10 Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of the most populated cities in the United States, so there is a lot to do. It is also fast-growing, a place that is constantly getting something new for when you next visit. They have a fantastic balance between the old and the new.

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If you are to visit Texas, San Antonio should be where you spend most of your time. They have a wide variety of attractions from places connected to their history, unique foods, parks, nightlife, and tours.

On this list, we found 10 must-dos for when you visit.

10 Tour The River Walk

This 15-mile urban waterway is one of San Antonio's greatest treasures and largest urban ecosystem in the United States. You can explore easily on foot, but it is a real treat to take one of their boat tours. Also if you go near Christmas time, the whole place is lit up with beautiful string lights!

Coming to this location is best during mealtime because there are a ton of restaurants along the river. There are also a lot of shops for souvenirs.

9 Visit The Alamo

There is a saying popular American saying, "Remember the Alamo," and San Antonio is where the Alamo sits and is open for visitors. It is where the Battle of the Alamo took place between the Mexican Republic and the Republic of Texas in 1836. It was a key battle in the Texas Revolution.

You can get guided tours, audio tours, or just stroll around the place yourself. The Alamo has a wealth of information about some of its famous defenders, such as David Crockett and James Bowie.

8 See The Natural Bridge Caverns

Feel like doing something underground? These caves are like entering a whole other world. The Natural Bridge Caverns of San Antonio offer guided tours through the underground chambers where you can see some huge and unique rock formations.

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There are activities and sights above the caves too. You can view different minerals and gems at the Natural Bridge Mining Company Sluice.

7 Explore Mission San José

Founded in 1720, this Mission still holds church services and mass on Sundays. In the 1700s though, it was known as the "Queen of Missions." It also has a famous window known as the "Rose Window" which is known as one of the finest pieces of baroque architecture in North America.

Despite still working as a church, the site is accessible to visitors. They have a park film shown every half an hour and have ranger-led tours.

6 Stroll Through The San Antonio Botanical Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden has been listed as one of the most beautiful designed botanical gardens in America in Architectural Digest, and for good reason. The garden sports a futuristic glass conservatory which was designed by the Argentinian architect, Emilio Ambasz. There are several Texas frontier-style historic structures in the gardens as well, such as the Daniel Sullivan Carriage House and the Auld House.

The full property is 38 acres and contains various kinds of gardens, such as rose gardens, exotic selections, and plants that are local to the desert-country.

5 Come To A Show At The Majestic Theatre

San Antonio's oldest and biggest theatre is the Majestic Theatre. It was also the first theatre in the state to get air-conditioned and can seat over two thousand people. Due to its long history, the theatre became a National Historic Landmark in 1993.

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Today you can still see shows from plays to concerts. The interior decorations around the lobby and other rooms are also quite something to behold. It definitely pays homage to Baroque and old San Antonio styles.

4 Play At Morgan’s Wonderland

This park is unique, as it makes itself available for everyone, including those who have special cognitive or physical needs. It was developed by a man named Gordon Hartman, who was inspired by his daughter, Morgan, who has physical and cognitive challenges.

Those with special needs can get into the park for free and everything is wheelchair accessible. There are more than 25 attractions, including playgrounds, gardens, rides, event center, fishing lake, picnic area, amphitheater, and a water park section opened in 2017! The park is famous for being the first of its kind and TIME magazine even called it one of "The World's Greatest Places."

3 Eat At The Guenther House

This 1800s building is a combination of a restaurant and museum. They serve breakfast, lunch, and desserts with various elegant seating options. The restaurant uses the original kitchen, tea room, dining room, and the outdoor arbor areas of the house.

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Before or after eating, you can explore the parlor, mill store, and museum. At the museum, they have antique baking equipment, Dresden china plates, antique furniture, and more. If you want to do something super special and have a lot of money, then you can rent the space for a wedding, party, or fancy event.

2 Shop At The San Antonio Market Square

This place is famous for experiencing some old Mexican culture without having to go to Mexico. It is home to the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico. The place has over one hundred locally-owned shops, stalls, and restaurants. There is also a Farmers Market Food Court with a stage that sometimes puts on shows.

Open from 10 am to 6 pm, the area is known for its lively atmosphere. If you are lucky, maybe you will even visit during one of their wonderful festivals and get to hear live mariachi music.

1 See The Buckhorn Saloon And Texas Ranger Museum

There is a lot to take in at this location. First of all, you can learn about a lot of different American icons, such as Buffalo Bill, the Texas Rangers, Teddy Roosevelt, and Bonnie and Clyde. Then there is the taxidermy wildlife, of which they have 520 species from all over the world. Their most famous include a 1,056-pound black marlin, a prehistoric Irish elk, and a 78 Point Buck.

The place is also a bar, so you can help yourself to locally brewed beers or even Prickly Pear Margarita. They also have a cafe if you are hungry from some Texas BBQ.

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