Medieval, Gothic Revival, Neoclassicism, and Victorian; these are the pillars of architectural design that many castles around the world are molded into. Victorian castles, in particular, are reminiscent of the era Queen Victoria, which falls under the mid-to-late 19th century.

Scottish architects made this style popular, but they flourished in United Kingdom territories. Something about the construction of these castles speaks to the Queen's position, as they seem to hoist a veneer of elegance, grace, and power. These are the castles you would see in classic times of stories like Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. If you ever want to feel like royalty, all you have to do is plan a trip to see one of these ten stunning Victorian castles.

10 10. Bishop's Palace

With an amazing 19,082 square feet of liveable space, Bishop's Castle in Galveston, Texas is one of the few true Victorian-style manors. It was built sometime in the late 1800s, just in enough time for its stone walls to endure a treacherous hurricane in 1900. Formally named after its occupants, The Gresham family used their abode as a way to shelter their neighbors after the storm. This castle has three floors and a basement, with elite properties such as a library, a music room, and a parlor.

9 9. Windsor Castle

The Windsor Castle is known for its ties to the royal family as well as its architectural design. While not fully Victorian, this castle holds an essence of its features. An interesting choice, but the Windsor's Gothic designs were designed under the ruthless direction of Queen Victoria herself, who decided to make changes to this castle. It was the main quarters used for entertainment in her royal circle. Her taste in this particular abode helps solidify the name for certain aspects seen in Victorian builds.

8 8. Margam Castle

This country house was built for Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot starting in 1830. The Victorian-era castle took over ten years to construct but remained in the Talbot family until 1941. This castle is also procured from Gothic Revival styles, but the Victorian timeframe had an influence on its overall demeanor.

7 7. Peckforton Castle

This Victorian house was built in medieval style. The family home was built in the 19th century for John Tollemache. Tollemache had been a wealthy Cheshire landowner, estate manager, and Member of Parliament. However, it was used as a hospital for disabled children during the second world war. The Tollemache family still owns the property, though it has been leased out numerous times. It has even been used various times for films and television shows.

6 6. Ashford Castle

Near the shore of Lough Corrib in Ireland, Ashford Castle lays as a mix of Victorian and Medieval style architecture. The estate was built in 1226 and reconstructed in 1852 to add Victorian-style extensions.

This castle has undergone various extensions and moderations over the years, which many believe deteriorated its Victorian aesthetic. However, its additions have proven to be in beneficial to its overall use as it now serves as a five-star luxury hotel. It even serves as a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

5 5. Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle lies in the land of Wales as a medieval castle with Victorian-aged revisions. It was built in the late 11th century, but the castle was eventually remodeled in a Gothic revival style. Today the immaculate home hosts many cultural events and concerts. The castle can accommodate up to ten thousand people, holding the avid fans of popular artists such as Tom Jones, Green Day and the Stereophonics.

4 4. Balmoral Castle

This large estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland has been the home to the British royal family since 1852. However, the family deemed the home to be too small so it was extended which is how visitors currently see it. Queen Victoria visited the estate just two years after her marriage to Prince Albert, giving it license to be presented as a Victorian-era castle.

It's 50,000 acres are claimed by the likes of deer, cattle, and even ponies, with plenty of forestries to appease its visitors. The castle is open to the public from April to July, after which Queen Elizabeth II enters the estate for her annual stay.

3 3. Lews Castle

Built between 1847 to 1857, the Lews Castle is another one of the rare and true Victorian-style castles. It was used as accommodation for air and ground crew of 700 Naval Air Squadron during the Second World War. During the 1950s, Lews Castle was used as a boarding residence for the students attending Lews Castle College.

Today, Lews Castle has been converted into a bilingual and cultural museum. It's open to the public year-round and in 2017, a luxury property company opened up apartments in the castle.

2 2. Belvedere Castle

The Belvedere Castle in New York's Central Park is a well-known spectacle. Designed in 1867, this Victorian-era castle has the makings of Gothic styles as well. Originally, the magnificent structure only had its primary infrastructure, consisting of simple doorframes and window openings. It was fully renovated in 1983, which is why the castle now holds an essence of medieval architecture. A weather antenna was also added to the top of one of the towers, which the local weather stations still use as an asset. 

Belvedere means "beautiful view" in Italian. Belvedere Castle has a unique vantage point that overlooks Central Park. In the same year it was restored, the castle opened to the public as the Henry Luce Nature Observatory.

1 1. Castell Coch

Castell Coch is built above the town of Tongwynlais in South Wales. It's 19th-century Gothic Revival-styled home with all the makings of a Victorian-aged element. It boasts High Victorian interiors, making historian David McLees describe it as "one of the greatest Victorian triumphs of architectural composition."

The original furnishings in this castle were uncharacteristic moved out of the house in the 1950s. Thankfully, they have since been returned, bringing the castle back to its original classic facade. Currently, the Drawing Room within this abode is popular for wedding ceremonies, and the castle as a whole is used as a staple filming location.