Although there is certainly an appeal to going to very popular destination locations such as being sure that there will be a lot of great accommodations to choose from and an active nightlife in more urban areas, there is also a large appeal in planning a trip to a lesser known place. Having a one of a kind, unforgettable getaway usually begins by going somewhere a little off the beaten path, and it can be fun to go to a place that is not as frequented by tourists all year round.

Several countries offer a variety of different activities that are sure to make for a unique experience like water sports, exploring ancient ruins and caves, and seeing unique animals up close and personal in their natural habitat. Many countries offer the best of both worlds, luxurious resorts that have been modernized for the convenience of visitors, and preserved cultural villages and monuments that offer a great look into the country's unique and rich cultural heritage.

In the list down below, we take a look at 25 countries all across the globe that offer a unique experience for anyone who is willing to take a different kind of vacation.

25 Georgia

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is home to the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range that is a popular destination for skiers. Bordered by the Black Sea which also offer amazing beaches, it shares a border with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey. The capital of Tbilisi hosts a number of unique and colorful architecture, including maze-like cobblestoned streets. The country is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and there are over 500 varieties of grapes grown in Georgia which makes it a great destination to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine while also exploring mountains and beaches. (nationsonline)

24 Trinidad and Tobago

Nearby to Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago is a dual island Caribbean nation that is well known for its numerous species of birds, with the smaller island of Tobago the site of the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve which shelters hummingbirds. Both islands have a Creole flavor and Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, hosts festivals that feature calypso and soca music that is popular on the islands. Throughout the rest of the year, there are several places to explore, from hiking through rainforests to relaxing on the many beaches around both islands, and exploring and swimming in a waterfall before enjoying the active nightlife. (lonelyplanet)

23 Madagascar

Madagascar is truly unique because it is home to a variety of species of animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is a huge island off the southeast coast of Africa with a population of about 25 million people. The island broke off from the main continent of Africa millions of years ago and as a result, evolved a number of plant and animals species that cannot be found anywhere else. This makes Madagascar a perfect place to visit for anyone who wants to experience a one of a kind trip that won’t be forgotten. (madagascar-tourisme)

22 Algeria

Algeria is a country of two extremely different landscapes. On the one hand, it is bordered by the Mediterranean coastline, on the other hand the interior is composed of the well known Sahara desert which is the largest hot desert in the world, and the third largest desert after Antarctica and the Arctic. It is the largest country on the African continent and although the tourism industry is not as well developed, was ranked as the seventh world’s safest countries in 2017. Roman architecture is abundant throughout the country and there are a number of ruins in the area that are open for tours. (lonelyplanet)

21 Macedonia

The country of Macedonia is located in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe and has a population of a little over 2 million people. The country is home to Cave Vrelo, the world’s deepest underwater cave located on the right bank of the Treska River. Cave Vrelo was listed as one of the top 77 natural sites in the New 7 Wonders of Nature project. Guided tours are offered for people who are adventurous enough to venture underground to enjoy ancient caves and underwater lakes that some have speculated to be among the deepest lakes in the entire world. (exploringmacedonia)

20 Armenia

Although the country of Armenia is small with a population of almost 3 million people, Armenia hosts several UNESCO World Heritage sites including monasteries, cathedrals, churches, and archaeological sites that are open for tourists to explore and get a real touch of history on their trip. There are several spots for people who are interested in camping and mountaineering and there are several accommodations both in the capital of Yerevan and the surrounding mountainous resorts. For those who want to climb, there are several options available and the green and natural scenery in every direction make it a very scenic trek. (

19 Namibia

Namibia is a tourism destination for people who are interested in ecotourism and a slice of urban life as well. Windhoek is the capital and the biggest city in the country and is usually where people will land when they are coming in. There are several world class hotels in the city, however for those who want to experience the extreme beauty of two completely different sides of Namibia, the town of Walvis Bay is the place to go. Walvis Bay is surrounded on one side by the Namib desert, the oldest desert in the world, and on the other side lies a huge lagoon that flows from the Atlantic Ocean and offers quite a unique landscape. (nambiatourism)

18 Samoa

Situated in the west of Polynesia, Samoa is perfect for people who want to enjoy great year round fishing, diving, and surfing spots along the entire coast. There are also a number of tracks that lead into deep tropical rainforests where people can enjoy plentiful and beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and different species of plants. Because of its geographical location, for most of the year the island remains hot and humid, so the activities pick up at night, especially in the capital of the island, Apia. In addition to natural attractions around the island, Apia offers clubs, restaurants, shopping, and markets where local goods are sold. (

17 Grenada

Nicknamed the “Spice of the Caribbean” because of the multiple nutmeg plantations that dot the hilly island, Grenada prides itself on the stretches of untouched natural beauty abundant everywhere. White sand beaches and untouched coral surround the small island chain which include the smaller islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Grenada is home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park and offers natural falls and rivers that are available for water-tubing and exploring. For those who want more of a challenge, hiking up the rugged interior of the islands is a great option for what is sure to be a gorgeous view. (grenadagrenadines)

16 Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to a number of historical monuments that invite visitors to explore one of a kind landmarks and architecture such as the temple city of Puthia in Rajshahi, the largest and most ancient archaeological site and Mahasthangarh in Bogra; the largest Buddhist monastery. In addition to hosting a number of beautiful beaches, Bangladesh is also home to one of the longest unbroken sea beaches in the world, Cox’s Bazar. The country boasts a number of impressive features and visitors do not necessarily have to stay on the mainland, there are over 30 islands that are close by for people who want to visit a number of different places in one stay. (visitbangladesh)

