We either love them or hate them—but it's pretty hard to avoid hearing about them. The Kardashian clan has been a celebrity force for years now. Vacation and traveling are serious business for the family, who—despite all the controversy and numerous gaffes in the public eye over the years—still emphasize family time. Fame and wealth have opened many doors to the Kardashians, allowing them to jet set around the globe to the world's most exotic and opulent locations. Mom Kris has stressed the importance of family time since long before the Kardashians became a brand unto themselves, and as the years have passed, the sisters Kourtney, Khloé, Kim, Kendall, and Kylie have gathered together several times a year, with their growing families and lots of TV cameras to show us how the other half really lives.

Of course, when every moment is lived under public scrutiny, it's a near certainty that we'll catch a glimpse of less-flattering moments. Not every place the Kardashians have gone has been well-received. Some of the sisters have been guilty of poor judgment calls, to say the least. Most of the Kardashians are adept at turning lemons into lemonade, however, so often their faux-pas are turned into productive TV fodder and “learning opportunities,” and we just can't seem to stop watching. They're a busy group of women—movers and shakers who consistently show us how hard it really is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Here are some of the sickest places the Kardashians have been—and a few we're happy to skip over.

25 Skiing In Big Sky

When the sisters took their zest for adventure to new heights, they did so in style. Back in 2015, the Kardashians traveled to an expansive and luxurious cabin in the snowy mountains of Big Sky, Montana, as per HelenAir. To those of us who have grown up in the elements, their experience may have seemed comical, but for the K-crew, slipping and sliding all over the road before tail-spinning into a ditch wasn't their idea of fun. We think it's safe to say, if one isn't experienced with driving in mountain Montana snow, call Uber.

24 Playtime In Phuket, Thailand

Because the family places so much emphasis on traveling together on their globe-trotting vacations, when the Kardashians descended on Iniala Resort in Phang Nga, north of Phuket, they booked the entire resort, as per The Phuket News. At a cost of over $18,000 a night, the Kardashian family toured Thailand in 2014. A hefty film crew of 45 also tagged along as the Kardashian sisters ziplined, relaxed, and even visited a nearby orphanage, presents in hand. Kim and crew boated around Phang Nga and visited Phi Phi Island; they shared some of the most beautiful views of Thailand on social media.

23 Dubious Dealings In Dubai

Scott Disick's relationship with the entire Kardashian family has had some definite peaks and valleys, but one very deep valley opened up on a trip he took with Kim Kardashian to Dubai in 2017. After tearfully leaning on Kim about trying to make it work with Kourtney, Kim discovered a woman hiding in Scott's hotel room, as per E! News. This was apparently after she'd heard he was out partying. Kim herself may have stirred up controversy after visiting a center for disabled children in Dubai and handing out T-shirts, because the center didn't seek permission for her visit, as per Daily Mail.

22 Keeping Up In Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Despite the drama the family brought with them, Kim Kardashian and the rest made quite the splash at the celebrity favorite Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, according to Oyster. Although Khloé didn't arrive with the rest of the family, she revealed that she'd flown in secretly to surprise her mom. It seems like another time in another world when we reflect that this trip featured that memorable moment when Kris tried giving Kourtney relationship advice. Nevertheless, the pools, on-site golf course and glittering beaches make this a must-go destination for many.

21 Reveling In Reykjavik, Iceland

Although Kanye and Kim had originally planned the Iceland getaway in 2016, it ended up being a celebration for Kourtney's birthday—and she enjoyed it so much she included a personal travel guide on her website, according to People. A few good family friends rounded out the group, and the vacation included poses on glaciers and in front of geysers and the blue lagoon. The Kardashians tried chasing the Northern Lights with a helicopter ride, but weren't successful. The lack of Lights didn't dim the trip for the ladies, who also made a point of visiting famed Hallgrímskirkja Church.

