Do you live in the Sunshine state or just plan on visiting? If you're going in the fall you should skip Disney World this time around and instead plan a ghost tour to some of the most haunted spots in all of Florida. From graveyards to hotels and more, there are a surprising amount of areas to visit for the most avid of ghosthunters.

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If you frequently watch ghost shows and haunted series on networks like A&E and the Travel Channel, there is a good chance you're already familiar with some of the spots we'll be discussing. If not, make sure you add them to your bucket list! Who knows what you might experience there? We're taking a look at ten of the most haunted places in all of Florida.

10 St. Augustine Lighthouse

Considering that St. Augustine is considered one of the oldest and most haunted cities in all of America, it should come as no surprise that a notable landmark from the city makes its way onto this list. The lighthouse has made many appearances in media and other lists ranking haunted spots in the country. It has appeared several times on the popular Ghost Hunters series.

Rumor has it, in the early days of the lighthouse's creation, two teenagers drowned nearby. They were the children of the lighthouse keeper at the time. Guests and tourists who visit the lighthouse claim to hear the eerie laughter of children echoing through the spiral staircase and beyond. People also claim to spot the "Man in Blue," a specter of the former keeper.

9 Historic Stranahan House Museum

The Stranahan House was originally constructed in 1901. It was owned by Frank and Ivy Stranahan and used as a trading post. Over the years, the house has seen its fair share of deaths. That is commonplace with any building that has remained standing for as long as the Stranahan house has. Although the rumors of its haunting began when Frank Stranahan committed suicide on the property.

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Over the years, the house has been converted into everything from a postal office to a restaurant. Nowadays it serves as a museum located in Fort Lauderdale. If you're interested in its ghostly backstory, they offer guided tours through the premises. Some say you can still smell a whiff of Ivy's favorite perfume. It is believed that the ghosts haunting the house are peaceful spirits.

8 Pinewood Cemetery

Located in South Florida, the Pinewood Cemetery is one of the oldest in the area. It is said to be haunted by the spirits of pioneers from Dade County. Although to this date, most residents in the area claim the apparitions are harmless.

Well, all of them except one young girl who was believed to have been buried alive in a plot of land by her boyfriend. Other people have claimed to see a headless ghost and a woman prowling through the area. Efforts have gone in to restore the cemetery over the years since it has fallen into disarray due to age.

7 Deering Estate

Charles Deering constructed the Deer Estate as his winter estate and then died there in the early 1900s. It is rumored that the estate was built on top of an ancient Indian burial grounds (aren't they all?). Archaelogical digs conducted in the area revealed human remains.

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These days the estate is considered a magnet for the paranormal. Ghost tours are frequently conducted and many claim they have seen Deering's ghost rolling around in a wheelchair.

6 Coral Castle

The history of Coral Castle is a mixture of romantic and potentially dysfunctional depending on how you look at it. The castle is rumored to have been constructed solely at the hand of an immigrant named Edward Leedskalnin. He was in love with a woman much younger than him and she broke up with him the night before their wedding.

In an effort to win her back, he channeled The Notebook and built her a massive castle. It is still standing today. Ghost tours are frequently conducted there for curious paranormal investigators. They say Edward's spirit continues to live in the castle's bedroom. Coral Castle has been the subject of many conspiracies too, some believe it may have been built by aliens.

5 Fort East Martello Museum

If you're interested in hauntings, then visiting the Fort East Martello Museum is an absolute must. Did Child's Play and Annabelle freak you out? Then you need to visit the exhibit of Robert the Haunted Doll.

The history of Robert was covered in an episode of the popular podcast, Lore, and in the corresponding Amazon Original. The doll originally belonged to Robert Otto. He claims it caused various mischevious acts in his home and museum guests say they have seen Robert moving or that they've heard him giggling.

4 Biltmore Hotel

For places meant to be for the upper crust of society, it seems like luxury hotels are always the most haunted. The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables is no exception. The hotel was erected in 1926 and initially served as a military hospital. When it became the infamous Biltmore Hotel, it was populated by several legends, musical and otherwise.

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Even Al Capone himself was a known guest at the Biltmore for a time. In present-day, guests are known to experience things like flickering lights, weird whispers in the hallways, and even elevators opening on the wrong floor. Would you dare to spend a night at the Biltmore Hotel?

3 Ginger's Place

Ginger Payson was an eccentric young woman who performed in burlesque shows all along the east coast. She also performed in an underwater mermaid show, being touted around from place to place in a huge bowl like a goldfish.

Ginger and her husband eventually settled down in Jacksonville Beach where they opened up a bar known as Ginger's Place. Ginger eventually died of a stroke. But many believe her spirit lingers around the bar causing a little mischief here and there such as tickling customers' legs or tossing the Miller Lite sign around.

2 Jacksonville Beach Lifeguard Station

Speaking of Jacksonville Beach, not too far from Ginger's Place is the old lifeguard station. Prior to being converted into a place to watch out for swimmers, it was a hospital.

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The legend goes that the ghosts of people who didn't survive there continue to haunt the place. There is one particular ghost named Todd, detected from EVP equipment, and many believe Todd is the most frequent spiritual visitor.

1 The Devil's Tree

Turns out evil trees do exist outside the realm of Evil Dead and one is located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. The large oak tree located in Oak Hammock Park has become known as the Devil's Tree due to its grim legend and history. Locals claim in 1971 a serial killer brutally murdered two teenage girls and buried them near the tree.

Since then, it is rumored as a place for Satan worshippers and occultists to congregate. At one point, the tree was supposedly meant to be cut down, but chainsaws ceased to work in its vicinity.

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