One thing that drives passengers buggy during a flight is the presence of other winged objects inside the plane, especially mosquitoes. One April 8th IndiGo run slated for Bangalore was so infested with those pesky creatures, they annoyed one passenger, which resulted in him being dragged off the plane.

Heart surgeon Saurabh Rai claimed that when he had enough of those bloodsuckers buzzing around him, he complained to attendants, who wound up dragging him by the collar from his seat and down the aisle to the exit. He added that at least one of the crew even threatened him.


In response, IndiGo stated that disruptive behavior was the reason Rai was removed, citing his aggressive expression of his annoyance as the motive for his expulsion from the flight. The statement even added that Rai mentioned the word "hijack" during the altercation and claimed he tried to get fellow passengers to wreak havoc on the plane. After alleging that other passengers wanted Rai to disembark and take another flight, IndiGo also stated they had Rai return to the terminal on foot after being kicked off.

Unfortunately, none of the passengers recorded the incident on their smartphones, although a few managed to shoot videos of how the mosquitoes made the plane's occupants uncomfortable. One Instagram attachment showed passengers using magazines to swat at the predatory insects, while other passengers offered support for Rai's lament.

The altercation is the latest in a series of incidents involving airline personnel excessively removing passengers from planes. The most famous incident of late took place in 2018 and involved a United Airlines overbooking that forced the removal of physician David Dao from a flight in Chicago.

A year earlier, JetBlue punted a New Jersey family of four from a Las Vegas-bound flight after attendants discovered the passengers stuff a birthday cake in an overhead compartment.

Also in 2017, a woman from Florida was removed from a Spirit Airlines flight after passengers complained she showed too much cleavage. Although the woman covered up, she was still booted from the plane, prompting her lawyer to comment that the company should change its moniker to "Mean-Spirited Airlines."