Airline food might be famously bad, but not on Swiss Air... where passengers can now get cheese fondue and chocolate baked goods in-flight. It doesn't exactly fit with the jokes about airline food, which is infamous for being terrible; rock hard dinner rolls, tiny packets of cheap pretzels, and disgusting lumps of re-heated mush in foil containers. It's not exactly something that most people would want to eat, and as flights compete to get cheaper and cheaper, many can't afford to with airlines charging an arm and a leg for a bite to eat.


Of course, this isn't true across the board. Many airlines are known for their excellent in-flight meals, and often those that specialize in longer routes (and aren't pushing to be the cheapest option) still don't charge for their food. Vegan, kosher, halal and gluten-free options are becoming more and more prevalent as well, as are in-flight options that focus on fresh ingredients and healthy eating. On Swiss Air, however, it seems that indulgence is the name of the game, with a menu including hot chocolate and cheese fondue.

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From Dec 1st, Swiss Air is bringing back its Swiss Saveurs menu, which includes a range of the usual snacks and treats (sandwiches, soft drinks, wine, etc), but also has some much more indulgent options. These include cheese fondue, leek quiche, a charcuterie plate, and a fennel and orange salad. On the sweet side, pastries available include pralines and a carac tartlet.

These delicious food options are available for purchase to those passengers in economy class, and are surprisingly affordable for an airline menu. Fondue and charcuterie are some of the pricer options, at $17 and $15, while the salads are $7 and the tartlets $4. Business class passengers have their a la carte choices included in the ticket price.

Swiss Air is dedicated to creating a great passenger experience, and it's not just the food that they go above and beyond on. Other available perks include food delivered to your gate, so that passengers can get a snack without waiting in airline restaurants, priority airport lanes to avoid long lines, and the ability to print and affix baggage labels at home, so that you don't have to wait in the baggage drop line. Of course, it's worth noting that Swiss Air sells on quality and experience, rather than price, so a lot of these benefits come at a cost - tickets are not exactly going to be at EasyJet prices... but EasyJet doesn't offer us hot, melted, cheese on board!

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Source: Swiss Air, Travel & Leisure