Panama City Beach is a known spring break destination, thanks to its amazing 27 miles of beaches and the welcoming breeze. A Florida vacation is never complete without paying a visit to this sunkissed town.

Panama City’s beauty is not limited to the shore. It is dubbed as having “The World's Most Beautiful Beaches,” but its allure goes beyond the sandy bay. The water is inviting, so it’s always a perfect day to try sailing or cruising. Fishers are in for a treat, too, and maybe those dolphins can help them have some catch. Whatever the reason or the season, Panama City is a place of smiles.


Plan The Visit To Panama City Beach

Ready for some Gulf of Mexico adventure? Here are some reminders for a hassle-free trip.

  • The Visitor Information Center is open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Days).
  • All of the beaches in the county are public. Tents are allowed, but make sure to practice CLAYGO: clean as you go.
  • Do not ignore the red flags! The county uses a flag warning system to alert swimmers when the water conditions have become dangerous.
  • Dogs are not allowed on beaches except at Russell-Fields City Pier.

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Take An Eco-Cruise In Panama City: The Tour Companies

The gulf is rich in wonders, so it’s only right to check them out. Visitors who want to get the most out of their Panama City escapade should not be stuck on the beach. Dolphins abound in the area, so any cruise is a win. The water is fine, even beyond the swimming area.

Sea Screamer

For a tour beyond Shell Island, this operator has guests covered. Sea Screamer will take tourists on a complete cruise from the beachside to the area near the state park.

What’s better than a daytime boat tour? A sunset cruise. It’s always a good time to watch the sun as it bids farewell, and even better as guests are lulled by the waves.

  • Their two-hour sunset cruise costs $30 (ages 12-59), $29 (60 and up), $25 (ages four to 11), and $20 (toddlers).
  • The narrated trip is matched by coastal music that will make the experience even better.
  • Aside from the coastline and Shell Island, the boat will also take tourists to St. Andrews Bay.
  • The goal of the trip is to find some friendly dolphins – the perfect companions to cap the day off.
  • Guests can have the chance to steer the boat and even receive special tattoos as souvenirs.

Sea Screamer is perfect for families and friends who want a serene day outdoors. The boat acts as a stage as they check out “The World's Most Beautiful Beaches”.

Adventures at Sea

There’s another operator to consider when visiting Panama City, and there’s no need to explain why they are named Adventures at Sea. With their boat, adventures are made more worthwhile.

  • The two-hour tour costs $45 and can accommodate up to six people.
  • The boat will take guests not just beyond the coastline, but to Shell Island and St. Andrews Bay, too – where dolphins await.
  • Get that swimming attire ready, because the boat will stop near shallow waters so tourists can try snorkeling.

The Gulf of Mexico is not secretive. Guests just need to hop on board, sit back, relax, and enjoy Florida’s sunny show.

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Take a Dolphin Tour in Panama city: the tour companies

Dolphins are common in Panama City, and guests will have a good time cruising along the gulf while the marine mammals jump, chase the waves, or race with the boat.

Blue Dolphin Tours

This operator ensures guests they will be put into the water before the dolphins arrive. They offer an intimate excursion so guests can focus on sightseeing, not on the crowded boat.

  • A two-hour tour costs $59, and it can accommodate six people. A private tour costs $299.
  • A three-hour tour costs $399, while a four-hour private family trip costs $499.
  • The knowledgeable captain will share with guests the best practices for dolphin interaction.
  • Underwater, snorkelers can have the chance to see turtles, stingrays, seahorses, starfish, and sand dollars. Above, birds of prey are saying hi.
  • Tourists will explore the Shell Island area and St. Andrews Bay.

Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours & More

Though dolphins are the focus of their tours, this operator will also take guests to other spots of interest in Panama City. The gulf is rich in wonders, after all.

  • A tour costs $55 and will last for two hours. It can accommodate up to six passengers (small group). For larger groups (up to 16 people), the tour will last for 2.5 hours.
  • Aside from snorkeling, tourists can have a chance to swim with dolphins near Shell Island.
  • Tide permitting, guests can also check out some sand bars, grass flats, artificial reefs, and sunken boats.
  • Snorkelers will have a moment with lots of fish, sea urchins, scallops, mollusks, crabs, rays, seahorses, and even a manatee. No touching is allowed, though.

What makes Panama City a famous destination? The pristine beach, the mesmerizing waters, the playful dolphins. The resort town is rich in natural wonders complemented by a vibrant culture and hospitable locals. Travelers will be busy exploring with smiles on their faces and happy memories, plus lots of Instagram photos to boot.

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