30 Superstars That Live Very Normal Lives (Far Away From The Crowds)

Fans of sports idolize players and put them at the level of superstars. From baseball, to football, to wrestling, superstars are across the sports landscape and are front and center in front of thousands of fans each night and millions more around the world. The spotlight they are under is why they are paid the big dollars, as it’s big business and a lot of pressure to live up to, to be a superstar athlete. That’s why, away from the fields and rings and arenas, these superstars have decided to live as normal people do, in small towns, small apartments, and small houses, in order to keep themselves away from the crowds or to save money for their future.

The one thing about professional sports is that the money isn’t guaranteed. One fluke injury and everything that superstar athlete worked for is gone in an instant. And if they didn’t save up, they better hope they have a great second career option in order to live or hope they didn’t lose their entire savings on buying flashing cars and houses. In this list, see a group of superstars who are staying humble, keeping their home purchases small, or staying away from the big cities of the world in order to find privacy away from the millions of fans who watch them every year cheering them on.

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30 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Via PWPIX.net

Every week, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, collectively known as the Authority on WWE television, are in front of thousands of fans and millions more around the world. So it should come as no surprise that the Game, the King of Kings, Triple H, and the heir to WWE Stephanie McMahon, make their home in Weston, Connecticut. Which makes perfect sense seeing as it’s minutes away from WWE headquarters in Stamford, and gives them a quiet life away from the massive crowds of people they see every week where they can raise their family.

29 Aaron Rodgers

Via Packers News

Aaron Rodgers is considered to be the best player in the NFL, as voted by the players, and he is paid like it as well, as the superstar quarterback for the Green Bay Packers earns $22 million a season. But he didn’t live like a prince, even while dating Olivia Munn, as according to International Real Estate News, Rodgers just sold his Green Bay home for only $425,000. He purchased it back in 2005, and lived in it for some time before finally moving out, but it goes to show, even with millions of dollars, you don’t need a huge place for a swinging bachelor pad.

28 Randy Orton

Via Pintrest

Randy Orton grew up in St. Louis, and that is where his on-screen character is billed from, but the Viper actually makes his home in the suburbs of St. Louis in St. Charles, a community of 65,000 people. It’s weird to think of a guy who once was in Evolution with the limousine riding Ric Flair as living the suburban dad life, but that is exactly what Orton does with his family and kids. His light schedule in the WWE gives the veteran wrestler plenty of time at home and he doesn’t want to be spending it in large crowds of people.

27 Deion Sanders

Via Tim & Julie Harris

Not everyone needs a ton of square footage to live, and while Deion Sanders, the former NFL superstar is used to the high-life, he has traded it in to go a little smaller. And by a little, we mean tiny. Sanders sold his 29,000 square foot mansion and moved into a 600 square foot tiny home, according to Realtor.com. It’s got him plenty of attention for his home, and Sanders said himself that he is a fan of the show Tiny Home Nation, which inspired him to think small and save a lot of money in the process.

26 Kirk Cousins

Via Sports Gossip

Kirk Cousins was one of the top quarterback prospects when he was drafted and earned millions with the Washington Redskins before signing his massive contract with the Minnesota Vikings. But during the off-season, he and his wife decided that they weren’t ready to leave the nest just yet and they lived in Cousins’ parent’s basement, according to CNBC. Many normal people stay with their parents long-term to save money, but in Cousins case, we’re going to say he could at least move out and still find a cheap option if he wanted, considering he is married and all.

25 Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

Via Wikipedia

Daniel Bryan and his wife, Brie Bella, enjoy the more simple life outside the wrong, especially considering their lives are on full display in their reality show Total Bellas. That is why on the show, Daniel and Brie moved into a small little home in Seattle, which needed some renovations because Daniel enjoys the minimal lifestyle and bought the place for the amazing view. It is to be their forever home, so when buying it, he cared more about the views than the square footage.

24 Stone Cold Steve Austin

Via YouTube

Stone Cold Steve Austin was the biggest name in professional wrestling over the course of his career and to this day, is considering the biggest draw in sports entertainment. So after his in-ring time was finished, Austin moved to the Broken Skull Ranch in Tilden, Texas, an hour from San Antonio. People got to see his ranch on his own game show which he hosted from it, but it’s allowed Austin to enjoy the simple life of hunting, fishing and just being away from tons of people who would easily recognize the Texas Rattlesnake if he were in public.

23 Brock Lesnar

Via ScrapDigest.Com

If you paid close attention to Bruce Buffer during Brock Lesnar’s last UFC fight, you would have heard him announce that Lesnar was from Saskatchewan, instead of anywhere in the United States. It’s well-documented that Lesnar doesn’t like people all that much, so he and his wife, former wrestler Sable, bought a bunch of land in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan that is very secluded from people, even to the point that there is no cellphone reception, and he has to drive to the end of his driveway to get a signal.

22 Ryan Kerrigan

Via Boiled Sports

Ryan Kerrigan did what most people do when they don’t have a wife to live with and don’t want to pay a lot for rent. They find a roommate. According to CNBC, Kerrigan, who signed a five-year $57.5 million contract with Washington, shares an apartment with his childhood friend. He even saves money by cooking himself and doesn’t splurge that often on going out to eat. It’s a smart choice for a football player, as their playing careers are generally short-lived.

