Las Vegas is on everyone's bucket list. It's got magnificent lights, unforgettable shows, spectacular hotels, and even more spectacular views. There's even a casino or two to please your inner adrenaline junkie! There's just nothing like it.

If you're planning your bachelorette party or just want to experience Las Vegas, we suggest that you check out Caesar's Palace. It is one of Vegas' most well-known and adored hotels. It's grandiose, has wonderful amenities, themed hotel rooms and, you guessed it, a casino if you want to press your luck.

With its signature Roman theme running throughout, we can guarantee you an unforgettable time! If you're curious, here are twenty surprising facts about Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

20 Grandeur Is The Name Of The Game

No one can accuse Caesar's Palace of being low-key. As you enter, Roman sculptures, large fountains and trees lead you to the lobby. From there, you're greeted with sumptuous marble columns and arches. You'll also find the largest poker room in Vegas and a 50,000 square foot spa!

19 All The Comforts Of Home!

The best hotels are the ones that feel like a home away from home (with a few surprises). At Caesar's Place, the amenities are endless! You receive all the basics, from the internet to cribs. But you also get added bonuses such as swim-up bars, hair salons, and dry cleaning.

18 Biggest Spas = Bigger Relaxation

If you want the best stress relief that money can buy, check out Caesar's Palace's 51 spas and 35 massage studios! Qua Baths & Spa is one of the biggest spas in Vegas. Guests can explore the Roman baths, Laconium steam baths, free tea lounges and the hair salon, Color Salon by Michael Boychuck.

17 Kids Are Welcome

No need to leave your kids behind! Though Caesar's Palace is not specifically a family-friendly resort, there are many things to keep your kids busy. The rather large rooms and pools are very child-friendly. If you're desperate for an evening out, you can arrange for babysitting services via the concierge.

16 Pools Suitable For Royalty

Want to experience swimming luxury? Check out Caesar's Palace's network of pools known as the Garden of the Gods. Continuing the Roman theme, they feature large mosaics, columns, and pools named after Roman gods. Some of the amenities to expect are swim-up blackjack tables, a VIP cabana, and an 18-foot waterfall!

15 The Crowning Jewel: The Casino

Let's be real. This is what you really came to see. Caesar's casino is the largest in Vegas, boasting a 14, 000 square foot poker room. You can enjoy all the standard games and slot machines, as well as a 250-seat race and sportsbook. Enjoy yourself!

14 All Of Your Culinary Needs

If you're a picky eater or a food lover, Caesar's Palace has your back. The Bacchanal Buffet offers over 500 food items, including truffle deviled eggs and red velvet pancakes. You can try noodles at Beijing Noodle No. 9 and Rao's Italian food (including a bocce court!), too.

13 Good Luck Everywhere!

If you're superstitious, you have many opportunities to get Fortune on your side. If you find the 18-foot statue of Michelangelo, rub his toe. If you come across Augustus Caesar's statue in the lobby, rub his left index finger. If you're in Cleopatra's Barge, rub the golden chest for some luck!

12 Roman Villas

Ever wanted to experience the Roman upper class' living habits? You're in luck! You can book Caesar's Suites, opulent rooms that include private patios with a spa pool, fireplace, and indoor fountain. They'll even throw in a grand piano and billiards room! But be warned, the starting prices are $18,000!

11 Have The Wedding Of Your Dreams

If you've got a large wedding party and a destination wedding on your mind, Caesar's Palace has got you covered! The Classico chapel is the largest one on the Strip, with a capacity of 196 people. It includes beautiful stained glass windows and chandeliers to make your day absolutely unforgettable!

10 Recreate A Winter Wonderland

If you're craving a little winter chill, check out the Arctic Ice Room. According to Angela Wagner, "Even coming from somewhere that had a horrible winter, it was still very enjoyable." You get to cool down from the sauna while mint-infused "snow" falls down around you. Give your immune system some love!

9 Virtual Line-Ups

The Bacchanal Buffet is one of Caesar's most popular restaurants. If you're not one for lines, we have a secret. Using the Fresh Txt kiosk, you can virtually reserve a spot in line. They'll text you when it's your turn. There's also a VIP line for Rewards Diamond or Seven Star members.

8 Doggie Bags...With A Twist

Tired of dealing with a table cluttered with doggy bags? Tired of wasting food because you have to run off to a show? Carmine's Restaurant will store your food until you return. Alternatively, you can claim your leftovers from the hostess on your way out with a ticket.

7 Room Service Like You've Only Dreamed

A hotel inside a hotel? Nope, this isn't Inception! The Nobu Hotel is a small hotel within Caesar's resort. It offers 24/7 room service organized by celebrated chef Nobu Matsuhisa. You can enjoy bento boxes, lobster bao buns and if you're the penthouse suite, your own private sushi chef!

6 Rooms For A Quiet Night In

Sometimes, you just need a cozy evening of peace and quiet. Caesar's offers rooms in the Octavius and Augustus towers. Away from the casino and crowded areas of the resort, they ensure that you'll get a good night's sleep. With your renewed energy, you can continue your vacation with confidence!

5 Iconic Film Easter Eggs

Caesar's Palace has made a cameo in many popular movies, including "The Hangover" and "Rain Man." Unfortunately, "The Hangover's" room 2452 was only a set inspired by Caesars' Classic Emperor Suite. However, "Rain Man" was actually filmed in this suite! You'll recognize the wet bar and large windows.

4 Budget-Friendly Food To Phone Home About

Caesar's has so many restaurants that it would take you weeks to try them all! Even better, there are budget-conscious options. Check out Brioche by Guy Savoy for a large assortment of sandwiches, Nutella and banana brioche, and prosciutto and cheese brioche. You can eat delicious food without destroying your piggy bank!

3 Celebrity Hot-Spot

Who's up for a little celebrity hunting? Caesar's Palace is one of the best places to look! Caesar's Omnia Nightclub is known to be a hub for celebrities. In fact, Justin Bieber celebrated his 21st birthday there and he was joined by Miley Cyrus and Ed Sheeran, to name a few.

2 Concert Venue

Ever been lying in your hotel room and thought "I'd love to go to a concert right about now"? Well, you won't have to go very far. Caesar's Palace is known for its large concert venue, the Colosseum. It's hosted the likes of Celine Dion, Elton John, and Janet Jackson.

1 Boxer's Paradise

You might be surprised to hear that Caesar's Palace has hosted many celebrity boxing matches. Some of the most famous boxers, including Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, and Joe Louis fought in the "Home of Champions." In fact, Joe Louis's statue stands outside Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill today as a reminder of those glory days!