If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, there are a lot of popular destinations that you can check out. Many of these most popular tourist destinations can be rather crowded, especially during certain times of the year. If you're someone who doesn’t love crowds, it’s good to know where some of the more crowded places in the city are, so you can avoid them or try to go at less busy times. This list can also give you some good ideas of things to do on your trip if you want to hit some of the biggest spots.

Here we have collected the ten most crowded tourist destinations in Las Vegas.


When you get into Vegas, it’s really hard to miss the Stratosphere Tower. Even with half of the unique hotels and casinos, this tall building stands out the most. It’s the tallest building there and reaches 1,149 feet. This destination is popular because there are some extreme thrill rides you can do on the top of the tower such as the SkyJump and Insanity. But, you can also check out the view of the city on the observation deck if you aren’t into thrills but still want to experience the Stratosphere.


While many of the most crowded and well-known tourist destinations in Vegas are on the Strip, there is one major one that’s not. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is only 15 minutes away from the Strip. It’s a huge complex that’s 1,200 acres. This destination is most well-known for hosting NASCAR races which bring thousands of people to the audience. There are also many restaurants and places to park.


There are many well-known hotels and casinos that can be found along the Strip in Las Vegas. But, there are also some museums and experiences that draw a large crowd. Madame Tussaud’s is the famous wax museum, and they have a location in Las Vegas. This museum has some very lifelike wax sculptures of famous people such as Elvis and Sofia Vergara. The theme at this museum is to include celebrities who have an association with the city.


There are many iconic hotels and casinos in Vegas, so it’s safe to say that they all draw crowds. But, there are some that are more popular than others because of things like their design or because of features they have. Mandalay Bay Resort might not have the most interesting external design, but it’s home to the Shark Reef Aquarium. They have sharks for about 15 different species. The great thing about this exhibit is that it works with biologists and helps rehabilitate injured animals, so you don’t have to feel bad about enjoying these beautiful creatures.


One of the most well-known hotel-casinos in Las Vegas-based on appearance is definitely the Luxor Hotel. This building is designed to look like a large, black pyramid including a sphinx. It also shoots out a beam of light from the tip of the pyramid when its dark. This hotel features food, gambling, and drinks like all others. But, the reason so many guests come to see it is just to get a glimpse of how it looks as the inside is also decorated in an Egyptian theme.

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The Mirage hotel is another that draws tourists from all over because of its extra exhibit. While it's home to all the typical casinos and places to eat, it also features the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Here, you can see many animals including those white lions that used to be featured in Siegfried and Roy shows. Also, there are many trained dolphins here. The other draw to this hotel is the fake volcano that erupts periodically. This makes for quite the striking scene. There are many wonders to see both outside the Mirage and inside.


Caesar’s Palace is arguably one of the best, if not the best, known Las Vegas resorts. It’s a huge building and complex that is resembled after ancient Rome. It's home to many celebrity restaurants, a huge concert venue that has hosted performers like Celene Dion, and also has a huge shopping mall attached. This mall is home to many luxury, high-fashion brands. Plus, the design of the inside and outside is filled with many nods to ancient Rome making it perfect for pictures.

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While there are many popular shows on the Strip, especially all ofthe Cirque du Soleil ones, many of these cost quite a lot of money. One of the best things you can see in Vegas for free is the fountain show at the Bellagio Resort. The water show is timed to different songs, and you can watch it from the sidewalk. This is why it’s often extremely packed with people every time the show is about to start. The inside of this resort also has the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens which makes for a nice reprieve from the business of the sidewalk outside.

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Fremont Street is part of the old downtown area of Las Vegas. This area only allows pedestrians which makes it perfect to walk around. This is why there are often many tourists and party-goers enjoying the area. Five blocks of the area are covered by a canopy that does and LED light show including music. There is also a stage in the area that is home to many performances. This area is quite popular and gets around 17 million people each year.


While there are many specific attractions along the Las Vegas Strip that draw visitors, the entire experience itself is the most popular and crowded destination overall. There are around 30 million visitors every year. This makes the Strip one of the top five most visited tourist destinations in the entire United States.

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