21 Bobby Roode

Via Mandatory

Bobby Roode is simply glorious in the ring, as he is one of the best wrestlers the company has and has travelled around the world for many different promotions. The Canadian did live in the Great White North for some time, but according to Wrestle Zone, he and his family moved to Chesapeake, Virginia, which has a population of 222,000. It was also named the 21st best place city to live in, in the United States, by Bloomberg Businessweek, so it’s a great place for him to lay low and raise his family and not have to worry about them when he head son the road.

20 Kurt Angle

Via YouTube

Kurt Angle is an Olympic Gold Medalist, who didn’t leave too far from his beginnings in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as he moved into a fairly good sized home in Coraopolis, a small community just outside of Pittsburgh, where he lives with his family. According to census information, Coraopolis had a population of 5,600 people, which is small for an Olympic Hero, at least according to Angle who played that character for years in his early days in WWE. But as he gets old, it’s turning into his forever home that he can rest in and look back on a strong career.

19 Shawn Michaels

Via Daystar

The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, was originally from Texas and that is where he decided to stay after he hung up his boots for the last time, prior to his comeback match this past year. But Michaels has decided the Texas life is for him and he spends his time in San Antonio, Texas, teaching Bible school and living with his wife and family. It’s very different from the Rockstar life he lived as the main attraction back in the later 90s, but Michaels has had plenty of changes in his life that have resulted in him calming down and enjoying peace and quiet.

18 Andrew Chafin


Andrew Chafin is a relief pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks and if he wanted to, his home could be the stadium parking lot where Arizona plays their games. That’s because Chafin lives the simple life in an RV, a 42-foot recreational vehicle, according to AZ Central. It has everything he could want, a bed, a 55-inch television, and fridge for some beverages, so why spend the money on a massive house when an RV will do just nicely? Considering he doesn’t know how long he will play baseball and wants to save as much as he can, it was a perfect option for the pitcher.

17 Daniel Norris


Daniel Norris doesn’t live like the millionaire he is. Despite signing a $2 million contract his rookie season in Detroit, Norris decided to live the minimalist lifestyle and converted a camper into a tiny home that he lives in during the off-season. He also lives off $1,000 a month, according to CNBC. His advisors deposit the money into his account, which works out to be half of what someone would earn working minimum wage working full-time. Between March and September, his team takes care of most of his needs anyway, so why go spending a ton of money on a massive home?

16 Kane


The Big Red Machine Kane has been one of the WWE's longest in-ring performers but recently put himself on the map as he stepped out of the spotlight of wrestling and won the position of Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Now sure, that will put Glenn Jacobs, the real name of Kane, in the crowds again, but it’s a pretty normal living now for a Professional Wrestler, who is working as part of the people of Knox County and not performing in front of them. Considering other wrestlers have run for Governor, this is pretty low-key in comparison.

15 Rhyno

Via Twitter

Rhyno is commonly known by his nickname, the Man Beast, but maybe they should start calling him the Man Fish, as Rhyno did away with anything fancy, no big house or fast cars, but instead, has decided to live his life on a houseboat. According to Rhyno himself on Edge and Christian’s Podcast, he said he didn’t need the big house or really much material stuff in his life and was happy to be able to sail out into the water, away from everyone and just enjoy the peace and quiet he wouldn’t get in front of thousands of screaming WWE fans each week.

14 Seth Rollins

Via Twitter

If any wrestling fan had to name states where wrestlers came from, Iowa would probably not make the list, but that is exactly where superstar Seth Rollins is from and where he currently lives today, as Rollins told Chris Jericho on his podcast that he loved Iowa still, and didn’t want to move to a large city and deal with all the people. He even opened up his own wrestling school there, as he said he wanted to help the guys who were from small areas get into the ring without having to travel to big cities with no money.

13 Matt Hardy

Via YouTube

When Matt Hardy is announced and when he comes out on Monday Night RAW, he is said to be from Cameron, North Carolina. According to census reports, Cameron has a population of just 285 people, which would be the smallest city any wrestler is billed from in the WWE, other than perhaps, Parts Unknown. Hardy has lived there his entire life and along with his brother Jeff, started his own wrestling promotion, OMEGA Wrestling, where it was more backyard than anything. Today, he lays low in the small town, except on occasions where he brings the crowd along to the Hardy Compound as part of videos for his Broken Matt Hardy gimmick.

12 The Miz


The Miz and Maryse are WWE’s A-List couple and lived up the glam life in Los Angeles for many years. But then, a baby came along and that changed everything, as Miz and Maryse needed a great place to raise their new family and decided that Austin, Texas was the best location to move to. They do have reality show cameras with them, as the move was documented on their new show Miz and Mrs., but to get a normal life for their family, a move away from the busy Hollywood lifestyle needed to happen.

