The 10 Best Places To Get Burgers At Disney World

Disney World in Orlando, Florida serves up all sorts of specialty food and drink items. Let's be honest, though; Nothing is quite as good as a classic burger. Thankfully, the theme parks and resorts are loaded with restaurants that serve loaded-up patties.

Whether you're looking for a traditional cheeseburger or a gigantic over-the-top specialty one, Disney's got you covered.

Before we dive into all the greatest places, though, it's worth noting that there are way more burger places in Disney than we'll be able to cover here. So this is a shout-out to a few of the honorable mentions including Landscape of Flavors, Rosie’s All-American Cafe, Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe, and the T-REX.

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With that said, here are ten of the best restaurants to get a burger at in the Walt Disney World Resort.

10 D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger, located at Town Center in Disney Springs, serves up an array of decked-out patties, hot fries, and gelato shakes. Additionally, this location offers a large selection of house-made sauces.

The specialty burgers include the Southern Burger, which will have your sandwich topped with fried green tomato, pimentos, lettuce, grilled onion, and bacon. The El Diablo Burger, on the other hand, has a beef patty loaded with fried banana peppers, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, and chipotle mayonnaise. Other options include the Barbecue Burger, the Plant-Based Pacific Island Burger, and the Classic Cheeseburger.

9 Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café

If you find yourself craving a burger loaded with cheese in the Magic Kingdom, this is your place. Located in Tomorrowland, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café serves tasty flame-broiled Angus burgers topped with mac & cheese, American cheese, cheese sauce, flaming hot cheese dust, and bacon. This all comes inside of a Mickey Mouse Bun and is served with fries on the side.

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If you’re looking for something a little more simple, you can order a classic burger on a brioche bun with or without bacon.

8 The Edison

Back in Disney Springs at The Landing is a steampunk-style sit-down restaurant that creates all sorts of American dishes. Of course, you can’t forget burgers on a menu full of classics.

This location offers a plant-based burger, a portobello burger, and a Tick Tock burger which combines a beef blend of sirloin, short rib, and brisket with bacon, fried egg, and Sriracha. While these are all satisfying, nothing beats The Edison, which has the aforementioned beef blend burger topped with cheddar, crispy onions, bacon, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and a secret sauce.

7 Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

Though Disney’s Beaches & Cream Soda Shop is currently under renovation, it’s expected to open up in the winter. As soon as it does, you better head over to the Beach Club Resort area to get a hold of one of the classic Angus Beef Burgers. Don’t be fooled by its cheese-lettuce-tomato simplicity; this place knows how to make a solid patty, and the freshly baked bun only makes it better.

This location also serves up a veggie burger alongside herb-mayonnaise and vegetable relish that is also worth trying out. No matter what, make sure you get some of those Sock Hop Fries (loaded with white gravy and shredded cheddar) on the side, and top off your meal with an ice cream soda.

6 Rose & Crown

Over at the U.K. area in Epcot is a dining room that serves up British specialties. While you could get some fish and chips or shepherd's pie, you definitely don’t want to overlook the Welsh Pub Burger. This burger’s Angus beef patty is loaded with a beer cheese sauce, beer-battered leeks, and bacon.

These unique flavors will set off a party in your mouth, and combined with a glass of beer, scotch whiskey, or a specialty cocktail, it becomes even better.

5 Backlot Express

Hollywood Studios’ Backlot Express on Echo Lake is one of the many places in the park at which you can get a solid burger. In fact, this quick-service location is known for its incredible array of sandwiches all around. Though the Cuban sandwich and chicken garlic-ranch club are amazing, nothing beats the Backlot Burger.

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This sandwich combines an Angus beef burger with barbecued pork, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. If you’re vegetarian, the ABC Commissary, which is just a short walk away, is home to the famous California Burger. This plant-based burger is topped with Sriracha mustard, balsamic glazed grilled peppers, onions, lettuce, tomato, and a mayonnaise-ketchup blend.

4 Restaurantosaurus

If you’ve worked up a dinosaur-sized appetite wandering around the Animal Kingdom, Restaurantosaurus is where you want to head. In addition to serving up tradition cheeseburgers and bacon cheeseburgers, this quick-service restaurant creates a plane-based spicy southwestern burger. It's topped with pepper jack, chipotle sauce, lettuce, and tomato.

If you get your burger in a combo, you’ll get to enjoy your sandwich alongside a warm caramel chocolate brownie and a beverage of your choice.

3 Electric Umbrella

The Electric Umbrella, located in Future World at Epcot, serves up one of the most incredible specialty burgers in all of Disney World. The Mojo Puller Pork Burger, as it is called, has a flame-broiled Angus pattie loaded with marinated mojo pork and drizzled with cilantro lime aioli.

The meat on this one speaks for itself and is bursting with tangy flavor. Though you could get a cheeseburger without the pork on top, what’s the fun in that?

Finish off your visit with a cookie crunch brownie or a cinnamon-sugar covered croissant doughnut.

2 Yak & Yeti Restaurant

Animal Kingdom’s Asian-themed Yak & Yeti Restaurant puts an exotic twist on the classic burger. The Kobe Beef Burger contains a grilled pattie, sesame-soy mayonnaise, crispy fries, and your choice of shiitake mushroom with scallion compote or Asian slaw.

If you’re going for a plant-based option, the Beyond Burger is our top choice. This one has a burger patty loaded with pepper jack, arugula, tomato, asian pickles, onion, and vegan Sriracha mayo on a whole wheat bun.

1 Planet Hollywood

This entertainment-themed sitdown restaurant in Disney Springs’ Town Center is famous for its out-of-this-world burger menu. In fact, there are five specialties to choose from and they are all giant.

The Original Ringer has your patty topped with crispy onion rings, BBQ sauce, cheese, LTOP, and Guy Fieri’s signature Donkey Sauce. The Prime Time American Kobe boasts smoked gouda, cheddar, caramlized onion, jam, LTOP, and donkey sauce. Finally, we can’t close out without mentioning the Bacon Mac-n-Cheese, which won the NYC Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash. With applewood-smoked bacon, six cheese mac & cheese cheddar, LTOP, crispy onion straws, and donkey sauce, this one is the true winner of the bunch.

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