30 Stunning Pics Of The Rockies Only Seen From Above

The Rocky Mountain range is truly one of the most stunning mountain ranges in the world. It dominates the western part of North America and runs from Northern Canada all the way down to New Mexico, at a total distance of over 3,000 miles. Inside of that are 100 different ranges, thousands of mountains and peaks, amazing ski slopes, and some of the best views any tourist would see in their lifetime. They formed 80 million years ago when plates under the Earth began to slide and created what many would say is some of the best visuals in nature today.

These pictures are from above the Rocky Mountains, showing just how high some of them are, how many other mountains are around them and giving a real look at what the Rocky Mountains look like. The Rockies are a gift to the back pocket of Canada and United States and are often on the top of tourists lists every year. Some States and Provinces make plenty of money from the tourism these mountains bring in and with views like this list shows, it’s no question why people are putting the Rockies on the bucket list of places they have to visit.

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30 Peyto Lake and its blue waters

Via Taku Kumabe

This photo could easily make people think that water isn’t real, but the water in Peyton Lake definitely is real and it’s definitely this shade of blue. According to CanadianRockies.net, the lake is glacier fed in the Banff National Park, and during the summer months, glacier rock flour flows into the lake, giving it that turquoise color. It’s located close to the Icefields Parkway and makes for an amazing phone from above as if the Rockies needed any help to be more beautiful in photos.

29 Ouray, Colorado

Via Mountain Photography by Jack Brauer

It’s not the North Pole, but Ouray, Colorado could pass off for Santa’s home in this image, as it looks like a winter wonderland, perfectly tucked up against the mountains. According to Travel + Leisure, the San Juan range surrounds the town on three sides has the best winter ice climbing routes in the country. It’s just as picturesque as anyone could expect from a small tourist town in the Rocky Mountain range, as people flock to take in the mountain views and activities.

28 Colorado Mountains

Via Flickr

Here is an amazing view of the Southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado from way above, showing just how far they stretch and how many different mountains there are. In the Southern Rocky Mountains, it includes all 30 of the highest peaks in the Rocky Mountain range, according to Peak Bagger, that lists all the heights of the mountain ranges in the world. It’s simply astounding to see this mountain range from this view and realize it covers not just a small part of the state of Colorado, but other states and even multiple countries.

27 Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Via Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Imagine skiing above the clouds. In this photo from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the tram takes people above the clouds and up the Jackson Hole Mountain. Located in Teton Village, Wyoming, Jackson Hole Mountain is known for its steep terrain and vertical drop, as it has a drop of 4,139 feet. The resort, however, isn’t for beginners as according to the resort website, only 10 percent of the trails are easy and accessible, while half are rated for experts and the rest, intermediate.

26 Mount Edith Cavell

Via Explor8ion

This photo shows the height of Mount Edith Cavell, as this climber makes the climb up with the water and rocks below and evergreen trees for miles in the background. According to Peak Finder, there are three ways to climb Mount Edith Cavell, and the North Face route was featured in the book Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. The first ascents of Mount Edith Cavell happened in 1961 from the North Face. If you do climb, take a look behind you and take the view all in for just a moment, as it is simply stunning.

25 Back To Rocky Mountain National

Via AVA Rafting

Another view from the Rocky Mountain National Park shows two different peaks and the valley in the middle separating them that looks slippery to walk on. But in the background is the real value of the photo, as the mountains look like layers upon layers, with winding roads to get through them. Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado, and according to the National Parks Service, was established in 1915 as a protected area for future generations to enjoy. It’s great they did that, as this is a view that should be enjoyed for thousands of years to come.

24 Airport Runway

Via Jefferson County

When the airport is located in the Rocky Mountain range, it’s best to just call it like it is. The Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport is located in Broomfield, Colorado has three runways is the closest airport to downtown Denver and has one absolutely amazing view. Sadly, no one gets to enjoy it, as according to Denver Air Connection, the airport currently has no scheduled flights, which is a real shame, because I would expect flight attendants to tell passengers to pay close attention on landing or take off to see an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains.

23 Takakkaw Falls

Via True Adventures of Lupe

This photo here is of the Takakkaw Falls, located in Yoho National Park in British Columbia, Canada. At the highest point, they are 1,250 feet from the base, making it the second tallest waterfall in Canada, according to NarCity. However, its true freefall is only 254 meters, but it doesn’t need a large freefall to be beautiful. In Cree, Takakkaw means ‘it is magnificent’, which sums it up pretty well. The falls' heavy peak time is in late spring when the snow melts and volume is at its highest.

22 Banff National Park

Via The Telegraph

Want a photo of Banff National Park that is just pure nature, then here it is. It is simply beautiful in every sense of the word, showing the vast nature of the Canadian Rockies, the fields of evergreen trees and the many peaks of the mountains. Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park according to Parks Canada, as it was established in 1885. It gets over three million visitors a year, which has had some issues with the health of the ecosystem, but by this photo, things are looking as beautiful as ever.

