The True Love Café at Neverland in Bangkok, Thailand is a must-visit for dog lovers. The only Siberian Husky café in the world, the restaurant allows guests to play with more than 20 huskies, as well as other dogs who live at the café. The restaurant charges about 500 Thai Baht, approximately $15, to hang out in dog heaven for an hour.

To visit with the dogs, guests must first wash their hands and then put on plastic booties to protect the dogs from outside bacteria. The owner of the café, Chotiros Ratanabirabongse, says that even though the weather in Thailand is notoriously hot, the dogs are always kept cool. The play area is covered with a roof and fans hang from the ceiling. Also, guests are encouraged to feed the huskies ice chips to keep them comfortable. When not playing, the dogs are kept in an air-conditioned kennel.


Ratanabirabongse has several safety precautions in place. Guests must be older than 15, and dogs may choose to retreat to an external enclosure if they’re not up for socializing. The idea is for everyone, including the dogs, to have a good time. Play times for the Huskies are at 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm. The café currently houses 25 Huskies, two Australian Shepherds, one Japanese Akita, and one little Shih Tzu. The Huskies are divided into three groups, each with their own separate area since they tend to fight if put together. Despite some friction between them, the dogs are incredibly friendly with humans.

After spending time with the Huskies, guests are encouraged to stop by the café for refreshments like iced coffees, sodas, teas, and fruit juices, as well as cookies, cakes, and tasty dishes like gyoza, karaage, and Thai green curry. To arrive at the café, guests will need to take a bus and then walk for a good half hour.

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Ratanabirabongse opened the True Love Café in 2013. A veteran husky breeder, he decided to turn his dog farm into a retreat where guests could learn about the breed. The café has been a big hit and has become one of the city’s most popular attractions.