A Thai Airways flight was forced to abort it’s takeoff after a piece of its engine was blown away in an apparent explosion.

Well, at least this problem happened while everyone was still on the ground. Although there’s really no good explosion that can take place on an airplane, this one resulted in zero injuries or fatalities. That’s a win.

However, it was still obviously alarming for passengers to be onboard while parts of their aircraft are flying off.

Thai Airways Flight TG 970 servicing Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Zurich, Switzerland was forced to abort takeoff procedure after passengers and crew heard a loud explosion from one of the Boeing 777’s two engines. Passengers aboard the plane were then informed that their aircraft was being removed from service and then were asked to immediately disembark.


After exiting the aircraft, passengers saw the reason why their flight had been canceled: a large piece of the GE70 turbofan’s casing was missing, leaving only burnt and jagged metal in its place.

Aviation outlet Jacdec published a photo on their Twitter site. You can clearly see extensive damage, and it was amazing that nobody was hurt in the explosion.

Footage taken by a passenger onboard the aircraft shows the glowing turbine immediately after the explosion removes part of the engine casing.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, passengers described the suddenness of the unexpectedly aborted takeoff. “The plane was getting ready to take off then we heard ‘boom’ and a very loud sound. It all happened in a fraction of a second.”

Thai Airways released a statement saying the Boeing 777 had been taken out of service for repairs. “All passengers and crew were provided a hotel, which is a standard for taking care of passengers,” the statement read.

Another flight was scheduled to replace Flight 970 after a 12-hour delay.

(via Business Insider)