10 Of The Best Sushi Restaurants In The World

Sushi is a food that has its roots in Japan, but it has since expanded and become a worldwide phenomenon. It's easy to find sushi at restaurants and even grocery stores all around the world. Some people even like to make their own sushi at home. Although there is good sushi that can be found in a lot of places and many people definitely have their favorite sushi restaurants, there's definitely some sushi restaurants that are better than others.

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Even though sushi is a food that originated in Japan, good sushi can be found all over the world. There are restaurants located all over the place that are known around the world for their sushi and bring in both locals and tourists to get a taste.

To see 10 of the best sushi restaurants in the world, keep reading!

10 O Ya - Boston, Massachusetts

O Ya is a sushi restaurant located in Boston that a favorite among both Boston locals and people just visiting the city alike. Along with sushi, they also serve a variety of other Japanese dishes. Some of the menu items include things like venison tataki, bluefin maguro, and non-sushi dishes like a variety of items made with Japanese Wagyu beef.

The restaurant also has a location in New York but visitors that are considering going should keep in mind that the acclaimed restaurant can be on the pricey side. For fans of Japanese cuisine that only want the best and are looking for a tasty but unique experience, O Ya fits the bill but for a high price.

9 Sukiyabashi Jiro - Tokyo, Japan

Whether you're a major foodie, a lover of documentaries, or just a casual Netflix watcher, you've likely already heard of Sukiyabashi Jiro. This restaurant has become world-famous and is renowned for being among the best sushi restaurants in the world. It was awarded 3 stars by The Michelin Guide and is owned by sushi master Jiro Ono.

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This restaurant was the subject of the 2011 documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This restaurant may be known as one of the best sushi restaurants in the world, but it's not easy to get reservations here. And if you manage to get them, get ready to pay around $300 for a 20-course, world-class sushi experience.

8 Bamboo Sushi - Portland, Oregon

Bamboo Sushi is a restaurant in Portland that is so good and so popular in this Oregon city that they don't just have one location in Portland. In fact, they have more than five locations around Portland. So, what is it about Bamboo Sushi that makes them so good?

The ingredients in Bamboo Sushi's food is ethically sourced, meaning that Bamboo Sushi is an entirely sustainable sushi restaurant. Along with being eco-friendly, the rolls and nigri at Bamboo Sushi are known for being totally delicious.

7 SUSHISAMBA - Las Vegas, Nevada

SUSHISAMBA is a really unique sushi restaurant located in The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada. This restaurant serves up a Brazilian-Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine and is a uniquely delicious dining experience.

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Along with their unique take on sushi and Japanese food, they have a vegan menu and a huge menu of drinks for people to enjoy with their meal. The restaurant's interior is really colorful and bright and will make you feel like you've taken a trip from Las Vegas to another world as you enjoy this unique sushi.

6 Kin Chan - Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is a state with its own unique culture, meaning that there are a lot of delicious Hawaiian dishes to try when visiting Hawaii. But if you're craving sushi while on the islands, Kin Chan in Honolulu is the best place to go.

This sushi bar is located in Restaurant Row in Honolulu and seats twelve people and has a single sushi chef. This sushi bar is small and intimate, but it has some delicious foods on the menu that definitely makes it worth it for visitors that want to have a taste of traditional Japanese food while in Hawaii.

5 Miku - Vancouver, British Columbia

Miku is a sushi restaurant located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This restaurant is popular not just in Vancouver but around the world because of the fact that they specialize in a technique called Aburi. Aburi is the word for flame-searing the sushi that they serve and is a cooking technique that dates back nearly a century in Japanese cuisine.

Along with their super unique Aburi style of preparing sushi, Miku also serves up Japanese drinks and some unique desserts. For people that have tried it all in the world of sushi and want something different, a trip to Miku has to happen.

4 Masa - New York City, New York

Masa is a sushi restaurant that is located in New York City and happens to be one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. New York is definitely a city that's known for being home to some world class restaurants and this Japanese eatery is no exception. At $450 per person, this isn't a plate of sushi that foodies will be eating every day.

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But people that really love fine sushi and don't mind spending a lot of money to get the best sushi agree that Masa is one of the best places to get it. Masa has been highly regarded as one of the best restaurants around and for good reason. This restaurant was even awarded 3 Michelin Stars.

3 Sushi Sora - Tokyo, Japan

When it comes to sushi, there are few places better to get it than right in Japan. Although there are tasty sushi restaurants all over the world, going straight to the source and getting Japanese food in the country where it originated is the best way to experience this cuisine.

Tokyo is home to a lot of incredible restaurants that serve all kinds of food - not just sushi. But when it comes to sushi, Sushi Sora is one of the best. This restaurant only has a few seats available right up at the bar in front of where the chefs are preparing your meal. Being able to see them expertly slicing and placing the sushi makes the experience that much better.

2 Akiko's  - San Francisco, California

Akiko's is a sushi restaurant located in San Francisco. This restaurant serves up a variety of different dishes, all made from the freshest ingredients. Along with the impressive menu of different sushi dishes, Akiko's also has a large list of sake that visitors can order to go alongside their sushi.

Considering the fact that this restaurant has such delicious sushi, it's no surprise that it tends to be a pretty busy location. As such, visitors are encouraged to make sure that they make reservations because Akiko's can fill up quickly - especially the seats located at the counter.

1 Komuro - Tokyo, Japan

Komuro is a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan that is good enough to have been awarded 2 Michelin Stars. Mitsuhiro Komuro is the owner and chef at this restaurant and has been since it opened in 2000.

The ingredients that are used in the food at Komuro come from local growers and fishermen, all of whom Mitsuhiro Komuro has a personal relationship with. The dishes available at this restaurant change seasonally in order to ensure that everything is as high quality and fresh as possible. This restaurant serves up sushi in a traditional tea ceremony style.

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