The 10 Best Cities In Europe For Birthday Celebrations (And The 10 Most Boring)

People celebrate their birthday in many different ways. Some like to go out partying whilst others simply enjoy the company of their friends and loved ones - but more often than not, one of the most popular things to do is go on holiday. It doesn't always need to be somewhere overly extravagant, but for the most part, it's somewhere that you've desired to visit for quite some time.

This tends to be more of a regular practice for people that are in and around Europe, and that's not exactly a bad thing or a hash stereotype. Every single city across the continent is special in some way, shape or form, although there is a handful that stands out above the rest in terms of a birthday/holiday destination.

By no means are we calling the ten 'boring' cities bad in general, but for one reason or another, it just doesn't feel like they belong in the 'best' category that we've listed, but as we've said before in the past, this is purely an opinion - and you may have had different experiences one way or another. It's all about your own personal preference, and we can respect that.

At the end of the day, people in Europe need to consider themselves extremely lucky, especially when you compare flight prices to those who want to travel from the United States of America.

Your birthday is a special time and it deserves to be celebrated properly, and if it was up to us, this is where we'd be heading.

20 Manchester - Ticks All The Boxes (Celebrate!)

via:British GQ

It doesn't matter what your preference is regarding how you like to celebrate your birthday because Manchester has everything you could possibly hope for. It's like a condensed version of London, only with much cheaper prices, even better music, and much friendlier people.

From the house parties in Fallowfield to the Northern Quarter, you won't be short on things to do, and whilst New York City is often described as the city that never sleeps, we're fairly confident that they stole that title from the Mancs - and if you don't believe us, then go and experience it for yourself ASAP.

19 Brussels - Politics And Overpriced Chocolate (Eh, kinda boring)


Belgium, as a country, is great - and in many ways, Brussels is a very important city, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't really have the aura of somewhere that you'd go to on your birthday, mainly because everything feels a little bit more serious than you'd probably like.

You could still have a pretty fun time but the prices aren't great, the atmosphere tends to be a little bit overbearing in terms of how 'serious' the locals are, and it feels like it's almost been a bit worn down courtesy of, ironically enough, all of the travellers.

With that in mind, though, this is probably the one entry that we looked at and thought 'perhaps we can be swayed'.

18 Berlin - The Big Time (Celebrate!)


Germany is a sensational country, if only due to the fact that they've been able to bounce back from great adversity on several occasions throughout the course of history. As well as that, though, the nation also plays host to some incredible cities - and Berlin is one of the big ones.

We don't mean that figuratively, either, we mean that quite literally. Berlin is one of the biggest cities in Europe in terms of actual size and because of that, it has many faces. There's the fun side, the business side, the indie side, and the cultural side, with many more awaiting you as you go on your birthday adventure.

17 Oslo - Painfully Overrated (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: Visit Norway

If you're going to charge an arm and a leg for pretty much everything from food to travel, you'd better be the greatest city on Earth: but Oslo doesn't quite fulfil that prophecy.

It's gorgeous in parts and it's quite fun to walk around, but even celebrities will be walking around worrying about whether or not they can afford something that they'd like to do, eat or drink. When you're on holiday, especially for your birthday, you should be busy having a good time as opposed to panicking about how much you've been budgeting.

If you want to travel to Scandinavia, there are a series of alternatives you could look towards.

16 Lisbon - Utterly Beautiful (Celebrate!)

Via: HotelsCombined Blog

There are about a million different reasons as to why the Portuguese experience such a boom in tourism every single summer, with the weather being one of them - but while the actual holiday resorts may be incredibly popular, Lisbon is on a whole other level.

The food alone is worth treating yourself on your birthday trip, and it's legitimately crazy to think that the locals get to experience the city on a day-to-day basis. It combines the hustle and bustle of city life with fantastic beaches and outstanding visuals, and that equates to a very good time in our book.

15 Frankfurt - Sausages? That's It? (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: Wikipedia

Most German cities tend to follow a similar pattern in terms of how aesthetically pleasing they are to look at, how much they've got to offer, and how much time travellers usually spend there. Frankfurt, however, doesn't really fit into that category all too well.

