Europe is known for its premier vacation destinations, including popular tourist sites such as historical landmarks in Rome and even romantic destinations like Paris. While these hotspots get plenty of attention, there are smaller towns tucked away and in between that often go unnoticed.

While this is good, in a way, because it keeps tourism in control, it's also sad that these towns and cities aren't as well-explored as others. Their beauty, charm, and small-town nature is what makes them so destination-worthy, but many haven't even heard of them before.


Castelluccio, Italy

Castelluccio is so breathtaking because it sits atop a hill that's roughly 5,000 feet above sea level. This also makes it one of the highest-sitting towns in the Apennine Mountain Range.

While an earthquake is responsible for much of the village's decreased population, over the last few years, many have come back to open up stores and restaurants, making this a destination once again.

Kastraki, Greece

Kastraki sits tucked away in a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Meteora monasteries. The pillars on which these medieval-architectural-style buildings sit extend for thousands of feet into the air, with the village of Kastraki on the ground below.

The population is only 560, but those who live there have the view of a lifetime.

Vernazza, Italy

In Cinque Terre, Vernazza has earned the title of the steepest village but also one of the most visually stunning. Not only are its buildings vibrantly colored, contrasting against the brilliant blue of the surrounding coast, but it's also home to a natural harbor.

The population of the gorgeous seaside town is under 1,000, but it's still a great spot to get away for a serene, peaceful (and maybe romantic) vacation.

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Assos, Greece

The population of Assos is, believe it or not, only about 88 people. While its inhabitant number remains under 100, it doesn't take away from how naturally beautiful this village is. This village sits on a piece of coastal land that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, making it feel more like a small island than a village that's part of Kefalonia.

This tiny village has the best of both worlds: Full wildflowers in bloom that surround the town during the warmer months, and a small, flawless beach with calm waters that's perfect for sunbathing or swimming. '

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Ísafjörður, Iceland

Most striking is Ísafjörður, located in Iceland's Westfjords peninsula. What makes this town stand out is the fact that it's literally surrounded by mountains - and not just ranges, but actual mountains that creep up to the very edge of this small village. The population of Ísafjörður is just over 2,500, but the village itself is pretty well-isolated from Iceland's larger cities, such as Reykjavik. It's not uncommon in this town to see temperatures well below freezing, along with summer temps never seeing more than the 50s.

However, for those who find wanderlust in the glacial shores and volcanic black sand beaches of Iceland, this town is a must-see in order to believe it. It's not uncommon for a resident's backyard to slope up into a mountainside, making for a stark contrast to all of the picturesque beaches and tropical islands that most opt for when it comes time to take a vacation.

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