15 Mozambique

Relatively unknown and therefore a great option for a truly unique trip, Mozambique is a southern African nation along the Indian Ocean coast, which offers warm beaches and offshore marine parks where people can truly get up close and personal with nature and various kinds of animals. The island is well known for their protection of wildlife which includes animals like the lion, hippo, crocodile, and kudu and sea animals like the dolphin, sharks, whales, and rays. Visitors can take advantage of guided tours along the Indian Ocean and in the Savannah if they really want to get a closer look at animals we usually only see in televisions or zoos. (visimozambique)

14 Dominica

One of the more mountainous islands in the Caribbean, Dominica also boasts relaxing hot springs and lush tropical rainforests. Dominica really is the perfect island for an off the map adventure. There is no direct way to get to the small island and most people have to island hop at other islands on a cruise ship or ferry in order to make a stop and enjoy the untouched beauty that is plentiful on the island. The island offers hiking treks that are tailored to people’s ability and also has a number of national parks as well as diving and snorkeling tours. (discoverdominica)

13 Tanzania

Tanzania is home to the tallest mountain peak in all of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, which is also a National Park where many species of wildlife roam around in their natural habitat. Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, Mount Kilimanjaro has three points that can be climbed pretty much all year round: Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi with the Kibo peak being considered one of the Seven Summits of the world. Tanzania is home to the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar if relaxation is the primary goal of the trip, as well as many guided safari and snorkeling tours. (tanzaniatourism)

12 Latvia

Latvia is a Baltic State in Northern Europe and is well known for the unspoilt stretch of coastline of white sandy beaches. Bordered by the countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, the country is also close to the Baltic Sea. There are several nightlife options as well as more nature oriented and cultural options. Several forests dot the country and are popular for hiking and exploring, while those who want to get a touch of history and culture have the option of touring a medieval castle that lies in ruins and tells the story of a time completely different than our modern one. (

11 Lithuania

Bordering Poland, Latvia, and Belarus, Lithuania is located in the south of Europe and has a population of just under 3 million people. Lithuania’s tourism sector has grown in the past few years because of well developed efforts to assert the country as a popular destination for agritourism and ecotourism. The country’s efforts have paid off because it was recognized as one of the world’s most ethical destinations. There are a number of gorgeous national parks and visitors have the option of exploring them on foot; or exploring them through the air! Hot air ballooning is very popular in the country and it is easy to see the landscape from above for people who want an unforgettable experience. (telegraph)

10 Portugal

Sitting on the Iberian Peninsula where it borders Spain in southern Europe, Portugal has been heavily influenced by its location on the Atlantic Ocean as is evident by the large seafood selection in many of their restaurants. Much of the nation’s architecture dates as far back as the 1500s and visitors can explore well preserved medieval towns that are unique in all of the world. For people who want water activities, there are several options to go surfing, sailing, and sunbathing on the pristine beaches. Cycling is popular in the country and there are a number of trails that run through protected forests. (visitportugal)

9 Panama

Lying at the center of Central and South America, the country of Panama is best known for their incredible engineering marvel that is the Panama Canal. Panama is a lesser visited country that is able to offer a wide range of activities for people who decide to make the trek. Along with modern skyscrapers and an active nightlife in their capital of Panama City, there are also more outdoorsy activities to enjoy in the rainforest of the Natural Metropolitan Park. For those who want to get a more historical side of Panama, there are preserved colonial buildings in the Casco Viejo district. (visitpanama)

8 Cabo Verde

For those who want an island adventure that is sure to be off the map, Cabo Verde is a perfect destination. The nation sits atop a volcanic archipelago in the northwest coast of Africa and has a number of active and bustling cities for tourists to enjoy if they want to take advantage of the Creole-Portuguese African culture and cuisine. If a quieter vacation is what you have in mind, the country is well known for having numerous beaches, terrain that is ideal for hiking, and a number of water sporting activities for those who want a thrill. (usatoday)

7 Barbados

Located in the eastern Caribbean, Barbados is a gorgeous island that is sure to awe visitors with its lush landscape. The small island is home to a number of amazing beaches, botanical gardens, caves, and old plantation houses which display the colonial architecture of past times. There are a number of extreme adventures to be had with many businesses offering thrills such as surfing, paragliding, kayaking, skydiving, bungee jumping, scuba diving, and more. If extreme adventures are not the kind of activities you are looking for, the island also has an active nightlife and several restaurants serve delicious food along the beachfront. (visitbarbados)

6 Ethiopia

Home to thousands of churches and monasteries, many of which are considered UNESCO world heritage sites, the country of Ethiopia also hosts a number of medieval forts, palaces, and tombs which make it a perfect destination for those who want to learn about history by exploring one of a kind landmarks in a beautiful backdrop. There are several gorgeous lakes, rivers, mountains, deserts, and valleys that offer not only spectacular and diverse views, they are also home to unique animals such as the Gelada Baboon and the Ethiopian Wolf. While tourism is not as established as it is in other countries nearby, that is part of what makes Ethiopia a draw for those looking for a different adventure. (cnn)