Thailand is well known for being an extremely rich country when it comes to culture and its cuisine. Needless to say, there are a variety of things to do there – from sightseeing, buying souvenirs, and other activities that you are looking for, but another very important thing you need to take into account is trying their local cuisine.

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You might have had some Thai food in your home town because the dishes are very popular worldwide, but nothing compares with the local taste of the food in Thailand. In this article, we will be recommending ten dishes you have to try while you’re visiting Thailand!

10 Som Tum

This is a very famous Thai recipe, maybe better known as Green Papaya Salad. It is loved by everybody because it combines very fresh and raw ingredients with a lot of flavors so we have to admit that it is one of our favorites, as well as every Thai local!

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As the name implies, it is made from fresh papaya, yardlong beans, mini shrimp, fresh garlic and sliced tomatoes and it goes perfectly with a healthy sauce made out of sugar, fish sauce, and lime juice. The interesting thing about this particular dish is that it can come have different tastes because a lot of restaurants serve it spicy or they add a twist to it, by adding corn, cucumber or other particular ingredients.

9 Chai Yen

Now that we have mentioned one dish it is only fair of us to mention a Thai drink. We are talking about Chai Yen, which is a drink made out of, tea, milk, and sugar. It can be served either cold or warm, depending on preference. When you order any Thai dish from this list, we highly recommend that to order a Thai tea to complete the meal! It would be a pity for you to come to Thailand and not try one of the most popular drinks that exist in Thailand. All the locals are preparing it so you can find it in various places in the city.

8 Durian

We all are familiar with ”normal” fruits that we can find all over the world, such as bananas or apples, and some consider mango or avocado to be an exotic fruit, but when it comes to particular flavors and smells, the Durian fruit is on the top of the list! Although it is considered the smelliest fruit in the world, if you’re visiting Thailand, you must try it! Although there are almost thirty species of this fruit, no matter which one you try, we assure you it is not going to be like anything else you’ve had before in your life. The consistency can be described as a thick gooey texture and the rest... is a surprise. Make sure you try it!

7 Tom Kha Gai

Also known as a Thai Coconut Chicken Soup, this one is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand. All the ingredients are carefully picked as they offer a variety of amazing flavors thanks to the galangal root (which is very similar to ginger, but yet so different, which makes it the one ingredient that makes the Tom Kha Gai so special), lemongrass and kefir lime. You have to try it because it is very difficult to reproduce it at home, given the fact that you need very specific ingredients, and of course, talent to prepare the vegetables, the spices and the magic coconut broth that connects everything in a flavorful dish!

6 Larb

This one is like a Thai salad, but apart from all the known ideas of what a salad is, this one has a very particular twist to it, because it is made of pork minced meat. You have to try it, as it has a very interesting taste due to all the spices that make it different from the things you’ve tried in the past.

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The main ingredient, apart from the pork, is a special kind of cooked rice, which is known in Thailand as toasted sticky rice, which makes the whole dish completely special and crunchy. Along with fish sauce and chili flakes and lime juice, it’s a treat for the mouth.

5 Phat Kaphrao

This dish is known as one of the most liked Thai dishes as well as a very special local one, it is famous for hundreds of years. There are many stories in Thailand where they present Phat kaphrao as being one of the most appreciated dishes. Also known as Thai Holy Basil stirfry. All of the ingredients are stir-fried together, such as your choice seafood or meat and then, according to everybody’s preferences of spiciness it is seasoned with Thai fish sauce, soy sauce, garlic, bird’s eye chili and cane sugar and Thai holy basil served on a bed of rice.

4 Pad Thai

This is probably one of the most famous Thai foods and you have probably tried it somewhere besides Thailand if you’re a fan of these types of food. It is commonly served at most Thai restaurants and that is why you should not miss the opportunity of trying it while you visit the country. The main ingredients of this dish are noodles made of rice, eggs, tofu, fish sauce, dried shrimp, chili pepper, garlic, lime, and peanuts and it is a dish that will exceed your expectations and will make you want to try out more of the dishes in Thailand!

3 Kway Teow

Even though the exact translation of this dish means noodle in Thai, which is a very important part of this cuisine, apart from the rice, so feel free to try all the different alternatives of rice noodles with different sort of meats and flavors!

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For example, you can try the ones with chicken. It is also very simple because it contains only fresh ingredients, such as onion, lettuce and also soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar. Moreover, it can be used to make up a soup that is known to be one of the tastiest and can be tried at any time of the day.

2 Pad Krapow

This type of food is based on one of these two types of meat – either chicken or pork - but it can be adapted to a vegan-friendly recipe by making it with tofu. After that, the meat is fried with plenty of Thai basil and other ingredients and that is why the translation of this dish is actually ”Fried basil.” If you enjoy a lot of aromas and flavors this one is the right one for you because it has a very strong, peppery smell to it, as well as being spicy! As usual, this dish is usually served with a side of rice and has different types of flavors, usually a fried egg that helps everything blend.

1 Kai Jeow

We are ending our article with one dish that mostly every household makes in the morning and it usually requires very few ingredients. We are talking about a Thai omelet but for this one, we add a twist to it. Even though it is one dish from the Thai cuisine that is simpler than the others, it is usually served with rice or noodles and has a spicy taste to it, because of the chili sauce used. Moreover, this is a traditional way to start the day, so you have to try it one morning for your breakfast in Thailand!

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