If you have ever been to a museum you would know that museums are basically places for historical art and relics and can be a paradise for the right people. However, there are museums that are not only for history buffs but for everyone. Here's a list of some of the best museums in England that appeal to everyone.

6 Natural History Museum

Pulling in crowds for over 130 years, the Natural History Museum London is easily one of the best in England. The Natural History Museum is home to hundreds of rather interesting exhibits such as the skeletons and fossils of Dinosaurs. Who doesn't like dinosaurs? It also features the massive skeleton of the blue whale. You do not have to be a nerd about history to be fascinated by the Natural History Museum. The museum has a Darwin center which features hundreds of specimens. From the Darwin center, you can listen to talks from scientists. It is also free to get in.

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5 The British Museum

The British Museum is so big and has an incredible amount of stuff to go through it would take you over a day to see just a small fraction of the museum's incredible collection. The British Museum features treasures from around the planet. Over two million years of human history are displayed in The British Museum. The British Museum houses some fascinating pieces such as the Egyptian mummies and the Parthenon sculptures. We've seen a lot of movies about these Egyptian mummies but if you want to see one up close, The British Museum is a place for you.

4 National Railway Museum

Commuters are definitely going to love this museum. The National Railway Museum is free to enter. This award-winning museum houses over three hundred years of history. Located in York, this museum features big halls that house the world's quietest steam engine train, Mallard, as well as other fascinating trains. The National Railway Museum also features the high-speed bullet train of Japan. Visitors can watch engineers rejuvenate and repair old trains from the workshop balcony and they restore these trains to their former glory. The National Railway Museum is among the best throughout England and is definitely worth the visit.

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3 Science Museum

As the name suggests, the Science Museum is a hub for science lovers. This Museum is perfect for both adults and kids. Located in London, the Science Museum features some interesting galleries that help visitors see interesting achievements of science, bringing the principles of science to life. The Science Museum features Stephenson's Rocket as well as the Apollo 10 command capsule. This museum is one of the best in England and also helps visitors know what it feels like to take to the skies with the red arrows or experience take off from the planet with the amazing 3-D and 4-D flight simulators.

2 JORVIK Viking Centre

We all know Vikings and the tales and legends surrounding them as a people. After an approximate cost of £4 million, the JORVIK Viking Centre was redeveloped and now tells stories about the ancient Vikings that inhabited the area at the time 960 AD. The JORVIK Viking Centre uses real archeology to tell these stories. The museum features a time capsule cruise along the Viking era with legit sights, smells, and sounds as though you went back in time. The museum consists of some interesting artifacts dug up in the excavation process. The JORVIK Viking Centre is definitely top of the list in England.

1 Beamish Museum

If the everyday traditional museums bore you, then the Beamish museum is the place for you. The Beamish museum displays present what life was like in North-East England during the 1820s, 1900s, and 1940s. The museum is an interesting one because staff dress in period attire which gives the feel as though you time-traveled to the past. The museum features a 1900s bakery from which bread can be bought. Visitors can drink at a traditional pub as well purchase sweets from an old-themed sweet shop. The Beamish Museum is built with certain bricks acquired from the local area which gives it a historical feel.

Museums are not just a place to see ancient history, they can also be a hub for learning as the majority of humanities accomplishments of old are featured there. We learn from the events of the past thus the importance of quality museums. The above is not placed in any order of hierarchy or relevance but is solely a compilation of the best museums in England that appeal to everyone.

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