There have been a lot of revolutionary television programmes over the course of the last few decades, but we'd argue that few have had quite the impact of Planet Earth and Blue Planet. These two shows alone have been able to showcase the world that we live in, in ways that we previously thought unimaginable.

From top to bottom the production and overall delivery of what we've seen out of these BBC specials have been nothing short of remarkable. As we look ahead to the future it legitimately feels like everyone else needs to try and live up to the standards that have been set by them, and that's not an easy task.

Today we're going to be focusing on Blue Planet, and more specifically, the second season of the show which aired between October 2017 and January 2018. The majority of people who watched it had nothing but praise for the series, mainly because it opened their mind to a world that they previously didn't give much thought. There are just so many different elements that we and everyone else love, and we could happily watch it all over again.

In terms of actually looking after our planet and what lies beneath the ocean, it goes without saying that we've still got an awfully long way to go. We aren't perfect and preserving the beauty of this great planet that we live on is going to take time, but everything that is worth doing requires some level of sacrifice.

25 Another World - Beyond Words

Without sounding too disrespectful, this legitimately gives off the impression of something that you're more likely to see on Doctor Who than anything else - and that's why we love it. There's just so much mystery and intrigue involved with every single one of these creatures, mainly because the majority of us didn't even know they existed.

In our own mind we feel like Blue Planet is all about opening our eyes to what is truly out there, and allowing us to understand the ins and outs of the big, bad ocean. Your case in point is staring you right in the face.

24 Outstanding Cuttlefish - Breathtaking

Off the coast of Southern Australia, you'll find some really breathtaking creatures, such as the cuttlefish. They belong to the same kind of bracket as octopuses and squids, which likely explains the nature of their appearance and what they're all about.

These guys help us reach that 'alien' territory that we all so often joke about, because truly, why are we looking for extraterrestrials when we have some right in front of us? Their look is just so striking that we're often left wondering whether or not they're real at all, or merely hallucinations.

We're going to go with the first option for the sake of our sanity.

23 Mother And Calf - Hold back those tears

A walrus mother will likely do anything in order to protect her calf, whether that be providing for them with food or simply being there as a steady rock by their side. It's a deep and loving relationship that we saw play out on Blue Planet, and it's been captured perfectly in some of these shots.

The fact that there could be quite literally anything lying underneath them should be rather unnerving, when in reality, the mother looks about as calm as you could possibly ever hope to be. That's inspiring to us, if not to anyone else.

22 Strong Bond - Unbreakable

The mother and calf tend to use their sense of smell as well as their voices in order to communicate with one another, which likely makes for some intriguing conversations. If they were to ever get separated then they'd almost certainly find each other once again, if only because of their perseverance.

All mother and child relationships are different across every single species imaginable, but this is one that we particularly love and appreciate. There just seems to be such an uninterrupted love that transcends the term 'walrus'. Even though that's a pretty fun term.

But yeah, you get the picture.

21 Kobudai Fish - Lovely Scenes

The following fish live off the coast of Japan, and contrary to what your eyes may be telling you, they are actually real. The one on the left, in particular, almost looks like CGI, mainly because of just how different they are in appearance.

Apparently the female goes through a transformation at a certain age and essentially becomes a male, which is certainly an interesting process of evolution. In many ways, it reminds us of how our old Pokemon used to evolve from something that looks and acts one way into something completely different.

Either way, though, these guys are pretty weird.

20 Gnarly Turtle - Totally!

Green turtles, and turtles in general, are just the best. They have way more of a personality than a lot of folks give them credit for, and for our money, they're pretty adorable. They move best when they're in the water as opposed to being on land, which always makes for a fun visual.

Yes, by the way, the title is a reference to Finding Nemo, because it's the first movie that we think of upon seeing an image like this. This is what the sea is all about - being fun and creative, and discovering new things that were previously unknown to us.

Of course, turtles have been known for a long time, but just look at how beautiful he is.

19 Siphonophores - Marvellous Things

Stunning and intimidating in equal measure.

Despite giving off the initial appearance of a jellyfish, this is actually a Siphonophorae. They are officially regarded as an 'order', like something from Star Wars, with 188 species being contained in them. We'll have more specific information about the above entry later on, but we just have to tell you about the Praya dubia.

This is one of the aforementioned species of Siphonophorae, and it is considered to be the second longest known sea organism at up to 160 feet. When you think about the fact that the majority of us are between 5 ft and 6 ft, you should soon be able to realise what we're dealing with here.

18 The Herring Feeding - What A Beast

Humpback whales aren't here to waste time, and they certainly aren't here to play around. They're here to keep on keeping on, and to do that, they often need to indulge themselves with rather large quantities of herring.

The fact that any creature can be this mammoth of a size in order to warrant such a meal is baffling, but we kind of love it. This is just a part of life as it is for any and all humans who have regular meals on a day to day basis.

It's fun to think about the change of our world and what it means, but some things will forever stay the same - or, at the very least, we hope.

17 Killer Whales - Watch Your Step

There are no two ways about it, guys, killer whales are scary. The hint is in the name but the worst part (for a lot of folks) is that they tend to team up in order to lure in their food, which is usually herring.