11 Edge and Beth Phoenix

Via Pintrest

Edge and Beth Phoenix both are WWE Hall of Famers and when they got married and retired, they wanted to go to a place to raise their two daughters without a lot of people around, and where they could enjoy retirement away from the ring. So the Rated R Superstar and the Glamazon moved to Asheville, North Carolina, which Edge said on his podcast is up in the mountains, keeping them secluded enough that they don’t need to worry about any fans tracking them down.

10 R-Truth

Via Twitter

R-Truth has had a couple stints with the WWE and is a superstar that has settled into a long-term role as a more enhancement talent, though his recent push with Carmella is seeing him in front of crowds more often doing dance-offs. But away from the ring, R-Truth settles into a quiet life in Indian Trails, North Carolina, a city that did have a small population, but according to CNN, has seen massive growth from just under 200 people to now over 33,000 in 20 years. It’s still small compared to some big cities superstars live in, so he and his family can live a normal life.

9 Dion Phaneuf


Dion Phaneuf has had to live in the spotlight his entire NHL career, first in Calgary, then as the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the most popular team in the league, and then again in Ottawa and Los Angeles. So it’s no surprise that after the season is over, Dion and his wife, actress Elisha Cuthbert, retreat back to the small island of Prince Edward Island in Canada, according to Sportsnet. It’s a chance to be around family, and just enjoy what they have in peace and quiet, away from the people and cameras of the NHL.

8 Tim Lincecum

Via Forbes

Former San Francisco 49ers pitcher Tim Lincecum was one of the best pitchers in baseball and made millions of dollars, he even won the Cy Young award as the top pitcher before leaving in 2016. He lived in a condo in Seattle during the off-season, which was actually the spot the 50 Shades of Grey movies were shot, but then sold it and moved into a home by the lake in Madison Park, according to sfgate.com, where he has lived a quiet life. Not every player comes out of the game and stays in the spotlight. Some back away and enjoy what they earned.

7 Adam Vinatieri


Famed Super Bowl-winning kicker Adam Vinatieri has been one of the most clutch kickers in the NFL, winning two Super Bowls off his own foot, both with the New England Patriots. But now, the current Indianapolis Colt kicker makes his off-season home in Rapid City, South Dakota, a city with a population of just 67,000. It’s not like anyone is really going to notice a kicker, but Vinatieri moved to South Dakota so he could enjoy a life in the outdoors as he is an avid hunter.

6 Renee Young

Via Vegas Seven

Renee Young loved her New York life but after marrying Dean Ambrose, someone had to move. Renee packed up and moved to an unlikely city, Las Vegas. Now, when people think of Vegas they are thinking of party goers, people who get in for a weekend and get out quickly, which is the perfect place for some people wanting to hide out. Go to where tourists are distracted by the casinos. Renee said on the Edge and Christian podcast that Vegas is so quiet compared to New York and she does miss the big city feel.

5 Mick Foley

Via Wall Street Journal

Mick Foley was a big name during the Attitude Era, especially known for his hardcore style of wrestling. Getting tossed off the top of the cell in Pittsburgh is burned into every wrestling fan's mind. But today, Foley lives a quiet lifestyle with his family in New York. Not New York City, New York State, as he calls Garden City home, and according to the census, there are only 22,000 people there. Not bad for a former world champion to stay out of the spotlight and only pop back in when he wants, or when the camera is rolling on his television show Holy Foley.

4 Scott Dawson

Via Picbear

Scott Dawson joins many other wrestlers in calling North Carolina home. He makes his home in Kill Devil Hills, a small community that had a population of just 7,000 according to the last census report. Dawson is one half of the tag team The Revival, a group that is a throwback to the old days of wrestling when it was less flips and more fists. But he likes to keep it simple and humble outside the ring and has chosen a place to live that is away from the bright lights of the big city.

3 Rusev

Via twitter

What kind of people do you expect to find in Nashville? Russians of course! Actually, you probably expect your southern types and country music lovers, but Nashville is where Rusev calls home with his wife Lana. Rusev is from Bulgaria and Lana is from Russia in their wrestling worlds, but outside it, there are plenty of photos of the two living their life in Music City and on Total Divas showing them together in Nashville, a clever place to hide if you are a wrestling superstar.

2 James Ellsworth

Via Freakin’ Awesome Network Forms

James Ellsworth was never a true megastar in the WWE, though he did defeat WWE Champion AJ Styles, with a little help from Dean Ambrose. Ellsworth had a couple of runs with the big promotion, mostly as a sidekick, but he was still a superstar whose face was literally everywhere, including t-shirts. So away from the ring, Ellsworth would live low just outside Baltimore in Glen Burnie, Maryland, which according to the census has 67,000 people. He isn’t even the most famous person from there by far, as that would go to Toni Braxton and NBA superstar Rudy Gay.

1 Heath Slater

Via Twitter

Heath Slater isn’t a One Man Band in real life, as he has a wife and two kids, which is pretty obvious when Slater is on television and says he has to wrestle because, and I quote, “I got kids”. The long-time superstar is the only member of Three Man Band to not hold a World Title, but that’s okay because he is in it to have a long career and make enough money to support his family in Fort Mill, South Carolina, which according to the census has just 13,000 people.

Sources: cnn.com; The Edge and Christian Podcast

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