25 Stunning Pics Of Emma Watson Jet-Setting Around The World

Emma Watson is probably one of the most remarkable and talented actresses of the new generation. The world came to know and love her by her role as Hermione Granger in the movie adaptation of the Harry Potter series. It was her first prominent acting role and won her fans around the world. Not only had she perfectly captured the smart and plucky witch but she also, as told by Glamour.com, gave life to a character that "stands for equality and going after what you want - two things we need to instill in women". We watched her grow into her own over the years, as an actress and as a person with many wondering just what would be in store for her after the series of movies ended.

Emma Watson continued to shine not as just an actress with her roles in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Bling Ring and This Is the End, but also as both a model and activist. She became the face of noteworthy fashion lines like Burberry and has been featured on several magazines including, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and People. According to UnWomen.org, Watson already had a role in activism with her promotion of girls' education and humanitarian efforts in places like Zambia and Bangladesh.

Even now with Watson starring in roles like Belle from the live action Beauty and the Beast movie, she continues to be a voice for women's rights and gender equality with movements like HeforShe. Her life as an actress, model and activist has taken her all around the world. This article presents 25 stunning pics of Emma Watson Jet-setting around the world.

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25 Universal Orlando, Florida


Though the last Harry Potter film was in 2011, and the cast has all gotten older, that hasn't stopped them from making the occasional "Harry Potter reunions". One of these reunions happened in 2010 with Emma Watson, Matthew Lewis, Robbie Coltrane, and Oliver and James Phelps getting a sneak peek tour of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Watson and the rest, at least according to insidethemagic.net, marveled at the displays in Universal's take on Honeydukes and enjoyed Butterbeer at the Hog's Head Pub.

24 LAX Airport


We've seen Emma Watson sport a number of looks for her roles. She's worn the wizarding uniform of Hermione, Sam's preppy looks in Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more recently Belle's iconic yellow dress in the new Beauty and the Beast film. And she has worn each of them well. The British actress sported a new look walking through the LAX airport last March with a punkish assemble which included a green checkered mini skirt. According to the website, TheDailyMail.UK, Watson paired it with Dr. Martens Boots, a cropped white top and a "super cool leather jacket".

23 California


Despite their characters, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy having had a caustic relationship between them, Emma Watson and Tom Felton are pretty great friends in real life and continue to be so even after nearly 8 years of the Harry Potter films being over. People.com reported on Emma Watson posting a selfie of the two of them together on a beach, with a congratulatory message about Tom Felton's new show, Origin. She also posted a sweet video of the two riding a skateboard together as Felton playfully teases her for her "subpar skating skills."

22 Dinner In Paris


Emma Watson playing iconic Disney princess Belle in the Beauty and the Beast live-action movie was one of the actress' most anticipated roles. Emma Watson left us with even more anticipation during her Beauty and the Beast press tour as she donned many different outfits with the same theme, clothing that was "eco-friendly". The outfit shown above is one she wore last February in Paris to the public screening of Beauty and the Beast, according to Elle.com. Everything from the flower bustier to her shoes was made from organic materials.

21 Christian Dior Fashion Show, Paris


Along with being an actress and activist, Emma Watson has also dabbled in the world of modeling. She began in 2005, according to wikipedia.com with Teen Vogue, and in 2009 became the face of Burberry's Autumn/Winter campaign of that year. In 2014, while she wasn't one of the models on the runway, she did go to the Dior Haute Couture show during Paris Fashion Week. She sat with Dior's Chief Executive Sidney Toledano and fellow actress Jennifer Lawrence while wearing, according to the LATimes.com, a dress from the Dior 2014 couture collection.

20 Giambattista Valli Fashion Show In Paris


Emma Watson doesn't just take the silver screen and activist scene by storm, she also frequents the fashion scene. Emma Watson was among the trendsetters of the fashion world at the 2014 Giambattista Valli Show in Paris France. The Telegraph.uk Fashion site paid several compliments to Watson's attire as she "paired a chic draped satin Grace blouse with some trusty J.Brand jeans". Where many were sporting Parisian Haute Couture styles, Telegraph applauded Watson for "her fashion prowess", by staying off the couture path and sticking with an all black color palette.

