Everyone has a favorite food that they like to order when they go out to eat. Whether it's pizza, sushi, fried chicken, or a burger, it's pretty delicious to go out and enjoy a special meal that you weren't tasked with cooking. Luckily, there are wonderful restaurants all over the world that serve up a variety of different types of food.

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Texas is a large state that's known for the greatest barbecue and country music around. What's something else Texas really knows how to do right? A delicious burger, of course! If you're someone that likes to eat burgers, visiting Texas is a must, because there are so many places that serve up really good and often unique ones. To see some of the best burgers in Texas and learn where to get your hands on them (literally), keep reading!

10 Royale With Cheese Burger - Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat is a restaurant in Dallas that is known for having a lot of delicious burgers. It's tough to pick just one of them as the best one that a visitor should ask for when they visit this restaurant, because you just can't go wrong. However, for a very strong contender, make sure to ask for the Royale with Cheese.

This burger has an all-beef patty, two slices of American cheese, jalapeno bacon, fresh onions, mustard, and some of their classic homemade ketchup. This burger truly has it all!

9 Toreado Mac & Cheese Burger - Toro Burger Bar

Toro Burger Bar is located in El Paso, Texas, and is the place to go for really unique but absolutely delicious burgers. If you're craving something a little out of the ordinary and really want to give your tastebuds something to remember, head over to Toro Burger Bar.

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This burger is topped with some creamy mac and cheese that has bacon bits mixed right in. It also comes with all the other toppings you'd expect to find on a burger, making the Toreado Mac & Cheese Burger a really delicious burger choice and definitely among the best in Texas.

8 Al Pastor Burger - Burgerteca

Burgerteca is a unique burger restaurant located in San Antonio that serves up a deliciously unique type of burger. If you love Mexican food and you're not afraid of tasting a little spice between your buns, head over to Burgerteca and order one of their famous burgers.

When you're there, you'll be greeted by a ton of unique options. Among the best on the menu is the Al Pastor Burger. This beef patty has a special seasoning, grilled pineapple, cabbage, cilantro, and tomatillo ketchup on top. Delicious!

7 Breakfast Burger - Josephine House

Who said burgers are only for lunch? Definitely not anyone at Josephine House in Austin, Texas. This restaurant has a pretty delicious menu all around, but if you're craving something a little different in the world of burgers, this one can't be missed.

The breakfast burger at Josephine House has a fried egg, slices of crispy bacon, harissa aioli, and comes with a side of salt and vinegar chips. It's proof that burgers are a tasty choice for anymeal.

6 The Classic - Mighty Fine Burgers & Fries

Mighty Fine Burgers & Fries has five different locations around the Austin area, all of which serve up the most delicious burgers, shakes, and sides. There are a lot of tasty things to order at the aptly named Mighty Fine Burgers & Fries, but many guests have one burger that they think is the best.

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The Classic is proof that burgers don't need to have all kinds of fancy extras and toppings to be delicious. This 1/2 pound hamburger comes with your choice of all the standard burger toppings, plus some extras like bacon and avocado.

5 Pizza Burger - Maple Leaf Diner

Maple Leaf Diner is bringing a taste of Canada down to Dallas, Texas. The family that opened Maple Leaf Diner got their start in the restaurant world back in the 1960s, when they opened a restaurant in Ontario. Today, they own a popular spot in Dallas that is known for a really tasty, unique burger.

Maple Leaf Diner is known for their poutine and Canadian bacon, but they also have a tasty burger on the menu. Along with the burger patty, it has a thick square of deep-fried mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, bacon, and bell peppers.

4 Lunch Burger - Odd Duck

Odd Duck is a restaurant located in Austin, Texas that has become really popular in the area for its delicious menu. They have a variety of different food options and serve tasty craft beers alongside the delicious food.

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One popular item on their menu is the Lunch Burger. As the name suggests, it's only available at lunch time, so visitors have to get in early in order to get this item served up. The cheese, onions, and other classic toppings make this burger so worth it, though.

3 Black Angus Hamburger - Clark’s Oyster Bar

Clark's Oyster Bar is a modern, trendy restaurant located in Austin, Texas. Although this restaurant has definitely become well-known in recent years for its oysters, there are also a lot of other delicious foods on their menu.

This restaurant also serves a sublime Black Angus Hamburger. This burger is served alongside Clark's signature rosemary fries and is topped with gruyere cheese. If you go in during happy hour during the week, this burger is half off the menu price.

2 Primetime Burger - Hopdoddy

Hopdoddy is a restaurant located in multiple states across the west and the south. In Texas alone, there are 23 different locations, scattered across several different cities like Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and San Marcos. Hopdoddy is a restaurant with a reputation for making delicious burgers, and for good reason.

One of the best ones is the Primetime Burger. This burger is made with Kobe beef, complete with truffle aoili, brie, caramelized onions, and steak sauce. Yum!

1 Cheeseburger With Everything - Chris Madrid's

Chris Madrid's is a restaurant that was opened by Chris Madrid after he graduated from the University of Texas back in 1973. The restaurant is located in San Antonio, Texas and was originally a restaurant that sold both burgers and tacos. The burgers seriously took off and it's not hard to see why.

Although Chris Madrid's has a whole menu of delicious offerings, this restaurant is one that proves that the more "simple" classics can be really delicious. If you're looking for something simple, get a cheeseburger with all the toppings.

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