The world is full of beautiful art sculptures, installations, structures and museums that home some of the most famous pieces in history. Although art is always up for interpretation, there are a few times where we have found ourselves truly scratching our heads. Art comes in many shapes, sizes, figures and forms, however, we sometimes ask ourselves what the artist was really thinking.

We are certain that there is a story behind each and every piece out there, however, some of these sculptures have us wondering if anyone proofread these stories. From upside down statues to sea creatures in between walls, all the way to a cow in a tree, these are the 25 weird sculptures that make us all totally facepalm!

25 Transcendence - Portland, Oregon

This statue is actually an outdoor sculpture that will really make you take a second look and ask yourself "is that really a fish enveloped in bricks?" And the answer is, yes, it is. This piece is called 'Transcendence', and according to Travel For Craft, it is a fish flying through a building, by none other than Keith Jellum. Located in Portland, Oregon, the sculpture can be found right above Southpark Seafood, a popular restaurant known across the city. Although it's clearly in theme, it's definitely a head turner.

24 Headington Shark - Oxford, England

The Headington Shark is a rooftop sculpture that is located on New High Street in Headington, Oxford, England. The art piece depicts a large shark, likely a Great White, embedded completely head-first in the roof of a residential home. According to Atlas Obscura, the sculpture is 26 feet long, and attracts thousands upon thousands of tourists each and every year! The sculpture is said to be "loved by the locals", however, we aren't sure how we'd feel waking up to a 26-foot shark coming through our roof every morning.

23 Tarasque - Marseille, France

The 'Tarasque' is a style of sculpture that is located all throughout the South of France, particularly throughout Marseille, France. The sculpture itself was created after the legendary French dragon, which according to history, made its way from Turkey all the way to Tarascon, France, where it, unfortunately, met its maker after villagers feared the dragon too much, says Curious Rambler. Although we love an art piece with a backstory, we can only question that artistry behind the face that this French dragon is serving.

22 Charles La Trobe Statue - Melbourne, Australia

Next up on the list is yet another head-scratcher. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Charles La Trobe statue found directly outside of the La Trobe University in Bundoora, and was created by Peter Corlett, says Only Melbourne. The sculpture is notorious across Australia, both for its significance, and its design. The statue is upside down and is often times moved around the country in order for all of Australia to enjoy. It is in commemoration of La Trobe, who held office between 1839 to 1854, however, choosing to make the sculpture upside down is surely an interesting way to commemorate someone.

21 Černÿ Statue - Prague, Czech Republic

This next sculpture is definitely one that will not only make you laugh but raise an eyebrow at too. Located in Prague, Czech Republic, this sculpture, depicting two men relieving themselves in a pond-like structure acting as a fountain, was created by David Černy. According to Weird Things In Prague, the sculpture can be found outside of the Franz Kafka Museum in Malá Strana. The best, and probably most weird thing about this sculpture apart from where the water actually comes from, is that visitors can drink the water, or splash some on their face if need be!

20 The Big Giving - London, England

The Big Giving is a fountain sculpture found in central London, England. According to Fountain Explorer, the fountain is a part of a strange series of sculptures found across London, depicting human-like fountains spewing water from their mouths. This unsettling view is reminiscent of getting sick, which is always fun! Created by Klaus Weber back in 2007, this fountain is definitely one that we'd avoid if you don't do well with throwing up, real or fake!

19 Hand Of The Desert - Atacama, Chile

If you're having trouble facepalming from some of these odd sculptures, this certainly this next one can do it for you. The 'Hand of the Desert' is a large-scale sculpture of a hand rising from the ground. Located in the Atacama Desert, Chile, this 36-foot sculpture, made by Chilean artist, Mario Irarrázabal is a tourist attraction that brings in thousands of visitors each year. Although the sculpture itself is beautiful, we can only wonder why a giant hand, and more importantly why in the middle of the desert, making it quite inaccessible to witness in person.

18 Totem - Leuven, Belgium

Nothing says art like a fly on a needle in the middle of Leuven, Belgium! The 'Totem', displays a giant shiny green bug impaled on a 75-foot high needle, and "why?" is all that really goes through our minds. Created by Belgian artist Jan Fabre, who is the artist behind countless other Belgian status and sculptures, the 'Totem' was erected in 2004 as a way to commemorate the 575 years of the University of KU Leaven, says Atlas Obscura. The connotation between a giant insect and a university may not be totally apparent, however, we're sure there is a reason behind it, hopefully.

17 Device To Root Out Evil - Calgary, Canada

Next up on the list is yet another sculpture keeping up with the upside-down trend. The 'Device To Root Out Evil', can be found in Calgary, Alberta, however, it didn't always remain there. According to the Calgary Herald, this upside down church first found a home in Vancouver, British Columbia before being moved to private land in Calgary. Standing 22-feet tall, this sculpture, made by Dennis Oppenheim, is certainly a strange way to depict a church, particularly one standing outside of a residential area!

