The 25 Most Scenic Biking Routes (Perfect For Cycling)

Lucky are those who can hop on their bicycle, zip through the city and head to a lush, rolling countryside offering scenic views more beautiful than those in the movies. Indeed, there's hardly a single biker that wouldn't love this idea. Besides, going for a spin provides the right dose of activity and scenery, each clearing the mind in its unique way. Add the serenity and the inspiring landscapes to the mix, and you've got one heck of a cycling route you'll hardly ever forget. And as you ride along the most scenic roads in and outside of your hometown, you may come back home a little sore, but utterly rejuvenated from this bicycle touring. With such strikingly beautiful vistas around every bend, it's no wonder why bikers are virtually waxing poetic about the romance of the road.

From laid-back coastal cruises to awe-inspiring rides through the heartland, you'll find it quite impossible to look away from all that beauty and adventure that lies ahead. But if by any chance this doesn't suit the needs of the more devoted bikers, we've also collected a few challenging routes to question the speed and endurance of their legs once they hit the curving road.

25 Akuna Bay & West Head Loop, Australia

Via NSW National Parks - NSW Government

To those seeking top mountain bike trails for picturesque pedalling, we'd love to recommend the exotic nature of Australia's Akuna Bay & West Head Loop. Here, in New South Wales, bikers will be riding through a lush tropical rainforest or right along pristine coastlines. Best known for its diverse and picturesque landscapes, Australia is, indeed, a great destination to enjoy such natural treasures on a bike. Also, the route's distance is about 40 km long and is of moderate difficulty.

24 Shimanami Kaido, Japan


From leisurely bike trails to more adrenaline-packed multi-day odysseys, the country's Shimanami Kaido can absolutely suit the needs of every type of biker out there. Overall, this otherwise beautiful trail has the occasional habit of scaring bikers away with its challenging appearance. But in reality, crossing its series of bridges is neither that treacherous nor that scary whatsoever.

Besides, this Japanese route is, in fact, fully separated from the road making it such a unique overwater journey. Thanks to that, bike enthusiasts may enjoy almost 40 miles of serenity and scenic lands at their own pace.

23 Barry Way, The Australian Alps

Via Cycling Wild

Escape from the busy city and troubled thoughts by riding through the unspoiled wilderness of the Australian Alps. Get your cycling journey started from Jindabyne, then head to the Snowy River Road to enjoy an exciting bicycle experience with sweeping views of the Snowy River Valley. You see, Australia's beautiful flora and fauna can surely excite the mind and heart of any devoted biker.

Tip: note that the first 27-30 km of the ride is on bitumen; only after that you'll get your unsealed track from Barry Way's Ingebirah Gap.

22 Great Divide Mountain Bicycle Route - Canada


Flanked by eerie hilltops on both sides, the Great Divide Mountain Bike in Canada will probably send shivers down the spine. However, if you take a closer look, you'll eventually realize that this Canadian trail is actually quite exciting and pretty much perfect for more advanced riders. Famous for its awe-inspiring landscape, this scenic bike path boasts over 2,200 miles of wilderness and isolation from the busy world where moose or other animals are not rare visitors. Before you set the pedals on fire, only make sure to charge the battery of your GoPro camera - it'd certainly be a route to remember.

21 North Sea Cycle Route - Norway

Via Square Mile

Located at the northeast tip of the spectacular North Sea Cycle Route, nature enthusiasts will stumble upon a series of paths and trails winding through the islands along Hordaland, Norway.

Taking the path south from Norway makes a brilliant idea to get on an international tour through some of Europe's most beautiful countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, etc. Now get your backpack ready, hop on the bike and enjoy over 3,700 miles of stunning scenery as you travel along Norway's scenic route perfect for all types of bikers.

20 Negev Desert, Israel

via:Tourist Israel

If you're into more adventurous trips outside of the country, then make sure to visit this exotic place as soon as possible. The country's cycling routes offer an exceptional range of beautiful sites and valleys, all well combined with the romance of the country's landscape. If you're curious to see what the southern parts of Israel look like, then make sure to visit its world-recognized sites, namely the Ramon Crater, Halukhim Range and Zin Valley area as well. Close the day by riding along the Dead Sea or right through the sun-burnt Negev desert before heading toward the Red Sea port of Eilat.

19 Garden Route - South Africa

Via Bold Travel

With its diverse, exotic and dramatic landscapes, it really is no wonder that South Africa would also have such inspiring cycling routes as well. So, if you're planning a tropical journey there, we'd suggest that you start in Cape Town and then continue east through South Africa's scenic Garden Route. But before you jump headlong into this wild adventure, get prepared for a 12-day cycling trip that boasts stunning vistas and many coastal locations. Do you need any other reason to explore this 113-mile route?

