We’re thankful to Sweden for a selection of things, ranging from ABBA to IKEA, but there is so much more to this Scandinavian country than meets the eye. It’s definitely a great place to enjoy the cold Northern European conditions and enjoy Scandinavian life and culture, but there are so many other great reasons to visit Sweden that most tourists don’t even think of.

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It’s hard to narrow down our list of reasons to visit Sweden to just 10, but we’ve given it a shot! Check out these reasons why you should book a ticket to Sweden!

10 The Amazing Palaces To See

There are endless landmarks to see in Sweden. For fans of the monarchy and the tradition of royalty in Europe, Sweden is an ideal destination because of all the palaces that exist within the country. If you’re visiting the capital city of Stockholm, Stockholm Palace is a must.

There is also the private residence of the Swedish Royal Family, Drottningholm Palace. It is located on an island known as Lovön, and you can take boat tours of the palace during certain times of the year. There are also a lot of castles to see in Sweden, some dating back centuries.

9 The Fascinating Museums

If you like museums, then Sweden is probably the place for you. This country is home to several fascinating museums on a variety of subjects. There will definitely be something that will cater to your tastes! Music fans enjoy visiting the ABBA Museum, while those interested in Swedish history tend to flock to the Nordic Museum in Stockholm.

One of the most notable museums in Stockholm is known as the Vasa Museum. It has made headlines around the world because it showcases a 17th-century ship that is still intact - and it is the only museum on the planet that can say this!

8 It’s One Of The Happiest Countries In The World

Did you know that Sweden ranked in the top 10 happiest countries in the world on the annual World Happiness Report for 2019? The report is based on how happy locals from every country perceive themselves to be, and the Swedes are certainly very happy. Like the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden constantly appears high up on the list, year after year.

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If that’s not a good enough reason to visit Sweden, that nothing is! The landscape is beautiful, the food is delicious, the people are happy, the public transport system actually works...it’s just a great place to be!

7 It’s Also One Of The Safest

Aside from being one of the happiest countries in the world, Sweden is also considered to be safer than many other nations. While it faces the same risks as any other country in Europe, most travelers report that they feel incredibly safe while in Sweden. That’s always a great reason to visit a country!

If you’re going to worry about anything while in Sweden, petty crime would be it. In touristy areas, you’ll have to be on guard against pickpockets. You might also have to watch out for taxi drivers overcharging tourists, according to Smarter Travel. But overall, Sweden is a very safe country.

6 The Fun Amusement Parks

Who needs Disneyland when you’ve got Liseberg? Located in Gothenburg, the amusement park has been running since the early 1920s. People come from all over Scandinavia to see the attractions and go on the rides. But that’s not the only amusement park in the country!

There’s also Gröna Lund, which is situated in Stockholm. It’s nowhere near the size of Disneyland but still boasts some exciting rides and attractions. Visiting these amusement parks can break up a vacation that’s mostly dedicated to sightseeing, national parks, and museums!

5 The Stunning National Parks

Not that there’s anything wrong with sightseeing, national parks, and museums. Speaking of national parks, Sweden is full of them. Much like the other Nordic countries, Sweden is blessed with a stunning natural landscape that is displayed in its famous parks.

One of the most famous is the Sarek National Park, which is located in Sweden’s Lapland. Founded in the early 20thcentury, the part is one of the oldest of its kind in Europe and provides visitors with absolutely spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The parks are great to visit in both summer and winter.

4 The Exhilarating Winter Sports

As we mentioned, Sweden is still an ideal vacation destination in summer; however, if you are a fan of winter sports, then you definitely need to visit in winter. The country is home to a number of world-famous ski resorts that will offer the experience of a lifetime.

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Among the ski resorts is Åre, located in Jämtland. It has been operating for over 110 years and boasts everything from amazing slopes to restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities. If you’re going to ski, you may as well do it in style at Åre!

3 The Breathtaking Northern Lights

There’s usually one primary reason why Sweden is on a lot of bucket lists: The Northern Lights. People come from all over the world to witness the breathtaking Aurora Borealis from the Nordic countries, and Sweden is often one of the first choices.

If you’re going to see the Northern Lights in Sweden, you can go to the village of Abisko, which is home to the Aurora Sky Station. This observation center is located on a mountain and will give you the best views of the world-famous phenomenon.

2 The Friendly & Tolerant Locals

Traditionally, Northern Europeans have a reputation for being less friendly than those from other parts of Europe. At least as far as Sweden is concerned, we have no idea where that rumor came from! The Swedes are amongst the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They’re also amongst the most tolerant.

Of course, you’ll find closed-minded people in every country. But as a whole, the Swedes are known for being progressive and open-minded. They tend to be welcoming and inclusive of all travelers, no matter where they come from.

1 It’s Off The Beaten Track

One of the best reasons to go to Sweden is because it’s off the beaten track when you consider which countries are the most popular amongst tourists from western countries. Sweden is by no means an unpopular country, but it doesn’t receive the same crowds that major tourist hot spots across the continent do.

Fewer people, particularly in the off-season, means that you will have a better chance of seeing all the landmarks without having to deal with huge crowds. It also means that Sweden hasn’t been over-Westernized and remains very authentic.

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