Aside from the obvious appeal of sausages, Frankfurt is much more centred around the business side of things in the grand scheme of European culture. That isn't a bad thing necessarily as it means there's plenty of job opportunities for locals and foreigners alike, but it doesn't make it seem like a place that's all too appealing on first glance.

14 Amsterdam - Oh So Notorious (Celebrate!)

Via: Netherlands Tourism

Everyone reading this has some kind of idea what they're likely to expect if they ever travel to Amsterdam, and some people have probably already been - but there's a bigger story behind the 'mask' of the Netherlands' most popular location.

Reputations can be great or bad depending on which side of the story you're hearing, and Amsterdam has suffered greatly in the last few years - even though there's so much more to it than meets the eye. It doesn't even necessarily feel like a city as much as it does a town, because it's such a 'together' community with many locals mixing brilliantly with tourists to make for one of the best atmospheres we've ever experienced.

13 Paris - Get The Cheque Book Out (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: Travel + Leisure

Despite all of the negative connotations you read about Paris we're actually going to stick up for it here because it's a city full of life and culture that deserves more than one visit in a lifetime. Alas, that visit should probably come on Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve as opposed to a birthday - if you're doing it on a big occasion, that is.

You want to be made to feel special on your birthday, and Paris isn't a city that's likely to accommodate that in comparison to some of the other cities that we've listed. Again, if you look hard enough then you'll find a good time, but things are a bit too 'busy' there.

12  Krakow - One Of Poland's Crown Jewels (Celebrate!)


Whilst the Christmas markets should be enough to convince you that Krakow is a darn good place to visit, we understand that not everyone is going to be visiting at that time of year. So then, why not head to Wawel Castle, the main square, the salt mine, or maybe just take in some of their fantastic delicacies?

It's probably a little bit boring at this point to hear about just how fantastic Poland is as a nation, but we can't help it - because it really does need to be seen in order to be believed. It's somewhere that, even though it's incredibly accessible, feels like an honour to visit, and Krakow embodies that perfectly.

11 Milan - Fashion, Fashion, Fashion (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: Erasmusu.com

For those who have the perception of us enjoying 'slamming' Milan, that certainly isn't the case. It'd be great if every single town, city or country we went to was great fun, but unfortunately, that isn't the case with travelling, and it allows for more diverse opinions.

Milan is viewed as one of the fashion capitals of the world, but that isn't always something that's going to appeal to everyone. In fact, you could argue that it only really appeals to a very specific kind of traveller.

If that's your kind of thing, then great, but this city isn't an accurate representation of what Italy can provide.

10 Barcelona - Glorious Espana (Celebrate!)

Via: Lonely Planet

Barcelona has all of the positives of a business-orientated city, whilst also possessing a certain spirit that you just don't see throughout most other places in the world. It captures that Spanish charm like no other city in the country can, and believe us when we say that it's incredibly vibrant.

If a stadium tour of the remarkable Nou Camp isn't your cup of tea, then we can all but guarantee that heading down Las Ramblas will provide you with the energy, food and culture that you'd have been looking for.

Oh, and it's one of the only cities whereby the bus tour is very, very worth it.

9 Vienna - Beautiful, But Not Overly Fun (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: TheViennaBlog

It feels a little bit 'harsh', if you will, to throw Vienna under the bus so to speak, but don't get this confused: it is a really entertaining city - but it all depends on what you're looking for. If you're going there with your girlfriend or boyfriend then you're bound to have a romantic journey together, but that's about it.

Even if you're looking for places to eat at night you may struggle, especially if you're there on a weekday. Vienna is gorgeous but if we're being honest with ourselves, this is the first real city that comes to mind when we think about the term 'boring'

8 Riga - The Unknown Entity (Celebrate!)

Via: Nordic Choice Hotels

Unknown cities, especially across Europe, are always cause for speculation. You're never quite sure whether or not they're going to be incredibly underrated or a little bit risky to visit, but with Riga, all the boxes are ticked from our side of things.