19 Running Through JFK Airport


Running behind schedule or forgetting something important can happen to anyone, including famous people. It happened to Emma Watson in October of 2012, according to DailyMail.uk. Emma Watson was seen sprinting through JFK airport to retrieve something from her car before she missed her flight. She was certainly dressed for the mad dash she did, with a striped sweater, a pair of simple pants and black boots. During this time she was promoting The Perks of Being A Wallflower, a movie she starred in with Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller.

18 JFK Airport


Emma Watson is no stranger to airports as her busy career has her flying in and out of them constantly. Watson has been spotted in many places around the world, including London, New York, and Los Angeles but one of the biggest mysteries that surrounded the British actress is which of these places she calls home. No one knows exactly, as according to star2.com, she is quite keen on keeping where she lives private. But back in 2014 according to Dailymail.uk, she was possibly considering making Manhattan her new home as she was seen "house-hunting" for condos.

17 Malawi, East Africa


In 2016 Emma Watson traveled to the country of Malawi as a UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador. Her visit brought attention to the practice of child marriages and Malawi's progress in ending the practice. She visited the Mtakataka Secondary School and talked with the girls there, many who had their child marriages annulled, allowing them to return to school with the passing of the new law. She also met with the leader of the country, Arthur Peter Mutharika, and Senior Chief Inkosi Kachindamoto. An article about the visit by UNWomen.org quotes her as finding the experience "moving and inspiring."

16 Chiltern Firehouse, London


Back in June of 2016, Emma Watson was dating William Mack Knight, a Princeton graduate. But she still managed to find some time to hang out with friends, at least according to DailyMail.com. Emma Watson was seen heading to the Chiltern Firehouse on a London night in a beautiful white dress. Chiltern Firehouse is a luxury hotel, restaurant, and bar that was made from an old firehouse, as one might guess. According to Telegraph.co.uk, it has become the most favored spot for stars to hang out when in London.

15 Washington D.C.'s Women's March


Emma Watson hasn't made it secret that she advocates for gender equality. She is a major famous voice for the cause, especially with her part in launching the HeForShe campaign. It was only fitting that Emma Watson was one of the many stars that joined in on the Women's March in Washington D.C. earlier in 2017. According to Elle.com, Watson was there with her mother and the British actress and activist used social media to post photos of the crowd and posters present. Emma Watson is quoted, by Elle.com, that it was a "very emotional" first march for her.

14 One Young World Opening Ottawa, Canada


Emma Watson has made a positive impact for many all over the globe. Whether it was bringing joy as an actress or the work she puts into advocating causes like women's rights and gender equality. So it may not come as a surprise when, in 2016, Emma Watson become a Counsellor for One Young World, a UK based charity that, as they say on their website oneyoungworld.com, "gathers together the brightest young leaders from around the world". Watson attended the 2016 One Young World summit in Ottawa Canada.

13 Beauty And The Beast After-Party In London


Emma Watson certainly looked the part of a Disney Princess at the London premiere of Beauty and the Beast earlier in 2017 in her elegant and, according to People.com, eco-friendly 100% sustainable dress. And for the after-party at London's Spencer House, her appearance was, as DailyMail.uk put it, "more low-key" but still elegant with a fitted cream tulip dress, burgundy velvet belt and a blazer to "shield herself from the windy weather". A clutch bag to match her burgundy velvet belt adds a nice finishing touch to this very cute outfit.

12 Windsor Castle Berkshire, England


Emma Watson's fame and talent has certainly given her certain opportunities that many would love to have. She has attended a number of events for charity, movie premieres and fashion shows. And probably one of the most prestigious events Watson has attended has been the gala dinner at Windsor Castle hosted by the Duke of Cambridge. According to Vanityfair.com, William greeted Emma Watson and other "famous attendees" with handshakes and an exchange of pleasantries. The picture above shows that, with Emma Watson looking stunning as always!

11 New York City


Despite Emma Watson having work that must leave her very busy, she still manages to find some downtime. According to justjaredjr.com, in November of 2015, Emma Watson was out on the streets of New York City, enjoying lunch with her friends and taking a stroll. She had spent some time on the East Coast after wrapping up work on the film The Circle that came out in 2017. It starred her, Tom Hanks, John Boyega and other stars in a modern-day thriller based off the 2013 Dave Eggers novel of the same name.

10 At The United Nations Headquarters


Emma Watson had, according to unwomen.org, been involved in the advocacy for women's rights and gender equality since her early twenties with her visits to Bangladesh and Zambia to promote girls' education. And in July 2014 she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. In September of that same year, she attended an event for the HeForShe campaign that she was deeply involved in, that encourages and promotes men to take part in activism about women's rights and gender equality. She described being asked to be the Goodwill Ambassador as "truly humbling".

