Travel is dreamed of by many and something that is looked forward to, sometimes for years. With career and finances often a determining factor, there are many who are only able to take one trip per year. It is for this reason that a great deal of time and effort goes into trip planning. Eager travelers may spend a significant amount of time preparing for their next trip and planning exactly which sights to see. Whether it be spending good money on a professional travel agent or devoting hours to planning every vacation moment down to the finest detail, trip planning is a commitment. While the historical landmarks, cultures, and exotic cuisine all seem to make the bucket list for travel destinations, bizarre encounters and discoveries, often do not.

Being surrounded by so many new people in foreign locations is bound to bring about some unexpected sights. Perhaps it is the cultural differences that may cause some to do things that they consider normal, while others stand by in disbelief. From forgotten belongings on planes to exotic animals in the airport and even unexplainable things washed up on beaches, travelers have come across the strangest things. See for yourself with this list of 25 of the weirdest things people have found while on their travels.

25 Someone Forgot Their Shark On The Subway...

It seems that this shark fell asleep on his morning commute...One can understand accidentally leaving a wallet behind or a cell phone while traveling on metros and trains. Leaving behind a shark, on the other hand, may cause many to wonder what someone was doing with a shark in the first place.

According to BBC, this particular shark was discovered in a New York subway. Traveling underground by metro may not be most travelers' favorite means of transportation when compared to Uber and taxis. But after spotting this shark, bystanders may never want to take the metro again.

24 A Beach Perfect For Snowball Fights!

Not many can say they have had a snowball fight on a beach. Travelers and locals of northwest Siberia are the few who can say they have. According to BBC, the Gulf of Ob experienced 11 miles of coastal beach covered in snowballs.

This phenomenon may have some avoiding this destination altogether. After all, who wants to go to a beach where there is snow? On the other hand, curious travelers may be longing to visit a foreign place where they can experience the best of both worlds: beaches and snow fights.

23 From Outer Space To Bottom Of The Ocean... (Apollo 11 Engine)

The ocean is a spectacular world of mystery and undiscovered objects. From the sunken Titanic to "lost cities", travelers and explorers have happened upon incredible discoveries. One of these discoveries includes the engine of Apollo 11, which was funded by Amazon's CEO, explains

This massive engine was thought to have been lost forever on the ocean floor for over 40 years, until the private expedition led by Amazon's founder discovered it, says Travelers should keep a lookout when swimming in the ocean or scuba diving on their next never know what you might find.

22 A Shipwrecked Airplane?

Perhaps you have already seen the remains of a shipwreck while visiting Australia or another part of the world. But it is quite rare for travelers to come across a shipwrecked plane. The family that discovered this fighter plane while enjoying a normal beach day in Wales did not know then that they had come across a piece of WWII history.

According to The Telegraph, American P-38 fighter plane had laid buried beneath the sandy beach since WWII, forgotten by the government and waiting for the erosion of sand to expose it to the nearest beachgoers.

21 Try Enjoying A Beach Stroll In A Field Of Jellyfish...

One of the best moments of travel is unwinding on a sandy beach while soaking up the sun. This can get a bit complicated when the beach is populated by a field of washed-up jellyfish. This is a common, yet bizarre, sight for travelers to encounter when on a beach holiday.

In Spain's stunning coastal region of Malaga, about 11 tons of jellyfish washed up on the shores of Costa del Sol, says The Local. That species is known to cause burning, nausea, and muscle cramps if skin comes in contact. Certainly a bummer for eager beachgoers.

20 Talk About Poor Hygiene...

One can only imagine the horror of arriving to work only to realize you have forgotten your dentures on the train. Apparently, stumbling upon a pair of fake teeth while traveling by train is entirely possible. According to Fox KTVU, a commuter found this set of dentures when going to sit on the train one morning.

Train travel can be one of the less stressful means of transportation when going from place to place. However, be aware of any unusual objects that may be occupying the seat before you sit down.

19 Lego Man Soaking Up The Sun

Apparently, humans are not the only beings who like to get tan and admire seaside views. This became evident when a man was walking along the Siesta Beach in Florida in 2011 only to find an 8-foot-tall Lego man mysteriously left there. According to The Star, this Lego man goes by the name of Ego Leonard and was the work of Dutch artist Leon Keer.

Regardless of where it comes from, finding a gigantic Lego man mysteriously on the beach is a sight no one will forget.

18 Incoming! Cannonballs Washed Up On The Beach...

At first glance, this beach find appears to be just a pile of rocks uncovered by the sand. On the contrary, these "rocks" are actually Civil War cannonballs that were uncovered in South Carolina by Hurricane Matthew, says All That's Interesting.

While no one wants to come across cannonballs on their beach day, it is a good thing that someone did. According to All That's Interesting, even though these cannonballs were over 100 years old they still posed a serious threat to any beachgoer.

17 A Dragon Skull in England

Finding a dinosaur fossil while on vacation would certainly be an unforgettable find. Now, imagine coming across a 40-foot long dragon skull. Beachgoers were enjoying what seemed to be a normal day in Dorset, England, when they came across a massive dragon skull, says Ad Week. While this beach (Charmouth Beach) is known for its dinosaur fossils, no one expected to see a dragon head the size of a bus.

It turns out that this skull is not a real dragon skull, but an ad from BlinkBox, which was celebrating the third season of Game of Thrones, Ad Week explains.

