The world is full of amazing natural phenomena and landscapes and one of the most fascinating ones is mountains. For hikers, mountains are a chance to explore what many people have not been able to explore. Although many of these mountains can be extremely difficult to climb, humans have proven themselves capable of doing a lot by climbing to the peak of even the tallest.

However, many people do not know enough about these mountains. The truth is that there is a lot to learn about the world's tallest mountains. Their facts will fascinate many since they will come as a shock. Here is a list of the 10 tallest mountains.

10 Mount Everest- Himalayas

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world and it is found in the Himalayas. Everest is found on the Tibet and Nepal border. Mount Everest stands at 8848 meters above sea level. The first person to climb the mountain was Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Mount Everest is so high and in a very dangerous environment that one person has died there every year in the past decade.

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9 Mt. K2 – Pakistan

Mt. K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world and is found in Pakistan. Mt. K2 stands at 8611 meters above sea level. The mountain is found in the Karakoram ranges and there are several peaks in these ranges. It is also called the Savage Mountain. The mountain was given this name due to the difficulty of climbing to the top. The difficulty of climbing Mt. K2 is so much that one person out of four climbing the mountain has died. Mr. Ardito Desiofinally led a team on the first climb to the top.

8 Kangchenjunga

Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world with a height of 8586 meters above sea level. The mountain is found on the border of Nepal and India. It is on the southern part of Mount Everest. An interesting part, this mountain was at first thought to be the highest in the world until 1852. The mountain is known to have a death rate of 22% when it comes to climbing. It is attributed to poor conditions and strong avalanches. It is known that the first climbers to the mountain halted their climb just below its summit, and kept the local Chogyal rulers promise of the peak remaining untouched.

7 Lhotse – Himalayas

The Himalayas is home to several mountains including the Lhotse mountain which is the fourth highest with a height of 8516 meters above sea level. The mountain is found in the autonomous region of Tibet/Nepal. It is very close to Mount Everest. An interesting fact is that both Mount Everest and Lhotse share the same route for climbing. This is until camp 3 of Everest where they depart. Many people also talk of Lhotse as the neglected sibling of Mount Everest.

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6 Mt. Makalu – Nepal

Mt. Makalu is the fifth highest with a height of 8481 meters above sea level. It is found on the southeastern side of Mount Everest. This mountain is also found on the border of China and Nepal. It was first climbed by William Siri who led an American team during the 1954 spring. The main climbing routes for this mountain are the Northwest Ridge is and Southeast Ridge. It is found on the east side of Nepal. The mountain is known to have a few favorable conditions to climb as compared to the first four listed here.

5 Cho Oyu

Standing at 8201 meters above sea level, Cho Oyu is considered to be a moderate climb mountain compared to the rest. The mountain is also a good starting point for beginner climbers who would like to practice for the high Himalayas. It is also found on the border of Tibet and Nepal. Many climbers attempt the Cho Oyu mountain since it is relatively more accessible than the rest. It also has a good rock level that makes it better. It is also easy to accommodate a large group of climbers in this region.

4 Dhaulagiri – Nepal

The Dhaulagiri mountain stands at 8167 meters and is found in Nepal. It is a very stunning mountain that was first climbed on May 13th, 1960. The Dhaulagiri is also well known for offering the best visibility of the Annapurna Circuit which is just 34 km away. It is an interesting view. However, there is a huge separation gorge which is called the Kaligandaki Gorge.

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3 Manaslu – Nepal

Manaslu is the eighth tallest mountain in the world and is found within Nepal. The mountain is in the central part of Nepal and near the Tibetan border. Manaslu has a summit that stands at 8163 meters and is accessible using its North-East face. The terrain is also similar to that of Everest. It is a very impressive terrain and a challenge for many mountaineers. The first person to climb the Manaslu mountain was Nepalese Sherpa Norbu and Toshio Imanishi in 1956. For many Japanese climbers, getting to the summit of this mountain is on their bucket list.

2 Nanga Parbat - Pakistan

Nanga Parbat is a mountain with a height of 8,126 meters and is found in the Gilgit-Baltistan area of Pakistan. The mountain is also called “Diamer” which is a local name meaning a “huge mountain”. By standing at the Fairy Meadows base of the mountain, the views are amazing. However, the mountain is very dangerous and difficult to climb. It is also nicknamed “Killer Mountain” due to the number of people who have died trying to climb. One will need to equip themselves with the latest equipment to make it easy climbing.

1 Annapurna – Nepal

Annapurna is the 10th tallest mountain globally. It is a popular mountain for trekking. However, the mountain still has a fatality rate of 32 % making it the highest. The most popular part of the mountain is the Annapurna Circuit trek and it allows visitors to have good views of Dhaulagiri. The Annapurna stands at 8091 meters and is in Nepal.

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