21 Rocky Mountain National Park

Via Thomas Mangan Photography

This photo from Rocky Mountain National Park shows the height of the mountains in the Rocky Mountain range, as they are higher than the clouds. This beautiful photo shows the clouds rolling in over the mountains with clear skies, that is, if you are on the peaks of this mountain range. According to UNESCO, the Rocky Mountain National Park was one of the first World Biosphere Reserves. It’s one of the most visited parks in the National Park System, ranked third overall with over 4.4 million people. And with views like this, it’s no wonder so many people take it in.

20 City of Jasper

Via Jasper Alberta Canada

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies is the town of Jasper, which is the commercial center of Jasper National Park. The shape of Jasper is very distinct, as it looks like a book as it curves around a small hill range and lays perfectly in between mountains. In fact, standing in Jasper and looking around, it’s impossible to not see snow capped mountains. It’s simply a beautiful city that, according to the Census, is home to over 4,500 people.

19 Banff From Above

Via Banff Lake Louise Tourism Photo Gallery

The city on seemingly everyone’s bucket list is Banff, located in Banff National Park. Covered by trees, it’s hard to pick out the buildings of the popular tourist attraction, but they are there and it is the second highest elevated city in Alberta at over 5,350 feet, according to the Government of Alberta. It was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations and it is the most popular tourist destination in all of Canada. With views like this, with mountains visible in every direction, it’s no surprise why it’s such a popular destination.

18 Longs Peak

Via Mountain Photography by Jack Brauer

Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak is perhaps one of the most famous mountains in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, simply because it’s featured on the Colorado state quarter. The mountain is 14,259 feet high and is listed as the United States' 28th tallest peak, and the States' 13th highest peak. In this photo, Longs Peak rises higher than the clouds, showing just how tall this mountain is. Climbing is available with many different routes to take, depending on your experience.

17 Redstone Rocky Mountains

Via Gardening

Not all mountains in the Rocky Mountain range are snow covered, as shown in this picture, it can look the exact opposite and be rather dry. This photo comes from Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, and those columns of rock are called hoodoos, formed from frost weathering and stream erosion. There are 13 different viewpoints over the amphitheatres in the park, and according to the National Park Services, the air in the area is so clear that on most days, you can even see the Navajo Mountain, which is over 90 miles away. And at night, it has one of the darkest night skies in North America, as stargazers can see 7,500 stars with just their eye.

16 Rocky Mountains From Space

Via NASA Earth Observatory

There's only one place that someone can take this photo and it isn’t even on Earth. NASA snapped this shot of the Rocky Mountains from space, showing an out-of-this-world image of the massive mountain range. According to Britannica, the Rocky Mountain range is over 3,000 miles long, spanning from Canada down to New Mexico. The size of it is amazing on its own, and pictures from space give just a small glimpse of how big it really is, how it’s shaped, all the lakes inside and the hidden valleys.

15 View Of Fernie

Via Tourism Fernie

While Banff is popular in Alberta, Fernie is popular in British Columbia, as the city lies right in the Rocky Mountains, and as shown by this photo, is picturesque down in the valley with mountains rising all around it. The city of Fernie has a population of just 5,000 people, according to the Canadian census, who enjoy waking up every day to the beautiful mountain life. What's not to love about this view? It’s hard to count the peaks of all the mountains in this range, which shows off just how many individual mountains there are in the Rockies.

14 Aspen Mountains

Via Brain In Motion

This photo is of Aspen Mountain, located in Colorado. It was the first ski area for the Aspen Skiing Company. There is a reason many people go to Colorado to ski and the Aspen Mountain is one of them, as according to the company, there are 76 different runs in total. This photo, perfectly above Aspen Mountain, shows off the landscape of the Colorado Rockies, and like many photos from above, displays how big the Rocky Mountain range is, stretching all the way back to the furthest parts of the photo.

13 Fairmont Banff Springs

Via Destinology

There is a reason people love the Banff National Park, and Lake Louise is one of those reasons. It’s why the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel gets a lot of visitors throughout the year, because it’s pretty much situated in the best location, some would say, in Canada. The hotel overlooks Mount Rundle, and is located 4,639 above sea level. The hotel opened in 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railway and 100 years later, it was named a National Historic Site in Canada. According to Parks Canada, there is 764 guest rooms and 12 restaurants. Simply put, you may not find a better view from a hotel in the world.

12 Grassi Lake

Via AllTrails

The emerald water of Grassi Lake sticks out in this photo, as it’s even bluer than the sky just above the mountains. It’s an interesting photo for two reasons, one of course, is the lake, but the other is the line cut through the trees for the power lines to run, showing man-made against nature. As for the lake, it gets its famous emerald water from the Spray Lakes Reservoir. According to Avenue Calgary, the Grassi Lake trail is one of the most walked trails and best-known in the Bow Valley and brings thousands of people a year to it, which is understandable with views like this.

11 What A View

Via Explor8ion

This second picture of Mount Edith Cavell isn’t the dangerous cliff like the first, but rather is a stunning panoramic shot of the Rocky Mountain landscape from on top of the Mount Edith peak. This is what the Canadian Rockies are all about, and the view every mountain climber wants to see when they reach the top. Mount Edith Cavell is located in Jasper National Park and according to Peak Finder, was named after an English nurse in 1916 who helped allied soldiers escape from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands in WWI.

