Famous people truly live life in ways that many of us can only dream of, from luxury vacations, dining at 5-star restaurants, and escaping in their own private jets! Although living life under a constant microscope may not be all that fun, we're sure jet-setting across the globe on their very own plane makes up for a lot of that.

With famous names from Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, and Lady Gaga all enjoying the luxury of not having to fly commercial admittedly makes us a little jealous, both because of the luxury aspect of it all, and the fact that so many of these celebs get to skip out on long security lines, crowded terminals, and crying babies! Behold, here are 30 stunning photos of celebrities and their private jets.

30 Kim Kardashian

Are you even a Kardashian if you don't fly private? Kim is notorious for flying on her private jet whenever she pleases. According to the hit E! series 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', Kim has been seen flying on her private jet, and is able to do so with a simple phone call! The entire Kardashian and Jenner crew flew on the private jet in the most recent episode of their reality show, where they flew from Los Angeles to Cleveland, Ohio for the birth of Khloe's baby girl! Not only is the private jet featured on the show, Kim avidly posts shots of her sitting comfortably on her social media, making us all wish we too were a Kardashian.

29 Beyoncé

Are we really surprised to see Beyoncé on a private jet? Didn't think so. Queen Bey herself always flies private in her very own private jet, says Beam. Although most of her trips are reserved for work, there are countless times that B will take the jet on a whim in order to head on a little getaway with hubby Jay-Z and their three kids. In addition to lavish vacations, Bey also uses her jet for important things too! According to Babble, the singer recently took her father for a ride on the private plane for Father's Day, where the two enjoyed a lovely meal together on his special day. Where can we sign up for this?

28 Celine Dion

Celine Dion, one of the greatest vocalists to grace our existence, is too a private jet owner, and rightfully so! The ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer has accomplished mass amounts of success in the world of music, and is making sure her hard work is being rewarded. According to the Telegraph, Celine’s private jet is a Bombardier BD 700 Global Express XRS, which costs the star nearly $8000 an hour to charter. Although that seems quite costly, the star is worth nearly $600 million, says Hello Magazine, so we doubt this expense makes even the slightest dent in Celine’s bank account. According to DailyMail, the singer recently embarked on a trip using her private jet to Europe for a work engagement. If you’re going to travel in style, may as well do it with a private plane, especially if you’re Celine Dion.

27 Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, one of the greatest professional boxers to date, doesn't just have one, but two private jets! Mayweather has set records in the past for making the most amount of money for a single match, which has been set to $100 million during his fight against Conor McGregor, says ESPN. With that kind of money, it is an absolute no-brainer that the star was able to treat himself to a second multi-million dollar private plane for his 41st birthday, claims DailyMail. Floyd, who named his jets 'TMT', meaning 'The Money Team', named after his own brand, has posted shots of himself enjoying his luxurious planes on social media, making us all wish we too could throw a punch as good as his!

26 The Rock

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of the highest paid actors to date! According to the BBC, The Rock racked in nearly $120 million last year after starring in countless films including 'Baywatch', and Jumanji'! The star has amassed so much success that he purchased his very own Gulfstream G650, which estimates at nearly $65 million, says Loan Pride. The former wrestler adamantly shares shots of him traveling in style on social media, making us a little bit jealous! The fact that the star no longer has to queue in long lines, sit in cramped seats, or pay extraordinary amounts for a pack of peanuts, are without a doubt total travel goals!

25 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is next up on the list as having her very own jet! The 'Bad Romance' singer is definitely not having a bad flight as she travels comfortably on her very own private aircraft. According to the Telegraph, Gaga charters a Boeing 757 in order to get to where she needs to go! In most cases, Lady Gaga travels for work engagements, including shows and TV show appearances, which is why she is photographed in costume most times when she exits the aircraft, says DailyMail, including her most recent use of the jet during the 'A Star Is Born' promotion tour. The source mentions how she and her team travelled across the world for the press tour of the very successful film, that has landed Gaga a Grammy nomination!

