With millions of people playing Pokémon Go daily, the game is still really successful. While it might not be as much of a phenomenon as when it was first released three years ago, it’s held a steady userbase. Plus, with the recent release of the movie, Detective Pikachu, the game saw another surge in popularity. While it’s possible to play the mobile game almost anywhere in the United States, there are definitely some places that make it a lot easier. Many cities provide a lot more activity overall than in places like small towns and suburbs.

To help out fans of the game, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best cities in the USA to play Pokémon Go.

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As mentioned above, bigger cities are often great places to play the game. Most cities have areas that are more densely packed which makes it easy to find gyms, Pokémon, and Pokéstops. In Chicago, one of the best places to find all kinds of Pokémon is Millenium Park. Because this is also a tourist destination, there’s a lot of things in the area to keep you playing. People who live in the city also recommend checking out the areas around Willis Tower and Navy Pier as these areas might have rare sightings.


If you live in the northwest or are just visiting, and just can’t get enough of Pokémon Go, then Seattle is a great place to go. There are some neighborhoods in the city where people spend a lot of time walking, so you can enjoy the sights and feel while playing the game. Capitol Hill is a popular neighborhood and a great place to start. You will also find gyms, lures, Pokémon, and more in areas such as Bellevue Downtown Park and Cal Anderson Park.

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San Francisco offers a unique city feel with the colorful houses, Golden Gate Bridge, and ocean. It’s also a great place to play Pokémon Go. Pier 39 in particular is a popular tourist destination and is one of the busiest areas to find items, Pokémon, and Pokéstops. Also, since it’s on the water you can likely find water-type Pokémon in the area. You can also check out areas such as the Castro and walk around while playing the game.


Boston is a historic city with a lot of Revolutionary War history. It’s also a beautiful city on a harbor that makes it great for walking around and playing Pokémon Go. Plus, with some iconic college campuses, there are lots of areas where you can battle, collect, and more. Some of the best places to find Pokémon include Harvard Square, MIT, and Boston Common. And, if you’re visiting the area for the first time, it’s easy to see many of the main sites along the way.

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There are many cities in California that are great places for playing the app. This isn’t surprising seeing as how California is a large state both in population size as well as land mass. The main reason that Anaheim is on this list is because of Disneyland. If you’re spending any time in the park, it’s a perfect place. You’ll be able to collect items at Pokéstops as you walk through the park. There are a lot of Pokémon around, and many lures as a lot of people are playing in a small area.


While many cities along the coasts might be some of the best for playing Pokémon Go, there are other cities across the country that make it easy to play, too. As places like college campuses and parks are common places to have stops and to find rare Pokémon, there are many places to "catch ‘em all" in Atlanta. For example, you could check out Centennial Olympic Park, Georgia State University, and Piedmont Park.

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Similarly to Anaheim, Orlando is a perfect place to add to your Pokémon collection because of the theme parks. However, Orlando has more than one park to offer. There is Universal Studios as well as Disney World. Both are large parks with a ton of Pokéstops, gyms, and more. If you're waiting around for rides or walking through one of the parks, you can pass the time by collecting items for your bag or battling in gyms.


Texas is also an area of the country that has a lot of cities. With it being such a huge state, there are many cities such as Dallas and Austin that are great to play in. However, Houston is one of the best, because it is one of the largest cities in Texas. If you’re in the area, there are quite a few places full of gyms, Pokémon, and more. These places include the Houston Zoo, Museum District, Kemah Boardwalk, and many more.

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While there have already been a couple of places in California on this list, it just wouldn’t be complete without Los Angeles. While the city might be more spread out, there are central areas that are ideal for playing Pokémon Go. First of all, you can head to the iconic Santa Monica Pier as it's a great place to catch some rarer Pokémon such as Dratini and Squirtle. Also, you can head to places like Hollywood and Beverly Hills to see the sites and play the game on your way.


While many of the cities on this list are a good place to play Pokémon Go, it’s really hard to beat New York City. Manhattan is full of so many Pokéstops, they are on nearly every corner. And since you often walk around a ton when living or visiting here, you’re going to be hatching eggs and collecting many Pokémon as you go. There are also many places full of Pokémon including Central Park and other parks throughout the five boroughs.

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