Alas, if you're caught in their crossfires then you'd better hope that you've got a good escape plan at the ready, because otherwise you could find yourself in quite the sticky situation. There's no guarantee that harm will fall upon you, but try telling us that you'd cope well with coming face to face with a killer whale. We certainly wouldn't.

16 Beautiful Bottlenoses - Peaceful

The opening images of Blue Planet's second season represent something so pure and innocent: and that's dolphins gliding through a series of waves, seemingly just for the fun of it. They're so elegant and peaceful, and most of all they just seem really happy.

People enjoy swimming with bottlenose dolphins and it's not exactly hard to see why, because they really are incredible creatures. If you ever get the chance to see one leaping out of the water, we'd suggest taking that opportunity with both hands.

If you need a dose of therapy, this is the perfect selection and we aren't just saying that for the sake of it.

15 Ominous Waves - No Surfing Today

Speaking of waves, feast your eyes on these bad boys. The conditions in some of the locations that the show filmed were understandably difficult, and they often had to navigate their way through some tricky waters - and we mean that in the literal sense.

The crashing waves represent the unpredictability of the sea, which is why you don't want to find yourself getting caught up in it. Sure, sometimes you can't help it, but its all about forming your own 'plan' of sorts. Set an objective when you're out at sea and do everything you can to execute it, because complacency could lead to problems.

14 Snapping Shots - The Process

The shot of these divers getting a close up look at an iceberg is one of our favourite images from this entire piece, and it's because it's just so real. The people who worked on the show had to go through some long and pretty gruelling hours, and they deserve to be appreciated for their work.

Of course, they dedicate time at the end of every episode in order to do that, but we still want to give props where they're due. You could argue that they put their lives on the line regardless of whether or not they're experienced divers, and that's just the tip of the iceberg (pun not intended).

13 False Killer Whales - Bizarre Creatures

Imagine having a whole species that are dubbed as 'fake' versions of the real thing. It's like getting cheap, fake football jerseys because you aren't willing to spend the money necessary to get a legitimate replica.

They move quickly and they move together which can be pretty intimidating, and it's not exactly difficult to see why. While they don't have the same kind of intimidation factor as actual killer whales, in our eyes at least, they certainly still deserve some kind of 'shout out' if you will.

Again, though, if you ever find yourself in deep waters, just make sure you take the right precautions - regardless of how beautiful these animals may seem.

12 The Wonderful Puffin - Adorable

Imagine for a second if you were able to have a pet puffin. It'd be virtually impossible for you to stay mad at it, and that would likely cause a lot of problems as you simply wouldn't be able to get anything done.

They're so painfully underrated when it comes to examining some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, and we'd stick up for them any day of the week. They're so adorable and yet the way they move, eat and generally live comes across as so savvy.

They aren't the biggest and they certainly aren't the baddest but in a lot of ways, that's what makes them so charming.

11 The Reef - Nature’s Finest

The following reef in Fiji is one of the many, many examples as to why very few things can beat reefs when it comes to natural beauty. It's just such an 'awe-struck' time of moment to legitimately see one in action, and that's no exaggeration.

Just look at the fish moving in such a synchronised fashion, all the while leaving the stunning colours and plants in their wake. Everything has a meaning and a purpose down there which is how we should all strive for life on Earth to be, regardless of whether or not we're talking about animals or humans.

10 Commitment - Keep On Going

If you wanted more examples of commitment, then feast your eyes upon this.

These submarines are said to have spent more than 1,000 hours beneath the surface of the ocean, and that information alone should confirm that the folks who worked on this show deserve so much more than just a footnote or a few minutes of airtime.

Sure, it's probably incredibly satisfying and rewarding to watch your work back, but we're talking about actual awards. These guys and girls probably sacrificed a lot in order to acquire the footage that they did and we'd assume that's just common knowledge at this stage.

9 The Tuskfish - A Funny Addition

Say hello to the Tuskfish, located in the Great Barrier Reef - yup, the one you've heard all about.

As startling as it may seem, fish need to eat too, and quite simply put that's what we're seeing here. For all of the beautiful shots that we see of them gliding through the ocean for days at a time, it's still worth remembering that they still need to eat in order to survive.

Blue Planet actually goes into detail about that quite well, to be honest, which is why we think the current balance of how they film things is so successful.

8 Spring Into Action - Watch Out!

Say hello to the giant trevally.

One minute it's cruising in the water, and then the next it's leaping up to try and catch birds that fly overhead. We can't decide whether or not we're absolutely intimidated by this or we find it hilarious, and in truth, the answer is probably a little bit of both.

There's just so much to unpack from this image and it'd take an hour or so just to do it, so for now, all we can reasonably ask you to do is gaze upon the glory of the giant trevally and everything that comes with it.

Also, we kind of want one as a pet.


6 The Measurement - It’s Whaleshark Time

If you're tasked with the job of measuring a whale shark, then you'd best remember to bring your big boy pants to work. This thing is absolutely gigantic and it's not like you can ask it to stand up against a wall every six months in order to monitor the progress it makes.

We don't care what anyone else tries to claim: these divers risk everything they've got in the name of their craft, and we think that's kind of beautiful. Hell, even if they think that they've measured the whale shark to absolute precision, they'll still probably end up getting it wrong.