24 Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has become one of the most successful male artists in modern music! From hit after hit the star has managed to score number ones with his classic tunes that get everyone dancing to them. The star embarks on countless trips using his very own private aircraft that he purchased in 2016, which cost him a total of $53.5 million, says Stem Jar. According to the source, the singer purchased a Gulfstream G550, which he enjoys for both work and pleasure! The singer avidly takes his team, friends and family on lavish trips on the jet, and considering he's worth more than $100 million, according to Go Banking Rates, we're certain the cost of doing so creates little shift in his growing net worth.

23 Kanye West

We've seen Kim Kardashian sitting comfortably in the Kardashian jet, however, Kanye too has the luxury of owning a private plane of his own! The rapper, who is married and shares three children with Kim, uses the jet to travel on for family vacations, touring and other work engagements says Us Weekly. According to The Sun, Kanye West purchased a Boeing 747 a few years back, which has made several appearances on his and Kim's social media. When you reach a level of success as high as Kanye West, you too will be living lavishly on a private jet!

22 Kylie Jenner

After becoming one of the youngest people to reach billionaire status ever, according to E! Online, Kylie Jenner is truly taking the world of cosmetics by storm. With her Kylie Cosmetics having started with a simple lip kit, to any sort of makeup you’ve heard of, the star has truly made a name for herself. When you’re worth nearly a billion dollars, you don’t have to worry about airport lines, public washrooms and less than stellar airplane food, you now live a life of jet-setting on a private plane, caviar and sickening social media shots. The reality star turn makeup mogul posts her lavish trips on social media quite often, including one shot of her posing beside her new Ferrari and jet back in 2017, according to People Magazine.

21 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato may be a former Disney star singing tunes on the hit film 'Camp Rock' but now the singer is travelling in style on her very own private jet, and we can bet that she is 'Sorry, Not Sorry' about it. According to Business Insider, the star has managed to build a net worth of nearly $40 million purely based off her talent as an extraordinary singer and actress, meaning she definitely has the means to fly private whenever she pleases, and good on her for that! According to DailyMail, the star was recently seen getting off the private aircraft after returning home from a lengthy stay at a rehabilitation center where Lovato sought treatment over the course of the summer! We're glad to see the star back in a healthy state of mind and look forward to what she's got planned in the new year.

20 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is modelling his brand new private plane like a proud dad at a recital! According to BusinessInsider, the actor purchased a brand new $20 million private jet back in 2016. The plane, which is an Embraer Legacy 500, was actually designed by the actor himself! According to BEAM, Chan has been a brand ambassador for Embraer since 2012 and played a big role in designing his own personal private jet customised exactly how he wanted. Chan, who made most of his living as a professional Kung-Fu artist, starring in countless popular films, has certainly achieved enough success and the means to go all out on his own jet, and rightfully so!

19 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is next up on the list of celebs who enjoy a lavish and luxurious ride on a private aircraft. According to ET Online, the 'Baby' singer purchased a $60 million private jet back in 2015, which he avidly displays on social media. One photo, in particular, shows Justin posing on the jet, sporting a Toronto Blue Jays jacket with a yummy basket of snacks for the ride! In addition to the many pics that make us all a little jealous, the singer has gone on many flights in the private jet with his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, when the two were still together, says AOL. The singer, who is now married to supermodel, Hailey Baldwin, will spend his time jet-setting with her on the private jet from now on.

18 Cristiano Ronaldo

We couldn't make a list without one of the most famous soccer players in the world! Cristiano Ronaldo is said to be the athlete with the most expensive private plane, says The Sun. According to Naiga.ng, the soccer player owns his very own Gulfstream G650, which cost him up to $65 million! Does the jet sound familiar? Well, it is the same private plane that The Rock owns, making it quite the popular plane for those who can afford the expensive price tag. Ronaldo has been deemed one of the best players to grace any soccer field, so it is no shock to find out that he owns one of the most expensive private jets to grace the skies!