20 Yachting With Younes In Italy

Kourtney and Younes love to travel and spent weeks yachting up and down Italy's Riviera this past summer, according to E! News. Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Younes Bendjima visited Capri, Rome and other gorgeous ports scattered across Italy in a lengthy extended vacation. Kourtney's kids got to join in on the fun, and when Kourtney needed to make it a working vacation, she welcomed “momager” Kris Jenner and her new beau, Corey Gamble. Sunny, breezy days on the water were followed by mellow starry nights for Kourtney and her family, who were in no hurry to end their excursion in Europe.

19 Armenia For Their Ancestors

Kim and Khloé Kardashian journeyed to Armenia in 2015 and future met past. The girls' father, Robert Kardashian, was of descent from the nation, and in between shaking the Prime Minister's hand and touring important historical sites, they met family members still living in Armenia. Even those who weren't fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians saw the importance of the visit and how it brought new focus to the ages-old heartache of Armenia that caused the diaspora of their natives immigrating to places like the US. Kanye West also showed up and gave a surprise concert, as per Vogue.

18 Kimye Sees Cuba

Kim and husband Kanye took a lot of flak for their trip to Cuba from natives to the nation in Miami and others across the US. Their vacation there, complete with the film crew, perfected poses and sultry fashion was met with everything from indifference to stern disapproval, according to CNN. Khloé in particular took a lot of heat for her posed social media photo beneath the word “Fidel.” Travel to the island nation is still limited, so most in the US won't ever get the chance to go. Ex-natives of Cuba panned the visit, feeling that it made light of the plight of their people.

17 Leaving Las Vegas

Kris Jenner is still down to party, so when she turned 59 she celebrated in Las Vegas with her daughters in attendance. The party turned sour for Kourtney and Scott Disick at 1 Oak when Kris confronted Scott about his partying lifestyle and not-so-fatherly behavior, even though Kourtney was 37 weeks pregnant with their third child at the time, as per People. His strange, inebriated behavior was on display all over the strip much to the chagrin of the Kardashian family, and a few months after, he entered a recovery center. The whole episode just made Vegas seem a little more cheap and tawdry.

16 Meetup At My Mykonos Retreat

We can't believe it's been more than five years since Kim, pregnant with her first child, North, vacationed in Mykonos with all her sisters, her step-brothers Brandon and Brody Jenner and with Kris and Caitlyn, who were still married at the time. A filming crew of nine also tagged along to grab footage for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. They booked an outrageously expensive seven-room yacht—complete with jacuzzi and multiple bars—according to Hello! Magazine. Because a yacht isn't extra enough, they also booked a villa that boasted dazzling views and infinity pools.

15 The Kardashians do Bora Bora

Although most of us have forgotten about Kim's short-lived marriage to basketball player Kris Humphries—and she'd certainly like us to keep on forgetting it—we can't forget the gorgeous scenery of Bora Bora. Kim and the rest of the Kardashians vacationed at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa in 2011 and invited Kim's then-fiancé Kris Humphries, which was later featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as per the LA Times. Fans of the show ate their hearts out with envy when they saw the crystal-clear lagoon and the bungalows that seemed to float above the ocean.

14 Beautiful Babes In Bali

Kim, Khloé and Kourtney escaped from the harsh rigors of being rich and sought-after to recharge their batteries with their growing families in Bali in 2018, according to People. Kourtney's ex-boyfriend Scott Disick even stopped by to have some family time. The girls' respective social media profiles were filled with incredible views, including Khloé's post showing her posing with her six-month-old daughter True on the black sand with a rose and purple sunset backdrop. The children of the sisters also got some quality play time in the tropical paradise, which included boat trips and island tours.