16 This Creepy Little Statue On Oregon Beach

You can often find travelers and locals alike strolling the beach on a lovely morning in search of seashells. After all, what better way to start the day than with a calming walk along the beach watching the sun emerge from the horizon? For some tourists, seashells are not the only thing to find on the beach.

While in Oregon, a beachgoer came across this little statue that he referred to as "creepy" yet "adorable". Taking to Reddit to share his find, the small figure was met with speculations deeming it a curse, Casper The Friendly Ghost, and Olaf from Frozen.

15 Make Way For The Panda Boarding The Train

It is undoubtedly a thrilling experience to see a panda while visiting an Asian country. These cuddly-looking bears are rarely seen in other parts of the world, so traveling to Asia and seeing one is truly an unforgettable moment. Witnessing a giant stuffed panda boarding a train probably qualifies as an unforgettable moment, as well...

If this panda was finally able to fit inside the train, it is a wonder where he was able to find room to sit. A giant stuffed panda sitting next to you on the train may be weird, but at least it is comfortable.

14 Emotional Support Peacock In An Airport

It is likely on your travels that you will come across emotional support animals or guide dogs. These animals are permitted to stay by their owner's side at all times, whether it be a museum, a church, or a restaurant. This emotional support peacock, however, seems to be where United Airlines draws the line.

According to The Telegraph, A New York City-based artist was turned away from boarding a flight in New Jersey with the peacock. The artist left with her peacock but not before many bystanders could stare in shock at the spectacle.

13 Sir, You Forgot Your Shoes!

It is understandable to take one's shoes off while on a flight, especially the longer international flights. After waiting at check-in and going through security, travelers finally arrive at their seat relieved that they can finally relax. The majority of people may remove their shoes and even walk throughout the cabin during the flight barefoot.

But to forget one's shoes once the flight has landed? It seems a mystery how one may exit an aircraft without having cold feet. According to The Points Guy, this is not a common occurrence but definitely happens from time to time.

12 Shipwreck in Homebush Bay, Australia

Shipwrecks may make the news once in a blue moon or appear in one of The Pirates of the Caribbean movies. But very seldom are they seen daily while on the way to work. In Sydney, Australia, tourists may be shocked to witness a garden flourishing on one of Homebush Bay's shipwrecks.

According to Kid Bucket List, Homebush Bay was once used as a ship-breaking yard where ships were stripped for their metals and parts. Today, what remains is a shipwreck for tourists to stand in disbelief at while on their visit to Sydney.

11 It's A Pile Of Leaves! It's A Sharp Rock! It's...A Turtle?

South America's Amazon is home to countless species and animals that visitors long to see.  Many may not expect a turtle to make the list of weird things they see while visiting the Amazon. The mata mata turtle is one for the books due to its unique camouflage abilities.

If you are journeying to the Amazon any time soon, do not be surprised if you see what looks like leaves mysteriously shifting in a stream. Mental Floss says that the mata mata turtle's shell resembles leaves and bark making it easily mistakable for a pile of leaves.

10 Penguins Are No Exception To Airport Security...

Since penguins are birds that cannot fly, it seems to make sense that they take planes when traveling from place to place. Despite that logic, it is still a shock to witness penguins boarding a commercial flight. According to Daily Mail, such a situation occurred on a Southwest Airline flight when SeaWorld brought its penguins onboard.

Although a bizarre sight to see when on a plane, an adorable penguin is probably not the worst thing one could come across while traveling.

9 Don’t Forget To Walk Your Goat!

Household pets are cherished from childhood through adulthood, offering unparalleled companionship. It is most common to see locals strolling down the street with their dogs. But seeing someone walking their pet goat down the street? This is probably not as common of a sight.

Despite how strange it is to see goats being walked as a dog would be, it may be quite common depending on which country you plan to visit next. Do not be alarmed while traveling to see goats, cows, or even stranger animals strolling down the street.

8 Sunny Skies, Blue Water, And Shipwreck Views In Punta Cana

Glistening blue waters is not the only sight when lounging on Punta Cana's Bavaro Beach. The remains of a ship known as the Astron, according to ScubaCaribe, is located just off of this beach for tourists to see from their resort. This Russian-owned ship was on its way to Cuba years ago before its voyage was interrupted by a storm, says ScubaCaribe. 

Today, this shipwreck serves as a hot spot for eager divers to explore on an unforgettable scuba expedition.

7 Now That’s A Fish! (The Great Barrier Reef's Humphead Maori Wrasse)

It is most likely on every traveler's bucket list to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. With various species of fish populating this underwater destination, it is truly a wonder. One fish that has grown in popularity is the Humphead Maori Wrasse fish, one that travelers love to take photos with.

According to Barrier Reef Australia, the Wrasse fish is incredibly friendly and his puppy-like eyes make him very photogenic. Reaching lengths of over 6 feet, the Wrasse is a bizarre, yet unforgettable sight when exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

6 Disneyland’s Cat Population

During a visit to Disneyland, it is almost impossible to leave the theme park without crossing paths with a cat (and not the Disney cat characters!). Tourists from all over may witness a bizarre amount of cats roaming the Disneyland property. According to Business Insider, there are currently a few dozen cats that roam freely in the park.

To keep the population under control, explains Business Insider, Disneyland allows cast members to adopt the cats. When visiting Disneyland, make sure to not feed these feral cats and stick to mingling with the character cats only.