getting the chance of wildlife viewing. The absence of many people flocking to the park is another reason to adventure at Yellowstone in April. It is the perfect time to enjoy backpacking and hiking on the park's trails. Moreover, roads within the park closed over the winter are reopened again. This gives visitors an incredible opportunity to explore other areas of the park. Madison-West Entrance Road and Norris-Canyon Road are open in the middle of the month. The drawback of exploring Yellowstone in April is few available accommodations and campgrounds since the park is still transitioning to Spring in early April. They mostly open in mid-April.

  • Tip: While most of these accommodations are not open till mid-April, check the opening dates online beforehand.

8 Visiting Yellowstone in May

In May, Yellowstone Park is full of life! From blooming flowers of the wild to elk calves and newborn bison – the park is exciting to explore. New roads also open during this month, be sure to explore more trails within the park. One can spot wolves in May almost every day. For a perfect view of the park's wildlife in May, participate in the Xanterra tour, led by trained guides, knowledgeable in the many species found in the park. Go on safari drives through Hayden and Lamar Valleys. So many lodgings and campgrounds are available for accommodation. Space and something are interesting for everyone in May.

7 Visiting Yellowstone in June

With new wildflowers, elk calving in Mammoth, and Bisons having newborns in Lamar, Yellowstone has a lot to offer to travelers in June. The snow starts to melt in May, exposing more trails in the park to explore. It is the greatest opportunity for backpacking and hiking while experiencing the best of the park's scenery. Wander around the park's mountains and experience the peaks covered in snow.

6 Visit Yellowstone in July

One can explore all the trails in the park in July. The weather is good, and there is plenty of wildlife to explore. All trails are accessible for exploration, giving visitors an excellent opportunity of enjoying hiking. There are so many places to explore. The snow has melted, leaving over 100 miles of trails to explore. The park is full of beautiful spots for a picnic where visitors can have their meals while exploring the park's scenery. Tip: Get to the park early to explore most of the park’s trails. Before starting to drive through the park, have a plan of which part of the park is perfect for the day.

5 Visiting Yellowstone in August

The biggest advantage of exploring Yellowstone is the accessibility of the park's trails. At this time of the year, one can hike so many places as all the natural attractions are exposed. Bison and other wildlife species are almost everywhere. Although, there are crowds on the trails, geyser basins, and other parts of the park.

  • Tip: Explore the park very early in the morning, take a break by 10:00 am, and return during the evenings, at around 5:00 pm.

4 Visiting Yellowstone in September

Join Yellowstone National Park in the Labor Day celebrations in September! Once the celebrations are over, the crowds reduce within the park, making it the ideal time to explore the beautiful scenery of the park. Wild animals, including bison, elk, and the black bear mate in September. What a perfect time to experience their sightings within the park? Autumn arrives in the park; flowers turn yellow and bushes red.

3 Yellowstone in October

The weather is chilly in October. Crowds are gone, and snow has fully melted. Visitors have a unique opportunity to view the park’s natural landscape as winter approaches. One can experience the hot springs, geysers, and natural vents throughout Yellowstone National Park without struggling to squeeze through crowds as in other months. Visitors can go hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, and backpacking in October within the park.

Tip: Come with warm layers as the park’s temperatures vary widely at this time of the year. Related: How To Plan A Visit Around Yellowstone's Wildlife Mating, Migration Patterns, and More

2 Visiting Yellowstone in November

Visiting the world’s first national park in November is great. The trails in the north of Yellowstone are open and one can explore them on foot. With fewer crowds within the park, one can have the trails to themselves. Most roads in the park, however, close at the month's beginning. So, visitors have a few roads to explore within the park in November, but an unforgettable safari experience is guaranteed.

1 Visiting Yellowstone in December

December in Yellowstone is a beautiful time to enjoy winter adventure. There are fewer crowds at the geyser basins to explore. Although most park roads close, it is still a perfect time to explore the snowy mountains and take some epic pictures. There are campgrounds and lodgings available for bookings. December presents an incredible opportunity for wildlife viewing, although, it is advisable not to try and approach or feed them. Bison and other wildlife species are always somewhere on the park’s roads. Visitors should pull over or slow down until they get away from the road. NEXT: This Is What To See In Yellowstone If You Only Have One Weekend