13 Take Us To Turks And Caicos

Wherever the Kardashians go, they stay in style, as evidenced by their preference for the high-end Amanyara Resort, as per The Sun. Luxurious villas with outdoor showers boast ocean views of the pristine Northwest Point Marine National Park. Kim and Kourtney brought their brood for sun and relaxation in April of 2018, and Kylie copied them later with Travis Scott and their new baby Stormi. An in-house aquaponic garden supplies the resort with fresh fruits and vegetables, and the health-conscious Kardashians could use the on-site yoga and Pilates studios in between sun and sand time.

12 Vows In Versailles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn't actually get married in Versailles, but they did have their rehearsal dinner there in the palace, according to Us Weekly. Every moment was dripping in luxury. Kim looked back on the memorable France-based escapade a year later with a series of photos that commemorated her favorite moments of the week leading up to Kim and Kanye's star-studded wedding. A year after the wedding, Kim reflected on Versailles and proclaimed it the best week of her life and a “fairytale.”

11 Private Parties In Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita keeps popping up in the headlines because the sisters return to the tourist destination again and again. In January of 2018, Kourtney Kardashian was heating things up bigtime with model boyfriend Younes Bendjima and sporting a seemingly endless array of bikinis in all her social media posts, as per E! News. It's not hard to see from the background in her spicy photos why the location is a Kardashian favorite. Kim's been known to frequent Punta Mita in the past, and more recently sister Khloé traveled to the exclusive getaway with on-again, off-again boyfriend Tristan Thompson, according to ET.

10 Who Cares About Cost In Costa Rica

The most exclusive, eco-chic resorts in Costa Rica are found on Peninsula Papagayo, so of course, that's where the Kardashians stayed in 2017. The Villa Manzu costs a pretty penny at $23,000 a night and delivers exquisite jungle views to complement private staff, two pools and a theater, as per Forbes. If for some reason insanity strikes and a vacationer wants to leave this private paradise, a fully-stocked garage with a choice of Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler or Range Rover is also at the vacationer's disposal. At over 30,000 square feet, the whole Kardashian family easily fit and lived in the lap of luxury.

9 Stuntin' In St Barts

It was almost impossible to look past the Kardashian swimsuit modeling show to see the gorgeous St. Barts scenery behind them. Moms Kourtney and Kim brought along the newest scions, of course, and Kim's baby bump stole the show in many of the social media photos they shared. Mom Kris tagged along on this 2015 vacation that packed an incredible amount of sun and sand into only five days of bonding, as per Us Weekly. Of course, the film crew tagged along, and we watched the girls walk the immaculate beaches and posing on a luxurious yacht.

8 Takin' On Tokyo

Just before the birth of baby True, Khloé and sisters Kim and Kourtney toured Tokyo, Kyoto and several other social media-worthy spots in Japan. The girls showcased some of the most beautiful spots in Japan on their whirlwind visit that may have been Khloé's babymoon, according to People. The ever-fashionable trio visited fabulous restaurants, ancient temples and towering bamboo groves. The Kardashians know how to capture the perfect snapshot in all the fantastic places they visit, and Tokyo came off looking amazing in their photos.

7 A Festival In Cannes, France

Kendall Jenner joined big sister Kourtney in Cannes for the 2017 film festival, but they spent plenty of time out sunning on the yacht, as per Popsugar. Combining work and play as always, the girls snapped plenty of photos, and Kendall hit the runway for Fashion For Relief, organized by Naomi Campbell. Kourtney supported Jean-Michel Cousteau's new movie, but both girls still made plenty of time to play and soak up sun off the coast of France. When not catching rays on the yacht, the girls palled around on a jet-ski and glammed it up in the evening.

6 Unpleasantness In Uganda

Kanye West decided to film a video in Uganda, so he and Kim Kardashian-West visited the leader of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, to give him a pair of Yeezy sneakers and explain what Kim's job actually is back in the US. The visit was considered in poor taste, especially after Museveni's recent crackdown on homosexuality, as per Time. Bobi Wine came to the US to recover from his wounds. Critics noted that the leader has held power for over 32 years and has a brutal record when it comes to relationship rights.