The IKEA store, best known for selling sleek and minimalist furniture that's easy to assemble, is probably the most universally successful company from Sweden. While it originated from one country, it became a worldwide phenomenon -- and for good reason! Sweden takes good care of their products and takes pride in their precision and delicacy. If you actually visit Sweden, however, you won't want to visit IKEA as that's available everywhere. Instead, you should purchase some of the more unknown and underrated products Sweden has to offer. Here are ten things you can buy in Sweden that can't be made the same anywhere else.

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10 Licorice

If their was an official candy designated to represent Sweden, it'd be licorice. For whatever reason, the people of Sweden are obsessed with licorice -- particularly salted licorice a.k.a saltlakrits. While this might sound unappetizing to some people, the Swedes insist you don't knock it until you try it. It's sold at pretty much every supermarket in the country, and they come in tons of delicious variations. There's even a store, Lakritsfabriken, where you can buy licorice coffee, licorice truffles, licorice toffee, licorice almonds, and licorice syrup. You have to try this delicacy if you ever get the opportunity.

9 Knitted Clothing

As Sweden is seriously cold, the country specializes in creating clothing that's comfy and cozy. Wool clothing in particular is a Swedish stand-out. While woolen things are sold in the United States, they often cost a pretty penny. Not only are wool items much cheaper in Sweden, they're often even better quality. As far as knits go, locals and frequent visitors alike will suggest you try and grab a pair of Lovikka Mittens. These are the most popular mittens in Sweden and can be recognized by their signature yellow, blue and red embroidery.

8 Snaps

If you're the type of person who imbibes every once in a while, your world will be rocked when you try snaps in Sweden. A snap is a small shot of super strong alcohol that is traditionally taken with meals, particularly meals for special events like Midsummer, Christmas, and Easter.

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Though you may think you know your way around alcohol and drinking shots, Swedish snaps will give you a whole new experience! Different areas of Sweden have different specialty types of snaps that are a favorite for the locals of that region, so ask the people around you for a recommendation!

7 Cheese Slicer

We know what you're thinking. A cheese slicer? Well interestingly enough, this little tool comes in handy quite often. Swedes eat cheese so often and incorporate it into so many meals that instead of just using a knife to awkwardly cut off blocks like you might do in the United States, they have an easy-to-use tool to slice the cheese in a quicker and simpler way. The cheese slicer will smoothly cut off a thin layer of cheese that is just the right size for the cheesy breakfast sandwiches Swedes love so much. It might seem like no big deal but seriously -- for cheese lovers, it's life-changing.

6 Jam

Jams in general are typically considered yummy all over the world, but Swedes have access to cloudberries and lingonberries, which make a rare and flavorful jam that those outside of the country don't often get to try. Lingonberries are sort of the cousin to cranberries, just smaller and more tart. Cloudberries, on the other hand, have been referred to as "Nordic gold" as they are so hard to acquire. They only grow in the forests of the northern parts of the country for a small amount of time, and they can't be grown in greenhouses. These honey-like berries are often made into a jam used in desserts. With such a rare opportunity, you can't pass up the chance to buy a jar!

5 Sámi Crafts & Jewelry

The beautiful art created by the Sami people is also a rare opportunity, as they are the indigenous people of Sweden and the northernmost parts of Finland and Norway. Buying a piece from them ensures that your jewelry is one-of-a-kind. They often use leather from Caribou and create jewelry with the intention that it will last a lifetime. They also like to incorporate the colors of their flag --  dark blue, bright red, grass green and golden yellow. During Christmastime, they open up a market that has become holiday tradition to shop at for some Swede families.

4 Ginger Biscuits

Ginger biscuits, known as "pepparkakor" in Sweden, are another sweet treat from the country. A spicy biscuit made with cinnamon, ginger and cloves, it's basically gingerbread cookies, except thinner and crispier. But just like in the United States, pepparkakor are most popular during Christmas and are often cut into shapes. They also sometimes decorate them with frosting or use them as decorations!

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Unlike the United States, however, is the fact that ginger biscuits are also consumed year-round. Pair it with cheese and fruit, or enjoy some coffee and milk with your pepparkakor.

3 Dala Horse

The Dala Horse, a.k.a. the Dalahäst, may be a symbol for Sweden, but makes a pretty and delicate decoration worldwide. For authenticity, you should get a wooden one from Dalarna, where it was originally created. They're technically sold all over the country though, and are sometimes made with other materials like crystal, ceramic, or glass. The little red horse has evolved over the years and now often features white, green, yellow, and blue detailing. This is a go-to souvenir from Sweden that you really can't go wrong with. It's a classic!

2 Clogs

C'mon, you can't leave Sweden without buying a pair of clogs! The structure of a clog --  wide and flat with a curved, heavy bottom -- is helpful for posture and relaxation. (That's actually why you often see nurses and people in the healthcare industry wearing them!) They're practical, but also coming back in style aesthetic-wise. To be extra cool, get an authentic pair of Falsterbotofflor from the Flasterbo area in Sweden. They're handmade and hand-painted, and the designers often opt to paint a goose surrounded by colorful flowers. Oh, and they're unisex, so you can rock them no matter what you identify as.

1 Wooden Utensils

If you want to give your home a rustic feel, Sweden makes the best wooden utensils. In the olden days, it was tradition to carve your forks, knives, spoons, bowls, plates, and cutting boards out of Nordic pale wood. Now, you're more likely to see utensils carved out of softer woods like Birch, Pine and Spruce. Either way, it's a unique way to make your kitchenware super stylish. There will often be hand-painted designs on the handles of certain utensils, giving a simple butter knife a funky and original feel.

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