9 One Young World Summit Day Two


Here we see Emma Watson in all smiles during the second day of the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada. Emma Watson, according to oneyoungworld.com, spoke on her experience as an activist, on the new level of criticism she experienced and how it had been "scary" for her. She also presented nine young activists the " One Young World Emma Watson Scholarship", which goes to those who have done work to challenge gender stereotypes. The One Young World website also quotes Emma as saying being involved with the organization is "the best thing that I and each of us individually can do".

8 Shopping In London


It isn't often that we see Emma Watson with a lot of downtime, which was especially true during the filming of the Beauty and the Beast live action movie. But Emma Watson has managed to find time in between her busy schedule to do one of the most fun activities ever, shopping. Back in 2013, according to DailyMail.uk Emma Watson was seen on Bond Street in central London, going on a bit of shopping spree. She was seen with a Stella McCartney bag, a British designer who is the daughter of former Beatles member Paul McCartney!

7 Wimbledon 2018


The Wimbledon tournament is often attended by very famous people, who often come to the tennis matches in some of their best clothing. Emma Watson attended two days of the 2018 Wimbledon and according to Vogue.com was one of the best-dressed people in attendance with her all-white three-piece suit and hat. The second outfit was a tan shirt dress from Ralph Lauren. According to Elle.com, Watson's outfits held a hidden message, showing her efforts to wear clothing that was more eco-friendly as both outfits were vintage clothing.

6 London Event


The past year has seen Emma Watson take an even bigger stance on women's rights and gender equality. The British actress has always been outspoken about standing up for women and girls everywhere and has been a feminist activist for years. July of this year had Emma Watson participating in the "From Violence to a Place of Power" event in London, that explores how philanthropy can help end violence against girls and women. The British actress, according to beautifulballad.org, hosted a panel during the event along with other activists, as shown above, Marai Larasi, Nasra Ahmen, and Devi Leiper O'Malley.

5 Heading To The Late Show With David Letterman


New York, New York is a place that Emma seems to frequent, whether it is for work or leisure. And in August of 2014, the British actress, model and activist walked the streets of New York City once again, on her way to her appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. According to HuffingtonPost.UK, Emma Watson was on the talk show circuit to promote her movie, Noah. She arrived in fashion with a sharply tailored Saint Laurent black suit, white shirt and Louboutin black pointed slingbacks. How chic!

4 Nashville, Tennessee


Emma Watson has a number of friends back in London and in the United States. And in June of 2013, according to watsonuncensored.blogspot.com, she visited one of her friends in Nashville, Tennessee. The friend in question is Roberto Aguire who was seen going out to lunch with Emma Watson and his mother. In 2015 there were rumors, according to eonline.com that the two were dating but they are just friends. The two met while Watson was filming Goblet of Fire and Aguire was doing an internship with the special effects department.

3 Empire State Building


Always one for advocating women's rights and gender equality, back in 2016 Emma Watson spent International Women's Day in New York City. According to hellomagazine.com, Emma Watson spent the day first speaking with fellow actor Forest Whitaker on behalf of the HeforShe organization. And then she joined the First Lady of New York City, Chirlane McCray to turn the Empire State Building pink in honor of International Women's Day. The day followed with Watson being featured on the cover of Esquire magazine with Tom Hanks where she gave an interview about her work for gender equality.

2 North London


Emma Watson dons a lovely long grey coat and a stylish black hat while out with friends in London last month, according to DailyMail.uk. In an unusual (or at least for her normally reserved nature) Emma was seen dancing playfully in the streets as her friends walked beside her. It isn't known what exactly made Emma Watson so happy that she literally decided to dance in the street but could anyone really fault her? Anyone with the kind of life the famous actress, model and activist has would dance a happy dance every once in a while.

1 Meatpacking District, New York


And to finish off our list of pictures of Emma Watson looking stunning while she jet-sets around the world, we have the British actress having a day out with a friend in New York City's Meatpacking District. According to Zimbio.com, Emma Watson and her friend were checking out a street vendor's stand. The Meatpacking District is a commercial neighborhood that has a few high-end designer clothing stores, clubs, and trendy restaurants. It got its name, according to mentalfloss.com, back in 1900 when the district had over 250 slaughterhouses and meatpacking plants.

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