We all have ambitions that are only realistic in our dreams, but simply taking a vacation is something that many of us experience multiple times a year.

In a lot of cases, one simply just has to find the time to make a vacation work. But various factors make getaway trips difficult to plan, so we have no choice but to simply sit back and dream of having a time away from home.

Now, just how often does the average American simply dream of taking a vacation? 2,000 Americans that were polled through OnePoll (cooperating with Apple Vacations, h/t the New York Post), the average American dreams of a getaway for about 200 hours a year. That works out to about 24 working days.


Even more interestingly, 82 percent of Americans polled in the study said they daydream about having a nice getaway. The poll also found that 79 percent of Americans stress "about getting the best deal," when it comes to booking a vacation.

For many, the easiest part about booking a trip is simply choosing the time - especially when many have limited vacation days in any given year. But interestingly, half of the poll respondents claimed that simply "planning when to travel" was the most difficult aspect in organizing a vacation.

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While the average American continues to dream about a vacation, the majority of them are planning a getaway for the upcoming winter season. This is according to a study from WalletHub.com, which detailed that two-in-three Americans have winter travel plans this year.

While the OnePoll study showed that planning a vacation date is the hardest part, WalletHub's study detailed that 33 million Americans aren't traveling in the winter because they can't afford it.

After that, the most common reason was simply not feeling like it (24 million), followed by the need to save up cash (20 million) and the decision to save vacation days (nine million). On top of that, WalletHub's study found that  the No. 1 concern for traveling was the weather (44 percent).

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