Super Nintendo World is a huge addition to Universal Studios in Japan, and we couldn't be more excited about it. The reveal of this theme park has fans going wild as they await the opening of the park of their dreams. Its announcement back in 2015 gave us chills, but now as the date draws closer it is hard to lock down our anticipation jitters.

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We expect to see our favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi within the park, as well as attractions dedicated in their honor. It will be one for the history books as this brand is brought into a whole new light. Keep reading to learn everything we know so far about Super Nintendo World in Japan!

10 10. It is Projected to Open in 2020

This project, as stated earlier, has been in the works since 2015, and they say they will finally be ready to open its doors in 2020. We assume they will stick to this plan because Tokyo is responsible for holding the Olympics in 2020. It is quite a bit of a drive between the two areas, but they will make it worth your while.

They plan on opening this amusement park before then so visitors will be enticed to come and spend money at this park. It is an excellent strategy for marketing, not to mention the revenue they will be making, as they promote their park during this internationally televised event.

9 9. There is a Super Mario Kart Ride

Super Mario Kart is probably one of the games that many kids can claim was a staple in their childhood, which is why they have decided to bring it to life. It is literally a course that will put you into the game and give the option to face your opponents head-on with the help of a friend.

One person will control the steering and the car's drift, while the other is put in charge of any power-ups or weapons they happen to come across. It will be an epic experience that you won't want to miss.

8 8. Yoshi Has His Own Ride Too

This ride will allow you to ride on a Yoshi and you will enter the attraction through a golden tunnel. It will feel so realistic you will think it is all a dream. The details about the ride itself are pretty fuzzy after this description so we will just have to wait and see what they came up with. It will be a ride we will never forget atop one of our favorite Nintendo characters, which will be a dream come true for many of us.

7 7. It is Interactive

Every guest will be given a magnetic bracelet that they are required to wear for the duration of their visit. These connect to everything within the park, allowing for it to be one of the most interactive experiences on the planet.

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There will also be red Super Mario icons that they link up to, which personalizes their experience and keeps track of their scores. They literally brought the video game to life and transported families into the world of Nintendo for a totally immersive experience.

6 6. It Connects to Your Console Back Home

This park not only saves your information to the bracelet, but it also sends all of the information back to your console at home. It is still unclear what purpose this has, but we expect they will open some sort of shop or incorporate it into the games in some way.

It has also been reported that all of your progress will be saved until the next time you visit. We are certain there will be something to entice visitors to come back in relation to this development, but the entire project has remained very secretive up to this point.

5 5. The Rides Will Exist on Three Levels of a Multi-Story Building

There are currently only two rides that have been announced, but it is interesting to note that they will exist amongst three levels of a multi-story building. We will bet it has something to do with the scorekeeping, as well as our knowledge of Nintendo's games, and we can't wait to see what they come up with. It is quite an idea to hide the rides within buildings so as to conceal them from the public's eye before the reveal, as well as keep their mystery a secret.

4 4. Bowser and Peach Will Have Castles

No theme park would be complete without your castles for good and evil. There will be a castle for Princess Peach and a castle for Bowser, so both boys and girls of all ages can find something they like.

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Boys can play with fire and destruction at the hand of Bowser, while their sisters can live their dreams of becoming a full-fledged princess in Peach's castle. It will be the best of both worlds for the entire family and open your eyes to all that Nintendo has the potential to be.

3 3. They Plan to Eventually Add a Donkey Kong Themed Area

The original sketches of the park showed a portion where Donkey Kong would reign. It was jungle-themed and it is the perfect way to bring guests back after a few years when attendance begins to drop.

They don't plan to reveal this part of their building plans right away, but we expect news of his special area will reach the public's ears soon after it opens. Guests would love a ride inspired by this game, and we know that for some of you he is your favorite Nintendo character too.

2 2. It Will Be Filled With Nintendo-Themed Restaurants and Shops

No amusement park would be complete without compelling merchandise and food based on your favorite characters. Super Nintendo World is no different as it will provide guests with plenty of opportunities to spend even more money on the merchandise you won't find anywhere else in the world.

It will become an epicenter for all things Nintendo and we can bet there will be collectible items on sale to entice these types of buyers into buying admission into this prestigious park.

1 1. They Will Eventually Open Two More in Orlando and Hollywood

The plan is already in motion to eventually open two more Super Nintendo Worlds within the states, as well as another one in Singapore. It is believed they are waiting to see how their operation in Japan is functioning before they go on to open the other two, but they also don't want to detract from the Tokyo opening. It will be their first reveal and they want to gain as much hype as they possibly can for this first grand opening, and all we can say is that it is working in their favor.

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