The Azores are a group of Portuguese islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Not only are the Azores islands a haven for humans, but they are also a haven for animals. It's a one-of-a-kind spot to experience nature.

One of Azores' islands, Terceira is home to the Azores' oldest city, "Angra do Heroismo," the archipelago's ancient capital, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from that, Terceira offers hikes, breathtaking vistas, and the opportunity to witness animals in their natural habitat. Here are the ten things tourists should not miss when visiting Terceira Island in the Azores.

10 Roam The Capital City Of Terceira Like A Royalty

Angra Do Heroísmo is the historic capital of the Island of Terceira and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site where tourists can discover the fascinating history of the islands, enjoy the picturesque bays, and roam around colorful buildings and its cobblestone streets.

Tourists can actually roam around the island riding a horse like royalty. Before embarking on an hour or two-hour walk, tourists will receive thorough instruction on how to sit on a horse and ride it. Aside from riding a horse, tourists will also have guides who will also tell them about the most intriguing artifacts on tour and their island's histories.

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9 Taste The Local Volcanic Wine In The Island

Aside from Pico Island being considered as "The Island of Wine," Graciosa and the Biscoitos region of Terceira Island are also known for producing some of Europe's finest wines. In fact, tourists who are interested in the history of the making of wine in Terceira can visit several wine museums or try the unique taste of the Azores' volcanic local wines as they visit several wine cellars in the area.

Azores' Islands became unique wine producers because the volcanic soils in the islands are naturally mineral-rich and rather fruitful, as is to be expected. Due to the fact that volcanic soils are known to produce grapes (and consequently wines) with more acidity than most other soils, the Terceira vineyard's grapes are often well-suited to the production of fortified wines, or at the very least wines intended for longer-term cellaring.

8 A Walk Inside Terceira’s Extinct Volcano — Algar do Carvão

There are only a few spots on the planet where you may explore and go inside a volcano, and one example of such a location is the Algar do Carvão, which is located on the Azorean island of Terceira. The cave's name, Algar do Carvão, translates as "coal pit," referring to the fact that the cave's walls are made of a dark, black lava flow.

This became a tourist attraction on the island as the bottom of the cave offers a crystal clear lake formed by rainwater, which contains unusual stalactites and stalagmites that are worth seeing.

7 Dolphin & Whale Watching

To the entire globe, the Azores Archipelago is well-known for being an incredibly significant stopover point on the migration route of cetaceans. The islands in the Azores are home to a third of the world's whale and dolphin species, which travel through. When visiting the island of Terceira, you can go whale watching any time of year as it is well-known for its extensive cultural heritage as well as for its fantastic whale-watching possibilities.

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6 Experience Bathing In Biscoitos Natural Swimming Pools

The bathing area of Biscoitos, which is located on the north shore of Terceira Island, consists of natural ponds that are defined among the bizarre structures of black rocks that have formed as a result of volcanic eruptions. This region, which has excellent support infrastructure, draws a large number of tourists, as well as those who enjoy nature's contemplation and who find here a breathtaking environment.

5 Visit The Local Beach Of Prainha Da Praia Da Vitória

The charming town of Praia da Vitória attracts many visitors yearly with its brightly colored buildings, the ruins of its old walls, and especially because of its sandy beach adjacent to the sea. During the summer, locals can expect to share the beach with a large number of tourists.

4 Try "Lapas," An Azores' Specialty

As calm Atlantic waters surround the island, they have a diverse range of regional culinary options, particularly emphasizing seafood. Tourists should not forget to try the lapas (limpets), which are typically served grilled in a sauce made of butter, garlic, and fiery red peppers.

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3 Have Some "Alcatra," The Island's Signature Dish

Everyone who visits Terceira should definitely try one of these dishes, which is considered to be the island's hallmark dish. Meat and beef Alcatraz are both served with a sweet bread called Massa soda, which acts as a sponge for the rich sauce that coats each piece of the meal. Before being used in the kitchen, the clay pot is baked for hours in the oven, filled with nothing but the sauce, before being utilized.

They should also try some cracas, a form of barnacle that is deceptively hidden and can easily be mistaken for chunks of rock when first encountered. Due to the fact that they are cooked in seawater and then served chilled, these nautical delicacies are very unique because of their texture.

2 Hike To See The Beauty Above Miradouro Do Facho

The Miradouro Do Facho is a lookout point that offers a panoramic view of the port of Praia da Vitória. In fact, during the sunset, when the sky changes color and the stars begin to appear, the spectacular view from the summit is particularly breathtaking.

1 Take A Tour On The Award-Winning Dairy Farm And Creamery In The Island

For cheese lovers, tourists should definitely visit the award-winning Queijo Vaquinha dairy farm and creamery in the Azores and get to know their process of making dairy products, tour the factory to get a glimpse of the cheese-making process from start to finish and enjoy some of it's tasty and mouth-watering cheese This is a one-of-a-kind event for cheese connoisseurs and animal lovers alike as it is the ideal blend of hands-on learning and tasting.

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