10 Canmore

Via Wikipedia

If you drive from Calgary to Banff in Alberta, you will pace through the city of Canmore that rests just inside the Canadian Rockies. As you can see, the Trans-Canada Highway goes right past the city, which mostly rests on the north side of the highway. What’s amazing though is that Canmore is a horseshoe of mountains, with the east side open, so the people of Canmore can always get an amazing view of mountains in any direction. The town was originally dependent on coal mining, but after the 1980 Winter Games in Calgary, where some events were hosted in Canmore, it turned into a high-end getaway for Canadian tourists.

9 Num Ti Jah Lodge

Via akross.info

On the shores of the Bow Lake is the Num Ti Jah Lodge, which is another example of the perfect location to put down a hotel in the Canadian Rockies. The water is that perfect glacier-fed emerald blue color, with large snow peaks, and tons of green forest all around, in what is a secluded spot for a relaxing trip. The lodge had humble beginnings as a shack, according to the lodge’s website, and over the years they expanded it to include multiple rooms so people could enjoy the simple life with one spectacular view.

8 Assiniboine Provincial Park

Via Explor8ion

Not all parks in the Canadian Rockies are National Parks, such is the case with Assiniboine Provincial Park, however, it doesn’t change the beauty of the view. In this photo, the mountain range looks more like a painting, as the many peaks blend together in a shade of blue with the sun directly overhead. According to UNESCO, the park was included within the Canadian Rockies Mountain Park World Heritage Site in 1990, despite it being just a provincial park in British Columbia. It’s a park dedicated to conservation, with plenty of birds and animals calling it home and being protected there.

7 Glenwood Springs

Via Planning Commissioners Journal

This photo is of the city of Glenwood Springs, built in between two mountains, and with a population of just under 10,000 people. Glenwood was named the Most Vibrant Small Town Arts Environment by Southern Methodist University, and the fifth best place to live in America by Outside Magazine. It’s also known for their hot springs spa, something many communities across the Rocky Mountain range have, as warm water comes up from under the Earth and heats pools, making it a relaxing experience for those who want to take a dip.

6 Mount Robson

Via Pinterest

If you’re wondering what the most recognizable and prominent mountain in the Rocky Mountain range is, that would be Mount Robson in the Canadian Rockies, which is the highest point in the Canadian Rockies range. It is commonly photographed from the highway as the mountain rises up over 3,954 meters, according to the British Columbia government. In this photo, you see the famous side of the mountain, and the blue water along with the glacier water that runs down into to lake add to the incredible view.

5 Mount Elbert

Via Reddit

If you are looking for the highest summit in the entire Rocky Mountain range, then you are looking for Mount Elbert, located in Colorado. According to geographical surveys, Mount Elbert is the second highest peak in the United States, with an elevation of 14,440 feet. It’s located in San Isabel National Forest and is a Class 1 to 2 mountaineering mountain. It also has the nickname the Gentle Giant. From this photo, it simply is what anyone would think if they thought of a Rocky Mountain, with snow-covered peaks from top to bottom.

4 Estes Park Aerial Tramway

Via Visit The USA

Estes Park has the nickname of being Colorado’s Original Playground, as the town is the perfect base camp for spending a vacation or holiday in Rocky Mountain National Park. As this photo shows, the Estes Park Aerial Tramway is taking people up Prospect Mountain to the summit, while giving them an amazing view of the small little community that according to the census, has a population of 5,800 people. A ride to the summit costs $14, but this view of the Rocky Mountain National Park is priceless.

3 The Great Basin

Via The Olsen Road

Located in Nevada is the Great Basin National Park, how to this mountain, known as Wheeler’s Peak. The peak is the most prominent peak in the area, and second-most in the state, and has an elevation of 13,065, according to the National Geodetic Survey. There are roads that lead up the mountain to many different camping areas, some halfway up the mountain, with a trail ready to take people up the rest of the way. In this photo, however, we see a standalone shot showing the meeting of evergreen trees and snow caps, making for one peaceful shot for someone ready to make the trip to the summit.

2 Banff At Night

Via Blouses Galleries

Another photo of Banff, only this time, with night rolling in and the lights coming on in the small town, as the mountains loom overhead. This is why people travel to Banff and why it is Canada’s most visited tourist attraction because it is simply beautiful in every direction. No matter where you look, there are mountains in the background, snow caps and ice peaks, and a large forest of evergreens. This photo is why people put in on their bucket list as a must-visit every single year.

1 Mount St. Paul

Via Outdoor Project

What is it like to stand on top of one of the mountains in the Rocky Mountain range and look out from the summit at the rest of the mountains around you? Well, this photo shows just that, as this hiker made it to the summit and gets the prize of this amazing view. This is part of the Stone Mountain Provincial Park in British Columbia, which borders the Northern Rocky Mountain Provincial Park. According to I Hike BC, the trail to the summit is very popular, but the second half is very steep, and can see loose stones fall. But once on top, you get an amazing view, so much so, you won’t want to come down.

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