There is something almost universally appealing about the taco. With its endless possibilities of fillings and convenient easy-to-eat style, tacos are the ideal snack or meal for any time of the day. And there really is no better place to sample all sorts of tacos, then Austin, Texas. The city overflows with endless taco options, and is known for its infamous breakfast tacos- which are eaten throughout the day, in astonishing quantities. Putting aside the heated hard v soft shell debate, take a look at a few options to start your foray into the world of tacos in Austin.


Grab a Freshly Prepared Breakfast Taco

While breakfast sandwiches are generally the norm across the country, for Austinites, the breakfast taco is the only civilized way to breakfast. With options across the city, it is almost impossible to pick out a favorite- it is hard to go wrong with any combination of soft, warm tortillas, stuffed with combinations of eggs, cheese, beans and salsa. At Tyson’s Tacos, you will find some of the tastiest eggs in the city, with over ten different breakfast combinations to sample. The owners were former restaurant owners in Mexico, who came to Austin and learned a unique take on the traditional taco. While offering a range of breakfast and dinner tacos, their unique combinations, such as the “Wild Feminist”, which includes eggs, sausage, avocado and potato, help make this charming diner stand out from the crowd. Simpler options of eggs, cheese and pico are also available for the traditionalists!

Vegan Tacos? You Won’t Miss the Meat at Cool Beans

When you think of tacos, the first thing that comes to mind is normally the succulent variety of meats, cheese, and toppings that combine for an explosion of flavor with every bite. It might seem impossible to enjoy a taco without the traditional fillings, but the folks at Cool Beans have figured it out. All products are plant based, and most are gluten free, with no compromising on taste. They even have vegan queso that could quite possibly pass off as its dairy-filled counterpart. The ‘Warrior Taco’ serves homemade plant based chorizo tacos alongside potatoes and red onions in a home made tortilla. Other options include the Native Taco, served with seared pineapple, cilantro and authentic Al Pastor. The company uses fresh high-quality ingredients to offer an excellent and healthier alternative to the traditional taco, without compromising on taste. And with a price of $3.75/taco, you really cannot go wrong.

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If you are headed to Austin, you will be having a taco. Whether it is a taste of the breakfast taco, or a more familiar traditional taco stuffed with all the fixings, you will find the greatest range of options and the freshest ingredients at almost any of the food trucks, small diners or larger restaurants across the city. The above options are great alternatives to the chain restaurants, however, you may also want to check out local chain ‘Torch’s Tacos- if it is good enough for the former President, it can probably meet our standards as well!