Thailand offers a lot more than scenic vistas, beach life, and sightseeing. The world is crazy about massage and spa services at the Land of Smiles. The reason behind this is its centuries-old history of massage treatment and wellness that has famed the country as the best spa destination by industry leaders and travelers. Thai massage is one of the parts of traditional Thai medicine, working with the body’s energetic pathways, also called ‘sen.’


Hardly there will be any luxurious resort and plush hotel that do not offer special spa and massage to the tourists. Full body massage services in Thailand are always in huge demand - not only because it is a fad but also because it has healing properties. It is the reason people planning their trip to Thailand do not forget to take spa and massage services.

How Thailand Becomes The World’s Spa Hub

The traditional Thai massage was brought to Thailand by the preachers of Buddhism. Historians believe that it was started around 2,500 years ago by an Indian doctor, Shivago Komarpaj, who was popular as the ‘Father Doctor’ in Asia and a follower of Buddhism. He is attributed to the spread of traditional medicinal practices throughout Asia. Later, with the influence of the foreign world, Thai massage becomes popular worldwide as a holistic health tradition that combines Ayurveda, Yoga, and Chinese medicine.

Today, Thailand has been serving people across the world with their divine gift of Buddhism in the form of massage since the 1900 century. The rejuvenating and therapeutic properties of Thai massage made it popular in no time. Knowing the benefits, many people visit Thailand for healing through massage.

The special massage techniques ensure giving instant relief, making the person relaxed. Thai massage is unique, something that tourists cannot get anywhere else. Although their massage is a combination of Indian, Chinese, and various other cultural techniques today, tourists can still find places to get a traditional and authentic Thai massage.

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What Is Thai Massage And How Is It Performed?

Thai massage is one of its kind and requires a trained and specialized person to practice it. What makes it different is no use of oil, cream, or lotion for massaging. It is important to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes.

The massage expert uses special techniques to apply pressure on specific points and manipulates the body in specific ways. Also, the practitioners will move the limbs to stretch the joints in particular parts of the body. Be ready to get jolted, kneaded, pulled, and rocked by the hands of the massage therapist. Even though the session won’t be painful, it may seem unpleasant to some.

All this stimulates the organs, enhances the blood flow, increases flexibility, and helps get relief from pain and stress in particular areas. Thai massage helps the person feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It is a great stress-buster.

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What Are The Benefits Of Thai Massage?

Relives back pain

Thai massage concentrates on areas that can contribute to back pain. Apart from working and massaging on the back, it also works on the abdomen and inner things that contribute to different levels of back pain.

Improves motion Of joints

Since Thai massage combines various therapeutic forms- yoga, acupressure, compression, and stretching, it improves the range of motion of muscles and joints. Thai massage helps in increasing the body’s flexibility and improving posture.

Reduces The Intensity Of Headaches And Migraines

People suffering from acute headaches and migraines can get relief from traditional Thai massage. However, it will require different sessions over three weeks to see the results.

Helps Combat Stress

Thai massage is a great stress-buster. It makes the person feel refreshed and rejuvenated only after one session. It can help lower stress and makes the person feel more calm and relaxed.

Improves Quality Of Life

People undergoing different health issues in life and facing difficulty performing daily activities can get huge relief from Thai massage. It accelerates the process of recovering from major issues and improves the quality of life.

Apart from these, Thai massage is an excellent way to improve sleep. Once the person feels relaxed and stress-free, getting better sleep becomes easy. Also, it improves digestion by working in perking up gut health.

Are There Any Risks Of Thai Massage?

Although Thai massage does not pose any risk, it may cause changes in the heart rate. Therefore, it is suggested to inform them about the medical history to the practitioner before the massage session, especially if there is a heart condition. Likewise, there is a risk of injury to the bones and muscles if one gets a rough massage. Make sure to visit a licensed and authorized Thai massage practitioner to reduce such risks.

Many people visit Thailand, especially to take Thai massage and indulge in memorable spa experiences. It is easy to find many cheap and incredibly calming Thai parlous and spa centers across the country. Many hotels also provide the services to the guests complimentarily in the package.

While getting a massage on a different land could be intimidating, Thailand is the place one cannot miss. Once the vacationer has had enough of sightseeing, adventure, and hopping around the streets of Thailand, the next stoppage could be a licensed Thai massage parlor and spa center. Traveling that could make one feel sore, numb, and tired, Thai massage can help complete relaxation.

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