Taylor Swift And 19 Other Celebs Who Live Off The Grid Away From The Paparazzi

There’s one big downside to fame and fortune, and it sounds like a thousand clicks at once.

The paparazzi make life difficult for celebrities, so much so that some question whether being famous is actually worth it. After all, when going out in public becomes such a trial, it's easier to stay home.

While some stars work well with the paparazzi and use their prying to their own advantage, others have decided that they want to live as far away from the paps as they can. These days, celebrities can’t get away from photos taken by fans using smartphones, but they can avoid paparazzi by moving away from places like L.A. and New York City.

Keep reading to find out which 20 stars, including Taylor Swift, like to live off the grid and which fascinating locations they live in.

20 Taylor Swift: Property All Over The US

via Bustle

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful singers alive today, so it’s no wonder she can afford to live wherever she wants! Tay has two properties in her home of Nashville, where she spends time away from the paparazzi. She also has properties in Rhode Island, NYC, and L.A.

19 Adele: The Quiet Suburbs Of London

via 980 News

Adele is a Londoner through and through. Though she is another successful musician who can pretty much live wherever she wants, Adele has decided to stay in London rather than move to California to join many other celebrities. She did briefly live in the USA, but prefers her hometown!

18 Jon Bon Jovi: Still At Home In New Jersey

via CBS News

Jon Bon Jovi has had one of music’s most enviable careers, but that doesn’t mean he’s left his past behind him. The superstar has lived in Middletown New Jersey since 1995. You can take NJ out of the boy, but you can’t take the boy out of NJ!

17 Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds: The Lazy Suburbs Outside The Big Apple

via People

New York City has a paparazzi problem just like L.A., which is why many celebrities live elsewhere in the state. According to Nicki Swift, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, for example, live in Pound Ridge, New York, which is just outside of the Big Apple and its annoying photographers.

16 George And Amal Clooney: The Exclusive Lake Como

via Architectural Digest

Everyone knows that George and Amal Clooney live far away from L.A. on the peaceful shores of Lake Como. Hardly any paparazzi in sight there! Located in the north of Italy near Milan, Lake Como is one of the most exclusive areas in the country, but tourists can still visit!

15 Oprah: A Remote Washington Island

via Entertainment Tonight

Oprah has reached such a level of fame where the only way to escape it is to move to a remote island. The megastar has properties all over the world, including a home on Orcas Island in Washington. The hideaway mansion gives her time to recharge her batteries in peace.

14 Meryl Streep: An Idyllic Connecticut Town

via Vogue

Another megastar who has no time for the paparazzi? Meryl Streep. The Devil Wears Prada actress lives happily with her husband, Don Gummer, in Salisbury, Connecticut, where they’re totally safe from prying, annoying photographers. The small town is quaint and quiet—you’d never know a Hollywood legend lives there.

13 Daniel Day-Lewis: The Magical Wicklow Countryside

via Irish Mirror

If you’ve ever seen the countryside of County Wicklow in Ireland, you’d understand why Daniel Day-Lewis would want to live there. Other than the fact that it’s his home and he’s nowhere near any paparazzi trying to snap pictures of him, it’s one of the prettiest and greenest places ever.

12 Reese Witherspoon: Her Stomping Ground In Nashville, Tennessee

via Reality TV World

Reese Witherspoon is a Southern Belle and proud of it. It should come as no surprise that the star has properties in Nashville Tennessee, where she was raised as a kid after moving from New Orleans. She loves it so much that she even named her second son Tennessee!

11 Matthew McConaughey: His Home Of The Lone Star State

via Texas Monthly

Another Southern star who couldn’t bear to leave his home for the glitzy neighborhoods of L.A.? Matthew McConaughey. Texas is his home and nothing can change that—no matter how much success he obtains and how many movies he stars in, he’ll never stop loving life in Texas.

10 Eminem: A Mansion On The Outskirts Of Detroit

via Funny Or Die

Those who have listened to Eminem’s music would know that he grew up in Detroit. Though he’s made it to the very top of the industry since his teenage years, he still spends a lot of time in Detroit. He has one large estate on the outskirts of the city.

9 John Mayer: The Open Spaces Of Montana

via People

It really doesn’t get further (culturally speaking) from Hollywood than the wide-open spaces of Montana! John Mayer decided he wasn’t really cut out for being chased by the paparazzi—and who could blame him. So he moved to a small town in Montana where he could be free.

8 Jamie-Lynn Spears: Her And Britney’s Home, Kentwood, Louisiana

via Standard.co.uk

All Britney Spears fans know that the pop princess comes from Louisiana. But few know that her little sister Jamie Lynn still lives there! She returned to the hometown she grew up in with her sister Britney and is now raising her own children there. The cycle continues!

7 Shania Twain: The Peace And Quiet Of The Swiss Riviera

via Instagram

Shania Twain is an iconic country star, but unlike many other country stars, she doesn’t want to live in Nashville. Instead, she bought a home in La Tour-de-Peliz, which is located far away in the Swiss Riviera. There, she has all the quiet and privacy she could want!

6 LeBron James: His Hometown Of Akron, Ohio

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LeBron James may play for the Lakers, but that doesn’t mean he spends all his time in Los Angeles. In fact, the superstar athlete has a home in his childhood town: Akron, Ohio. It’s quite a home too, with its own barbershop, recording studio, casino, and bowling alley.

5 Sandra Bullock: A Grand Home In New Orleans

via Us Weekly

Sandra Bullock is famous enough to get recognized wherever she goes and followed by the paparazzi, but the actress chooses not to spend her time getting consumed in that kind of life. That’s why she bought a grand home in New Orleans, far away from the clicking lenses of Hollywood.

4 John Travolta: His Florida Home With Its Own Airport

via Beam

Aside from playing Danny Zuko in Greece, John Travolta is famous for another reason: being one of the only actors who’s also a pilot. He has a home that’s attached to its own airport in Florida. Though aerial pictures have been taken of the house, he’s mostly left alone.

3 Tina Turner: A Regal Home Overlooking Lake Zurich

via Today Show

Switzerland seems to attract a lot of music legends! Another star who has made the European country her new home is Tina Turner, who lives in a home overlooking Lake Zurich. The luxurious mansion allows her to live away from reporters, paparazzi, and people who make her life difficult.

2 Chris Hemsworth: The Open Australian Coast

via PerthNow

Well, geographically speaking, this is about as far away from Hollywood as you can get! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Chris Hemsworth lives on the New South Wales Coast in his native Australia. “… we just walk out the door and head to the beach down the street,” he said.

1 Wiz Khalifa: 18 Miles Southwest Of Pittsburgh

via iamflashdance.com

Wiz Khalifa is different from other rap stars in that he didn’t choose to buy a mansion in L.A. or a penthouse in New York. Instead, he lives in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, which is located 18 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. We’re pretty sure that not a single paparazzo has ever bothered him there!

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