No matter how frequently one may travel, one thing is typically always certain: airports are never a good time. Traveling between continents can sometimes take a full day if not several, and there is rarely an airport where the frequent traveler will feel comfortable in. So it's surprising when you land in an airport to find it to be remarkably stunning.

These types of airports are far and in between, but when you’re coordinating your travels, maybe just try to see if you can land a layover in one of these gorgeous airports.

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10 10. Haneda Airport

Location: Tokyo, Japan

This international airport is located in the heart of Japan. Tokyo is flourishing with big city lights and attractions and they all start at the airport.

When departing from long-winded flights, passengers are greeted with the brightly lit corridors of the Haneda Airport. It’s ceiling’s architecture makes way for natural sunlight so that weary wanderers are subjected to the typical harsh fluorescent lighting.

9 9. Princess Juliana Airport

Location: Saint Martin, Bahamas

The main hub for anyone flying to the island of Saint Martin in the Bahamas is the Princess Juliana Airport. This spectacular building is right off the shores of their prominent beaches, giving travelers instant access to their tropical getaway.

This airport has been around since it acted as a U.S. military airstrip during World War II. However, it is kept modernized through a vigorous planning schedule which ensures that these airport attributes are always kept top notch.

8 8. Dubai International Airport

Location: Dubai, UAE

Despite being the world’s busiest airport, the United Arab Emirates is able to keep its Dubai location in pristine condition year-round. This location serviced over 80 million passengers in 2017 alone, even though a single terminal is built to hold up to 65 million travelers.

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Their third terminal, which was incorporated into the Dubai National Airport in 2008, cost $65 million dollars and has been kept upgraded over the past decade. This section of the airport is partially underground, but the architects still found a way to allow for overhead natural light to liven up their constant troupes of travelers.

7 7. Vancouver International Airport

Location: Vancouver, Canada

If you are flying out to Canada and you land at the Vancouver International Airport, don’t take the situation for granted. While many passengers are scurrying to get from Point A to Point B, this Canadian airport took measures to bring a sense of tranquility to their northern oasis.

Inside, visitors may be surprised to see a grand scale aquarium and colorful statues throughout the complex. The Vancouver International Airport has been named one of the best airports in northern America, as they flawlessly serve ten of millions of passengers every year.

6 6. Kansai International Airport

Location: Osaka Bay, Japan

This airport is commissioned on a makeshift island of Japan called Osaka Bay. It’s the third busiest airport in Japan, but with delicate designing, finding your way around this airport is easy. Everything is brightly lit with calming colors like blue and white, which subconsciously helps to ease the nerves of irritable patrons.

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The vast majority of its exterior is made up of large windows, allowing passengers to get a view of the island without having to step outside. Passerbys are also quick to review the friendliness of the airport staff and command Kansai for their affordable airport food and beverages.

5 5. Wellington International Airport

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

This airport is located in the capital of New Zealand. It's the third busiest airport in the country with links to tourist destinations such as Australia. It started off as a grass runway in 1929 but has blossomed into the glamorous runway that it is today.

A new design was proposed in 2008 that was carried out efficiently. As recently as 2013, this airport has contributed more than $40 million in expansions for this stunning pit stop.

4 4. Denver International Airport

Location: Colorado, USA

Referred to as DIA, this airport is the second largest airport in the world with 33,531 acres. It has provided non-stop service to the metropolitan area since 1995. It is so busy that it even incorporated a hotel and public transit station in 2011.

The airport's architectural design holds a modern facade, that flyers will recognize day or night before landing. It's glistening windows can be seen from thousands of feet in the hair, giving travelers an idea of what journeys await them in Denver, Colorado.

3 3. Singapore Changi Airport

Location: Changi, Singapore

This airport in Southeast Asia is one of the few airports that incorporate the natural aspects of their country into their building. Since 2013, this airport has been label the World's Best Airport by Skytrax.

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It has garnered awards for its leisure amenities as well as being labeled one of the best airports in all of Asia. Besides its glorious interior, this airport has been applauded for its timely service in security, check-in-arrivals, and baggage claim areas.

2 2. Munich Airport

Location: Munich, Germany

Every year, travelers who make land in Munich, Germany around Christmas time will be greeted by a winter wonderland. This airport's annual tradition invites travelers to indulge in the 45 market vendors selling Bavarian food and merchandise, with over 400 Christmas trees lighting up the area.

There is also a tremendous ice skating rink, musical entertainment, and many other activities to enjoy for those stuffy layovers. Throughout the year, however, the Munich airport is still praised for its themed terminals and expertly polished grounds.

1 1. Marrakesh Menara Airport

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

The framework for this architecture bounces light onto the building in a unique spectacle. During the day, sunbeams make its way through the floral ceiling designs to project the images naturally onto the building. These classical Islamic geometric patterns pay homage to the cultural history of Morocco. As a popular tourist destination, King Mohammed VI had this new terminal commissioned in 2016 so that the traveler's journey of the Moroccan culture starts right from their arrival gate. It has been named the most gorgeous airport in the world by various publications.

This gorgeous airport was also formerly used as a cargo hub for the  United States Army Air Forces Air Transport Command during World War II.

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