18 The South Downs Way - England

Via South Downs Walking

All those adventurous cyclists from England are quite fortunate for having this beautiful 99-mile trail running through the very heart of England. This scenic strip of land, stretching across the rolling countryside, is pretty much perfect for anyone interested in exciting cycling tours. The area is best known for its proper amount of elevation making it an ideal spot for more advanced thrill-seekers. At the end of the strip, riders can reward their persistence and endurance with a short but memorable visit to the nearby pubs and guesthouses scattered across the area.

17 The Great Ocean Road - Australia

Via The Telegraph

Another long-distance cycling route is to be found just 172 miles from Torquay. If you've explored the scenic lands of Torquay before, then you must've realized that this location is just so easy on the eye.

Stretching for miles from its starting point in Torquay, this scenic route boasts dramatic coastlines you've only seen on the internet. Indeed, this beautiful route, officially known as Australia's Great Ocean Road, allows biking at its best. Whether you're just a cycling enthusiast or a devoted biker, Australia's Great Ocean Road and its scenic strips of land will surely fit the bill for you.

16 Going-To-The-Sun Road, Montana

Via Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

With its starting point in West Glacier, MT, this route features about 50 miles, a dozen of which features over 3,000 feet+ of scenic climbing and spinning past the area's biggest attraction, namely the gorgeous Lake McDonald. Get started at the west entrance of the park and you'll get over 20 miles of considerably smooth passing before the picture gets much prettier. From glacial lakes and shimmering rivers to lush wildflower meadows and rugged peaks, the actual climb to Logan Pass is where your legs will start feeling a bit sore. But overall, the picturesque route from West Glacier is genuinely worth it.

15 Dirty Kanza Half-Pint - Kansas

Via Redshift Sports

To those seeking a complete gravel-grinding experience, there can't be a better place for them than Kansas' Flint Hills. This beautiful yet quite wild terrain makes perfect for all kind of bike adventures. however, it's certainly not that idyllic for beginners with little or zero dedication. Once you've hopped on your bike, you'll soon be rattling over the area's rolling routes of Kansas's Flint Hills - and this, my friends, is certainly no picnic journey at all. Admittedly, though, the Dirty Kanza's terrain merely abounds in sweeping views of the nation's lush farmlands - and this must be a sight to see for sure.

14 Mt. Evans Climb - Colorado

Via Category Cafe

With its 27.6 miles of scenic paved road starting from Idaho Springs, this cycling route will take you precisely through the picturesque setting of the Chicago Creek Canyon. But the most spectacular views don't come into your field of vision before you reach the famous Echo Lake. Once you've gone past that treasure, you'll finally emerge from the tree-line and be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the surroundings. When you reach the 14,271-foot summit, you'll inevitably forget the soreness in your body and legs. Tip: Once you've climbed the peak, recheck your brakes before heading back to town.

13 Tour of the Battenkill - New York

Via Vermont Sports Magazine

How about riding along a 68,1-mile route starting from Greenwich, NY? Well, this trail may not offer the Australian wilderness or the lush farmlands of Kansas's Flint Hills, but it still makes an exciting cycling route, especially for the less experienced travelers. Also, this ride runs through the rural county of Washington before it becomes the route of the Tour of the Battenkill.

With a maximum elevation gain of 4,423 feet, the Tour of the Battenkill rumbles through dairy farms, beautiful bridges, and railroad crossings, all worthy of exploring.

12 Oregon Coast

Via Doing Miles

As one of the most beautiful cycling routes in America, Oregon Coast excites the travelers with its exotic shorelines and sandy beaches. Surprisingly, the weather up here is impressively mild and calm between July and September. The best part, though, comes with the scenic stretch of cliffside trails. From there, adventurers may take in fantastic views of the nearby waterfalls, tide pools, and lighthouses. With that, your exciting cycling tour, starting from Tillamook, OR, seems to be pretty much complete.

11 Blue Ridge Parkway - North Carolina

Via Velo Girl Rides

With an elevation gain of nearly 5,002 feet, the famous cycling route winds along the peaks of the Blue Ridge while offering over 450 miles of scenic roads, exciting wildlife, and impressive waterfalls. The starting point of this scenic route is at Shenandoah National Park, and from there, you can expect to bump into panoramic views of the rolling mountains. Despite the lack of proper services nearby, you can detour for an hour or two to enjoy some delicious brunch with tea or coffee in Asheville or Brevard, both located in western North Carolina.

10 San Juan Islands - Washington

Via REI.com

To those seeking more peaceful cycling routes, we'd totally recommend the calm atmosphere of the San Juan's islands. With its beautiful islands, great mix of rolling hills and vast farmland, this part of the world is, indeed, the real cycling paradise. Of all the islands, San Juan appears to be much more preferred to its less populated siblings. Besides, the area is quite abundant in art culture and beautiful views of its harbor and lighthouse. The region is also home to a 19-acre public sculpture park, which is definitely another superb tourist attraction.