17 Gigi Hadid & Taylor Swift

Two of the biggest names in the world of pop culture are just hanging out on Swift's private jet. According to Albawaba, Swift took Gigi for a ride of a lifetime on her private jet as they celebrated Hadid's 21st birthday. It goes without saying that when you're a pop icon, and a top model, you never have to worry about flying commercial again! The two, who are both a part of Taylor's 'gang', flew to Las Vegas where Hadid celebrated her birthday with the rest of their entourage, says the source. This isn't the first time we've spotted this dynamic duo out and about, the two are constantly popping up on each other's social media pages, where they make it clear that the two are 'thick as thieves'.

16 Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is one of the most successful women in fashion, after creating her own fashion line back in 2008, Beckham has reached a level similar to that of other huge names in the fashion world. Although she may have made a name for herself as Posh Spice in the girl group, Spice Girls, she is certainly standing on her own this time around as she basks in her glory as a successful fashion designer. Beckham now not only knows how to dress in style but travels in style as well! According to The Sun, Victoria travels in her private jet mostly for work engagements, including her trip to Singapore in May 2017, where she not only flew herself but her entire team too!

15 Mariah Carey

When you are the most successful female artist in music, you have no other choice but to fly in your very own private jet. Mariah Carey, who is one of the most decorated artists in music, having not one, not two, but eighteen number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100, flies private at all costs! The songbird supreme has sold enough albums to afford a private jet or two, allowing her to travel between countries during her tour. As seen on 'Mariah's World', the star was documented flying in her private jet from country to country while touring Europe in 2017. If there is one thing Mariah knows how to do, it is definitely ride in style! Would we expect any less from Mariah?

14 P. Diddy

P. Diddy is notorious for traveling as best as he can! The star is quite famous for his massive love of luxury yachts, says B Scott, but aside from that, he also loves a private jet! According to B Scott, the rapper always travels in extravagance, including his trip to Las Vegas, where he flew on his private jet in order to attend a luxurious party. The star is known for enjoying a party or two, and avidly travels in his private jet, which is named after his own record label, Bad Boy Records, claims the source. As if that wasn't amazing enough, the star often takes his crew along with him, because partying on a private plane is no fun if you're riding solo!

13 Ciara

Ciara has been in the game for a while now, so it only makes sense that she has her own private jet too. Not only does she use it for professional engagements, such as her recent attendance at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, according to DailyMail, but she and hubby Russell Wilson avidly use the jet for some private time. Prior to Ciara and Wilson having their first child, the two would couple up quite often on the jet, and fly to Wilson’s games, and take personal vacations. According to DailyMail, the two were seen cozying it up on social media, sitting comfortably beside one another on their private jet, as Ciara sported a jersey in support of her husband's team.

12 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has gone from being the queen of reality television to creating an empire unlike anyone else! It goes without saying that when you are a Hilton, private jets, yachts, luxury hotels, and incredible getaways are included, however, Paris uses her resources to continue creating and building her non-stop empire. If you aren’t familiar with what Paris has accomplished, the star has over 20 fragrances, a handbag line, skincare line, accessories line and the list goes on and on. When she isn’t taking over the world, Hilton is jet-setting in her private jet to Ibiza, where she DJ’s professionally, says Luxuo. It goes without saying that she is working hard for her money, so when she flaunts her private plane on social media, we feel a sense of pride rather than jealousy when it comes to Paris. The line “Ms Hilton you must be worth a billion bucks” is definitely not an understatement.

11 Jonas Brothers

The three brothers definitely know how to ride in style. Since breaking out onto the scene in 2006, they have been quite unstoppable. Starting off together, the Jonas Brothers massed immense amounts of success overnight. When you are that popular, it goes without saying that you ride in style from then on out. According to Zimbio, the Jonas Bros have been spotted flying on their private jet, many times! The source claims the trio take the jet for both professional and personal engagements, allowing them to fly both in comfort and in a timely manner. Since the band is no longer together, the brothers still find a way to share the jet. For instance, Joe Jonas, who is now the lead singer of the band DNCE, used the jet to head over to the Billboard Music Awards in May 2016, says MTV.