Sick of the tourist frenzies over in overcrowded and overrated Caribbean destinations like Cancun? Can't afford a trip down to the ultra-picturesque Maldives?

Then we've got the perfect place - it's cheap, it's not too far away from most major American flight hubs, and it's one of the most beautiful countries that the Caribbean has to offer. We're talking, of course, about the tiny island of Barbados.

This 34-kilometre long island gives you everything you need for a perfect holiday, from unmatched sunset views to turquoise waters that will have your friends wondering if your pictures are real or photoshopped.

Whether you're heading down to the capital city of Bridgetown, Cherry Tree Hill, or the Animal Flower Cave, top-notch photos are all but guaranteed. If it's good enough for Rihanna, it's good enough for us.

15 Nothing But Good Vibes At Cherry Tree Hill

When we think of Barbados, our minds head straight to soft sands, clear waters, and stunning beaches. To the bewilderment of many, there is plenty to do inland as well! While Cherry Tree Hill is a bit of a trek on foot, the views speak for themselves. This tourist seems to be having a great time, that's for sure.

14 Endless Glorious Sunsets No Matter Where You Are

As an eastern Caribbean island, Barbados in nothing but endless stretches of stunning coastline. While the waters are a sight for sore eyes during the way, at dusk, it becomes another fascinating vista entirely. As this lucky tourist captured, the skies and seas can reflect an Insta-worthy subtle pink.

13 The Architecture At Heron Bay House

If you ask anyone who's had the opportunity to visit the architectural gem that is Heron Bay House, we wouldn't be surprised if they said that this was the most exquisite house they'd ever seen. As you can see through the central passageway, there are some stunning views in the distance as well.

12 All Signs Point To Beautiful

The view that you see before you, ladies and gents, is the shoreline of beautiful Bathsheba, the island's main fishing village, located on the eastern coastline. As a nation that prides itself in its natural beauty, this sign sums up the local attitudes perfectly - leave nothing but your footprints.

11 Soaking In The Views

In the age of social media and selfie sticks, did you even really go to a destination if you didn't upload it to the 'gram? Of course not! This typical traveller is snapping a quick photo of one of the many unbelievable landscapes that Barbados has to offer, highlighted by the contrast between green and blue.

10 The Wildlife Comes To Greet You

Pigs might not be able to fly but they sure can swim! Over in Big Major Cay, a group of pigs roams around in the shallow shores, and tourists have an absolute field day getting up close and personal with them. Puzzlingly, the pigs aren't actually native to the island - some claim that they were put there by a group of sailors.

9 The Perfect Place To Be An Influencer

Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to be a famous social media influencer and be paid to take fancy photos on the beach *raises hand up to the sky*. With flawless coastline all the way around the island, Barbados presents itself as the perfect spot to snap those photos and watch the likes roll in thereafter.

8 A Classic Shot With A Stellar Backdrop

Now, I'll tell you what, that is a nice boulder! It's a good thing that the waves weren't too powerful, otherwise, this pour tourist could have easily been swept up mid-photo.  Thankfully, it's not one of those dangerous beaches and scenes like this one are on display all the way around the island, making Barbados easily one of the most photogenic places out there.

7 Couples Love The Serenity

As a relatively cheap destination (especially compared to places within North America and popular European cities like Paris and Rome), Barbados is the ideal spot for a couples get away. With plenty of resorts on hand to pamper you into a state of zen and cheap food and drinks to boot, ask yourself, 'why not'?

6 Just Wait 'Til Dusk Rolls Around...

We've seen a number of different views of Barbados showing off its best side in the daylight, however, as soon as the sun starts to go down, a new array of colours come out to play. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the vistas while going for a jog on the sand from time to time, as you can see here.

5 An Amazing Cave Reflection

With rock formations scattered all around the island, there are a number of opportunities on offer to snap an insta-worthy photo or two - you just need to have a friend around to take it for you. What sets this touristy photo apart from the rest is that the subject isn't the focus, instead, the killer reflection is!

4 So Many Chances To Go Fishing

It wouldn't be an island if there wasn't an abundance of fishing opportunities. With guided tours on offer for visitors, as well as locals heading out to the shallow seas to catch whatever's swimming around for dinner, there are always plenty of boats on the horizon. This traveller captured it perfectly.

3 Awkward Pose, Killer Ocean View

Uhh, ladies, would you at least like to pretend that you're having a good time and not put on a forced smile? You're in Barbados, after all - most of the world would be extremely jealous! As you've certainly come to realise, it's near impossible to take a photo on this island without an ocean backdrop.

2 With Waters So Blue, Why Wouldn't You Jump?

If you're in Barbados taking photos like this guy, then odds are that you're on a well-earned holiday. So why not let your hair down and do something a little crazy, like jump off the edge of a cliff? The waters here boast some of the most turquoise shades on the planet, so don't forget the camera!

1 Stunning Silhouettes At The Animal Flower Cave

For all of the creatives amongst us who are sick of the cliche tourist photos, this ought to set you apart from the masses. This place is called the Animal Flower Cave, and as you can see, it's truly a one of a kind destination. As long as you head there at the right time of the day, jealousy-inducing photos are guaranteed.