Thanks to terrifying films such as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea, humans are naturally terrified of encountering sharks while they're swimming - even though there are far more deadlier creatures on our planet.

It's common knowledge that sharks don't like the taste of humans, and they almost never have the intention to kill us. Still, you can't help but feel a little nervous any time you step into he ocean - knowing that a shark could be lurking nearby.

Well, two folks swimming near the shore of a beach had a terrifying encounter with a shark that you hope to only see in movies. A bystander was able to catch the interaction on film, and the video was shared on WorldStarHipHop. You can view it here.


Thankfully, a couple of heads-up onlookers were able to warn the swimmers about the looming trouble. Both the man and woman managed to get out of the water and on shore before the shark could think about attacking. It slowly began to swim away while as the two moved for safety.

It was not mentioned where this incident took place.

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Last week, a 13-year-old surfer named Logan Radd of Satellite Beach, Florida, was bitten by a shark in the left foot. Thankfully, Radd got to shore quickly and was taken to the hospital by his mother. Radd required 19 stitches but made a full recovery.

According to the International Shark Attack File, there were 66 "confirmed unprovoked shark attacks," with 32 occurring in the United States. There were 34 provoked attacks and a total of five fatal attacks.

Swimmers and surfers can reduce the chances of encountering a shark in many ways. This includes refraining from wearing jewelry, splashing and making loud noises, not entering the water if you are bleeding and avoiding the water at dawn, dusk and night - where you're more likely to encounter a shark while they're feeding.

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