Nature is fascinating in so many ways. And that is precisely why many travelers love to explore nature for the things it has to offer. One minute someone thinks they have seen enough but nature surprises them again. Either way, it is an exciting experience. Diversity in nature is what makes the whole situation so interesting. Waterfalls are part of nature and are fascinating in many ways.

Waterfalls vary from one to the other on many factors that make them unique. That is height, amount of water, width, location, and much more. In Europe, there are countless waterfalls. However, some are iconic for their size, including the following.


More Tall Waterfalls In Europe

Europe is home to charming natural wonders, including some of the world's most beautiful and tallest waterfalls. This list was updated to include some of the tallest waterfalls on the continent, mainly in Norway, such as Vinnufallet and Ramnefjellfossen waterfalls.

12 Gullfoss, Iceland

Gullfoss waterfall, found in the South Region of Iceland, is the tallest waterfall in Europe. This is a waterfall known for many reasons; one of them is that it is taller than others in Europe. Another reason is that the waterfall has two rivers crossing at right angles. It is a waterfall located in a scenic area, making it very attractive.

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11 DettiFoss, Iceland

Dettifoss is another waterfall that is worth noting. It is found in Iceland as well, and its height is breathtaking. It is a waterfall that has received so many visitors, primarily due to its location neighbor, a glacier. The waterfall's size fascinates visitors, and they keep going to see it. Another reason why people like visiting this waterfall is its location. The trip to Dettifoss water offers incredible features and surroundings, making it a true adventure.

10 Langfoss, Norway

The sheer height of Langfoss waterfall in Norway is a thing to behold. It is a natural wonder that has surprised many people who visit it. The waterfall is not as vertical as others, as it leans slightly on the mountain. However, that does not mean that it is not high. It is one of the tallest waterfalls in Norway that has received recognition from different people and countries. The waterfall has a height of 662 meters. Every visitor around the area wants to go and witness for themselves. The views from the top are also incredible for those who can climb to the top and watch from there.

9 Mardalfossen, Norway

It is yet another waterfall and the highest in the country. It is the most beautiful waterfall one will come across in Europe. The waterfall's height and amount of water make it very powerful. It also plays a vital role in helping Norway with power generation. Other than power, the Mardalfossen's 705-meter height makes it an attraction for thousands of visitors to witness natural wonder every year. The landscape where the waterfall is found is also quite beautiful and magical to watch, giving it all the beauty.

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8 Waterfalls of Gavarnie, France

They are called the waterfalls of Gavarnie because the area has several waterfalls close to each other. However, only one of them is discussed most by tourists and scientists for its size. Standing at a height of 422 meters high, the Grande cascade is a very popular waterfall. Its height is so high that air currents moving causes a micro-climate. The waterfall has hence become a true attraction in its area. It is a waterfall also located in a beautiful region to visit due to the landscape. As a result, when people visit the waterfall, they benefit from more than the water.

7 Haifoss, Iceland

Iceland is truly a beautiful country with many natural attractions for visitors. The country's landscapes provide the most amazing areas to visit for people from all over the world. Haifoss waterfall is another waterfall that has created a great attraction and found its place in Europe. However, the waterfall is found in a very remote place where there is snow, cold winds, and other challenging conditions. Nevertheless, people still visit to witness and experience this magical waterfall, even with rough roads.

6 Plitvice Waterfall, Croatia

The Plitvice waterfall is yet another worth recognizing waterfall in Europe. It is found in Croatia and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. It is a waterfall found in Plitvice park and provides access to many other exciting places when visiting. The park itself is a heritage site. Another enchanting part about this waterfall is the water. With the waters here being almost crystal clear, it is a unique feature many people like to witness.

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5 Skogafoss, Iceland

The most iconic feature of the Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland is its height. It is a natural phenomenon that many people travel from different parts of the world to witness. Another feature of Skogafoss is its size and shape, which takes a geometric rectangle. This is a waterfall that takes an effortless shape for this list, making it easy for people to watch. The access to the waterfall is not so bad, allowing people to visit.

4 Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Exploring Iceland provides visitors with a chance to see many waterfalls. One of them is Seljalandsfoss. Although the waterfall is located in a remote area, the roads have effectively made it very much accessible. That way, many visitors can visit.

3 Marmore waterfall, Italy

Marmore waterfall is a well-known waterfall in Italy. It is one of Italy's most known natural phenomena, and many tourists visit it annually. It is a magnificent waterfall with the place where it is located offering more attractions for tourists.

2 Vinnufallet, Norway

The stunning Vinnufallet waterfall in Norway is not only the tallest waterfall in Europe but also among the tallest in the world. It's located near the town of Sunndalsøra in Norway and has a depth of 865 meters. People visiting Norway must ensure to see Vinnufallet Waterfall because it's easily accessible.

1 Ramnefjellfossen, Norway

Falling into the lake Lovatnet from glaciers, the towering Ramnefjellfessen waterfall in Norway is 818 meters tall. It's a feast for the eyes, and anyone coming to Norway will enjoy the charming and stunning views of this waterfall and around it.

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