Surfers Paradise is a suburb of City of Gold Coast in Eastern Australia, and for many travelers, it represents an obligatory stop. The city is a tourist and entertainment center; almost the entirety of the suburb consists of tourists who want to hit the world-famous beaches and freshen up their surfing skills.

Everything is catered to tourists: they can choose from countless activities, clubs and hotels. Surfers Paradise is the ultimate comfort zone.

But with so many tourists flocking to Surfers Paradise, it makes you wonder how authentic the city is. Everything there seems to serve its own purpose and time reduced the once desirable destination into a money-making machine. Do you want to know what we mean by that? Find the examples below.

20 It Is More Expensive Than It Should Be

It is a well-known fact that Australia is a pricey tourist destination and travelers are willing to let that slide if they only get their money’s worth. Surfers Paradise, however, is not one of such places. It is just as expensive as other Australian cities with much less to offer.

19 If You Want To Meet Authentic Locals, Head Somewhere Else

Surfers Paradise is a crowded place and most of the people there are tourists just like yourself. Locals are used to them and there is little appreciation between the two groups. Do yourself a favor and head somewhere where the locals will treat you like a delight that you are.

18 Nightlife Is Fun, But Also Dangerous

Travel forums are swarmed with reviews about the city’s nightlife. There is no lack of nightclubs, but they only seem to cater to one type of party animal. The streets can become dangerous at night, as many people are intoxicated and relieve frustrations on innocent passers-by.

17 It Offers Little To Scuba Divers

There are many providers of scuba diving classes and tours, but reconsider if this is where you want to dive. According to Reddit, a better place for such endeavors is Byron Bay, which is nearby and has more to offer to divers of levels of experience.

16 The Beaches Are Getting Worse Every Year

TripAdvisor users increasingly comment that Surfers Paradise is a crowded beach and it is hard to find a good spot on the sand. Going to the beach is supposed to be a relaxing experience, but it is hardly so if there are more people around than you can count.

15 If You Go Out, Do Not Forget Your ID

If you decide to go have a look at Surfers Paradise nightlife regardless of the potential dangers, make sure you do not forget your ID as you will have no luck entering any establishments without it. Bouncers scan IDs so they can inform other clubs about any potential rowdy guests.

14 The City Itself Looks Tacky

Surfers Paradise probably held up to its name back in the day when everything in the center of the city was new and shiny. These days, the city is resting on laurels: entertainment centers look outdated and do not cater to the needs of a traveler in the 21st century.

13 Is It Truly A Surfer's Paradise?

As the name suggests, Surfers Paradise is a bucket list item for surfers. The city boasts many successful surf schools and shops, but the waters might not be the safest for beginners or weak swimmers. In 2015, Surfers Paradise was declared the most dangerous beach in Queensland.

12 Life Guards Are There For A Reason

A strong presence of lifeguards might seem odd, but it is much needed in Surfers Paradise and on many other beaches in Australia. Similar to Bondi Beach, the riptide currents can be fatal and lifeguards let visitors know when is it safe to go for a swim.

11 Good Luck Trying To Park Your Car

With many visitors comes traffic congestion. Once you make it to Surfers Paradise, a long search for a free parking spot begins. Once you find one, you pay a whole fortune for it and there is little time or motivation left to have a good time at the beach.

10 Do Not Go There During Schoolies Week!

Schoolies week is a celebration of Year 12 school goers that head to coastal Australian cities to blow off some (actually a lot of) steam and have fun, high school style. Do you really want to spend your vacation among party-hungry teenagers who cannot behave themselves properly?

9 All The High Rise Buildings Are Ruining A Good Beach View

Before all the infrastructure was built, the beach was the area’s biggest asset. Surfers Paradise could have developed into a more laid-back destination with its clean beach as a strong point, but the city grew too big for a visitor to even notice what nature could have been like.

8 It Is A Commercialized City

Many of the tall buildings that block amazing views are hotels. Any city with a ridiculous amount of hotels is doomed to become devoid of any authentic value. Surfers Paradise is one big advertisement for all the ways you can spend your money and none of the suggestions sound particularly wise.

7 Hostels In Surfer's Paradise Are Decent

All is not so bleak in Surfers Paradise: their hostels provide travelers with a top-notch stay and often resemble luxurious hotels. Hostels are a safe spot to meet people without having to expose yourself to a nightlife that might not suit you. There, you can have some fun.

6 All The Good Places Close Early

Australia knows how to make great coffee. Coffee shops are well worth a visit, even in Surfers Paradise. The only problem with these delightful places is that they close quite early, so head there for breakfast or an early lunch to have some time to unwind before hitting the beach.

5 You Won't Find Much Nature In Surfer's Paradise

The views might be amazing if you find city lights inspiring. But isn’t it a waste to come all the way to Australia, one of the most exciting places in terms of biodiversity, and see just a concrete jungle? Make sure to skip destinations that isolate you from nature.

4 Shopping Is Outdated And Disappointing

If your idea of shopping when abroad is going to a regular old mall, then you might not be too disappointed in Surfers Paradise. Traveling back to the dark side of the 1990s does not sound like that much fun for most of us though. Just skip it altogether!

3 Public Transport Does Not Reach All The Desired Destinations

There are some breathtaking places around Surfers Paradise, but what good does that do when it is hard to reach them without your own car? As Australia is one of the most expensive destinations, many cannot afford to rent a car just to drive to a nearby park.

2 What Is The River Cruise Like?

River cruise is said to be one of the highlights while visiting Surfers Paradise. From a boat, you can admire the city’s skyline and the beach. Most people seem to be satisfied, but many recent reviews comment on poor food quality on the cruise, making it barely worth it.

1 Either You Love It Or You Hate It

Surfers Paradise will keep on dividing people on those who either love it or hate it. Even if you are into crazy nightlife, tourist traps, and insufferable crowds, we still urge you to travel elsewhere. Australia as a whole truly has much more to offer than this city.