9 Crater Lake Loop -  Oregon

Via BikeYourPark.org

According to a legend, the stunning Crater Lake was naturally formed after the battle between two gods ended in destroying the volcanic Mt. Mazama about 7,700 years ago. As a result, the Crater Lake became one of the most sacred and picturesque lakes. Luckily for all the cyclists out there, this scenic and legendary lake also happens to offer a 32-mile strip of picture-perfect roads circling the ancient caldera. Tip: make sure to bring at least a few bottles of water since the only water available is at Park Headquarters and the charming Rim Village.

8 Gran Fondo - New York

Via The Wellness Universe

The City of the Big Apple may not bring to mind images of peacefulness and impressive scenery, however, it also offers fantastic cycling options, just a few minutes from the chaotic streets of Manhattan. Best known for its serene, leafy two-line routes that hug the local river, Gran Fondo NY has absolutely become one of the nation's best cycling routes. Starting at Mike's Bagels, cyclists will be crossing the Bridge to the Palisades in New Jersey before spinning north along the Hudson River.

7 A Ride Through Time - Utah

Via St George News

Utah's State Route 12 traverses over 100 miles of the stunning landscape dotted with cosmic pinnacles, ancient granaries, and thick forests, all of which nestled between Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks. Here, at the Escalante National Museum, travelers can peer into history before hopping back on the bicycle. With an elevation of 7,500 feet, the scenic road drops down into the farming lands of Cannonville and Tropic before it climbs back through the awe-inspiring Dixie National Forest.

6 Sea To Summit - California

Via Backroads

If you're desperately searching for a feature-packed ride with scenic beauty and geographical diversity, then you can start celebrating: you've just found your cycling paradise. This exciting Sea-To-Summit Route starts and ends in the downtown area, continues along the Golden Gate Bridge before it heads over to the rugged Marin Headlands. Once you've hopped on your bike, follow the picturesque route that runs past the flowering manzanitas and gorgeous redwood forests before you reach the eerie Mt. Tamalpais.

5 Champlain Islands - Vermont

Via The Brattleboro Reformer

From sweeping views of the Adirondack Mountains to the area's peaceful, pancake-flat roads and trails, this cycling paradise is idyllic for nonstop road adventures. This considerably easy ride just north of Vermont and the Champlain Islands offers about 10 miles of picturesque scenery before giving way to "The Cut." However, the region has taken care of this little issue as well. Thanks to a bike ferry, the thrill-seekers are quickly transported and delivered at the southern end of the islands.

4 Mt. Desert Island's Scenic Trails

Via Litton's Fishing Lines - Blogger

Admittedly, Mt. Desert Island makes such a brilliant place to explore Maine's granite coast and enjoy beautiful views of the awe-inspiring Cadillac Mountain being Atlantic Coast's highest point. With its miles of marked trails and scenic roads, Mt. Desert Island is also home to the beautiful Acadia National Park. As you climb your way up to its peak, make sure to stop for a second to enjoy the postcard-picture views of the fishing villages down below. If you're an early bird, you may also catch the spectacular sunrise up there.

3 The Katy Trail - Missouri

Via Travelreporter's Blog

As one of the country's longest and most spectacular routes, The Katy Trail runs over 230 miles right through Missouri's countryside as almost two-thirds of the trail sit on the banks of the calm Missouri River. The so-called Rails-To-Trails project happens to be running on flat terrain while towering dozens of vineyards and river bluffs. But in spite of its humble nature and character, The Katy Trail is a charming location favored by many cyclists and nature enthusiasts. Besides, its smooth trail cuts through several small towns, so finding a cozy coffee shop there doesn't sound like an issue here.

2 The Road To Hana - Hawaii

Via Hawaii Travel Guide

With more than 50 bridges and hundreds of hairpins, The-Road-To-Hana traces Hawaii's wilderness from coast to coast. The starting point of this scenic cycling route is at the hub of Kahului and continues through the charming seaside village of Hana. Indeed, The-Road-To-Hana boasts scenic stretches of roads and trails cutting through the Hawaiian lush tropical rainforest.

From stunning seascapes to beautiful waterfalls, The-Road-To-Hana, Hawaii, can clearly offer any biker the perfect cycling journey they will hardly experience somewhere else.

1 The Pinky Traverse, Michigan

Via The Adventures of Max and Susan

With its lovely stretches of historic lighthouses, beautiful sandy beaches, ports, and rolling vineyards, the so-called Third Coast is one of Michigan's most appreciated cycling routes. This considerably flat trail traces over 25 miles of peaceful and colorful byways with sweeping views of the pristine shoreline. If you're genuinely a dedicated biker, then you must pedal all the way to the Pinky Traverse to enjoy stunning views of the natural coastline of Lake Michigan. As beautiful as it is, this bike trail is, indeed, a fantastic choice for both bikers, hikers and joggers.

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