It's almost spring break and that means that people are dreaming of warmer days that are just a plane ride away. Whether you're heading out on a holiday super soon or waiting until the summer, the Caribbean is always a popular place to book a trip.

While a week at a resort can make your wallet a bit sad, that's not the case with every hotel, and there are many that are incredibly friendly to your bank account while still looking beautiful and offering the same luxury as more pricier places. And you'll still be able to walk over to the beach, sit by the pool, choose from different restaurants to have your meals, and enjoy the sunshine... just for a lot cheaper than a lot of other resorts.


Keep reading for some stunning resorts in the Caribbean that only look expensive.

The Brightly Colored Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel Is A Good Deal

When looking for an affordable resort in the Caribbean, try the Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel. According to this Trip Advisor review, it's really pretty and clean: "The grounds and beach are beautiful. They keep everywhere very clean and tidy. We would without a doubt visit again." According to, a seven-night stay at this resort would cost $936.60 USD which is a really good deal. This is a huge hotel with 487 rooms, it's good for kids, and it's rated four stars.

The buildings are super colorful here and there's even a huge chessboard, which isn't something that you're going to see at many resorts.

The restaurants feel very grand here, and there are so many to choose from that you could definitely go to three different ones in a single day, giving your vacation some real variety. There's a buffet called La Turquesa where you can get all three meals a day. You can order Italian food at La Trattoria, Cuban at El Guayabero, and more. You're also a five km drive away from Las Guanas Eco-Archaeologic Trail, so this hotel location would allow for some cool sightseeing.

If you love what you see, especially the price of a week-long stay here, consider this as well: many Trip Advisor reviews mention being return guests. One person said that they have been here 17 times and another posted, "Counting down the days till we return." It sounds and looks like a good spot for a vacation.


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Be Live Experience Varadero Has A Pretty Pool And Is Affordable, Too

Also located in Cuba, Be Live Experience Varadero has a really pretty pool that you would definitely love sitting by for hours in the morning or afternoon. According to, a week here in the middle of May 2020 would be $722.70 USD, which is really affordable. That's a price point that is pretty unheard of when it comes to an all-inclusive resort.

The landscaping and grounds are really beautiful and look nicely maintained. Also a four-star resort, a Trip Advisor review mentions the pool being as good as it looks: "The resort is fantastic. Nice swimming pool." Someone else was a fan of the pool along with the food: "The food was excellent for Cuba, they actually had fresh avocado, hot peppers, salsa, and chips. Beach is terrific as always for Varadero. We ended up being placed in a villa and had our own private pool."

This all-inclusive has different sized rooms to choose from, including a Two Room Villa which is good for four people. Since everything is included, you've got a buffet, snack bar, drinks, and bars at both the pool and the lobby. You can also play tennis if sports are your thing or you can head to the gym or even club.

A July 2019 Trip Advisor review says it was the best beach that this person had been to: "There were always available spots there and was very clean. The animation program was fun and kayaks were free to rent. The pool was fun too, but we just loved the beach so much." It's good to hear that you can find spaces to sit on the beach since that can sometimes be an issue if you're traveling to a resort at a popular and trendy time when there will be some crowds.

When you're searching for a resort in the Caribbean that isn't going to be super expensive, but still looks gorgeous and has a lot of luxury to offer you, these two would be great ones to pick from. You've got pretty beaches, pools, a variety of food, and nice landscaping. Which one would you book for a week away?


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