It's visually stunning, everything is cheap, the locals are friendly, and it's a great place to escape to if only for 48 hours or less. It's difficult to overstay your welcome in Riga and at the same time, it's very, very hard not to find a way to have a good time. Don't delay, book your trip there today.

7 Basel - Not Switzerland's Finest (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: World Travel Guide

Switzerland is a very beautiful country and, like many others around it, there are a few different 'faces' of it, if you will. There are certain places that you identify with, whether it be because of skiing or just because of just how much of a financial hub the nation is.

Basel, though, doesn't really fall into any of those categories, and it just feels a little bit built up. You don't even really have the luxury of everywhere being cheap either, because as we all know, Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world - and that's not just a stereotype.

6 Budapest - The Indie Pick (Celebrate!)

Via: Lonely Planet

Budapest is a city that's thrown out there quite a lot when the discussion is brought up regarding great European destinations, and there is a handful of reasons for that. You can have a chilled out time in the many spas, go ice skating by the river, or even just take in some of the beautiful architecture.

Or, alternatively, you could head on down to the Jewish Quarter before exploring some of the many great restaurants and bars on offer. Hungary isn't a country that has all too many major cities and attractions, but Budapest certainly knows how to represent.

5 Moscow - Too Many Questions (Eh, kinda boring)


Look, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia exemplified why the nation doesn't really deserve the harsh reputation that it gets most of the time. With that being said, it's not like we aren't still going to be slightly trepidatious over the possibility of visiting. That sounds harsh, but it's the truth for many.

Beyond that, though, it just doesn't seem like a place that screams 'birthday trip'. Perhaps if you were going for business or something along those lines then it'd be more suitable, but you're going to want an adventure on your birthday, and Moscow won't really provide you with that.

4 Prague - What A Place (Celebrate!)

via:Travel + Leisure

Prague being dirt cheap is something that most people think about when they look for things to associate the city with, but at the risk of sounding too repetitive, it has much more of an identity to that. Sure, most people go there in search of a good time one way or another, but there are multiple ways in which to accomplish that goal.

The Old Town, the castle, the bridge, the restaurants - all of these things will allow you to have a splendid time without having to worry about your budget whatsoever. Oh, and you'll be able to feel incredibly safe at all times, too, which is something that can't always be said for places like this.

3 Rome - Way Too Risky (Eh, kinda boring)

Via: Lonely Planet

Rome has a handful of select attractions that draw millions of people to the city every single year, and we can accept that. What we can't accept, however, is people using it as their go-to point for why they either love or hate Italy - because there are so many fantastic places throughout that country.

Obviously, this list isn't going to lead you to believe that, but the picturesque towns and the actual holiday resorts are much more likely to leave your jaw on the floor than the cities. Plus, and we can't stress this enough, things are a hell of a lot safer outside of the bigger locations.

2 Hamburg - Lives Up To The Hype (Celebrate!)

Via: 9Travel

After a recent visit to Hamburg, we can confirm that it's a truly fantastic city: but not for all of the stereotypical reasons that you hear about. We've already noted that Berlin has a great reputation for there being so much to do, and the same can be said of Hamburg.

It's not all about going out with your mates 24/7, because there are some stunning buildings, too, as well as arguably the greatest place on planet Earth: Miniatur Wunderland. If you don't know what it is, it's a nerd's paradise, and it should be yours too. Trust us, Hamburg has plenty to offer.

1 Venice - Gondolas Galore (Eh, kinda boring)

via:Recommend Magazine

If you've ever enjoyed a romantic weekend away in Venice, especially if it's lead to some kind of proposal or another big moment in your relationship, then the odds are that you aren't going to agree with this entry. However, if you take away the gondolas, we don't think there's all too much to sing and dance about with this one.

Venice doesn't smell great, it's very cramped, the hotels aren't particularly great, and it's difficult to find a reasonable place to eat and drink. It's extremely unique and we'll never knock it for that, but you have to weigh up how important that is to you.

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