16 Traffic Light Tree - London, England

As if traffic lights weren't annoying enough, why not toss a whole bunch and create a tree out of them! Located in London, England, the 'Traffic Light Tree' can be found directly at Trafalgar Way in front of the Billingsgate Market. Created by French sculptor Pierre Vivant, the sculpture has become a bit of a distraction to several drivers, says UK Crossings. Considering the sculpture is located on a very busy roundabout, many locals have expressed their displeasure for having a sculpture made up of even more traffic lights to confuse and distract them further.

15 The Crawling Babies - Prague, Czech Republic

It is no doubt that babies are incredibly cute, however, it appears that these elements of cuteness were completely disregarded for this sculpture. Titled 'The Crawling Babies', this David Černy piece depicts three bronze babies crawling through a local park in Malá Strana, Prague. Although we appreciate art in all forms, we can't help but have feelings of discomfort when these sculpture are further explored. According to Prague Go, these babies are completely faceless, only further pushing that "huh?" factor that comes with seeing these three sculptures.

14 The Unknown Official - Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland sure has a way with displaying its art! The 'Unknown Official', located in Reykjavik, Iceland, was created by Magnús Tómmason in 1994, and is made out of Iceland volcanic basalt, says Atlas Obscura. The sculpture displays a man wielding a briefcase, walking toward city hall, however, his face is completely covered by a large stone. The sculpture is said to be a tribute to its thankless civil servants, however, we aren't sure if this piece is meant to be a serious tribute, or a humorous, satirical sculpture.

13 Ballerina Man - Los Angeles, California

This sculpture is definitely one that screams "disturbing" in each and every way possible! From clowns to ballerinas there is something very unsettling about them, especially when they become giant sculptures. The 'Ballerina Clown' is located in Venice Beach, California, directly above a CVS pharmacy! According to LA Times, this sculpture was made by Jonathan Borofsky in 1988 and has remained in its original spot ever since. The sculpture has since become a staple spot for tourists and locals, and although it is enjoyed by those living in Venice Beach, countless tourists have commented on its "disturbing" nature, which we can't help but agree with.

12 The Dream - St. Helens, England

'Dream' is a sculpture and a piece of public art created by Jaume Plensa that is located in Sutton, St. Helens, England. According to Visit Liverpool, the sculpture cost nearly $2.5 million and was funded through The Big Art Project. Although it may appear that this photo is compressed, or is an illusion of some sort, it is in fact made that way. The 2009 sculpture is certainly one that will make you think twice about its price tag, and wonder if it was truly necessary!

11 Ozymandias On The Plains - Texas, U.S

The 'Ozymandias on the Plains' is located directly off the highway heading south on Interstate 27 out of Amarillo, Texas. Nothing beats a pit stop off the highway of two giant legs! According to Atlas Obscura, the legs are often decorated in an array of socks, from athletic socks and socks of different colours and sizes, as decided by the locals. The sculpture is said to have been inspired by a romantic poem from 1818 written by Percy Shelley, and we must admit, nothing screams romance than two bare legs, nothing!

10 Mazinger Z - Cabra del Camp, Spain

The 'Mazinger Z' is located in Cabra del Camp, Spain, and is a giant super robot that guards the forgotten suburban development in Tarragona, the major city the sculpture resides in. Developers began working on a planned suburb of Tarragona called Mas del Plata, however, the funding, unfortunately, ran out before it was completed, luckily this anime inspired sculpture was built in time to protect the entrance of the community, says Lavanguardia. It's truly a shame that the community could not be continued, however, we can only wonder if most of the funding went into this Power Ranger-like sculpture.

9 Lobster Mickey Mouse - Boston, Massachusetts

Next up on the list is a sculpture of none other than the beloved Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse is a Disney legend who has certainly become one of the most recognizable cartoon characters across the world, however, a Boston based artist created a sculpture of Mickey that really has us facepalming. Not only is this life-size statue of Mickey orange, but he also has a giant lobster claw, mainly because it's a lobster version of Mickey Mouse. According to Movoto, the statue stands in front of the Boston waterfront and has been deemed as both "whimsical" and "creepy" but locals and tourists.

8 Pig Duck - Turku, Finland

The 'Posankka' otherwise known as the 'Pig Duck' is a statue located in Turku, Finland. The odd art piece is located near the University of Turku campus and represents a hybrid between a marzipan pig, and a rubber duck, two things we would ever think to combine. According to Bored Panda, the statue was created in 1999 and has become a staple spot amongst the Turku locals and tourists visiting this Finnish city. If we didn't make it clear enough, this statue is a pink animal with a duck's lower body and a pig's head, if that doesn't scream "weird" we aren't sure what will.

7 The Travellers Have Arrived - Sydney, Australia

Next up on the list is yet another head-turning sculpture! The 'Travellers Have Arrived' piece was created by Gillie and Marc, and is constantly moved around Australia. Created back in 2012, says Travel Direct, this odd sculpture features a dogman and rabbit-woman riding a donkey, because why not? The piece itself was created using fibreglass materials, and although has seen countless sights across Australia, can be found permanently at the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. So, if you have ever dreamt this piece in person, then you now know where to go.

6 Hungry Alligator - Brooklyn, New York

The 'Hungry Alligator' is an art sculpture located in Brooklyn, New York, and is one of the permanent installations at MetroTech Commons. According to NY Daily News, the sculpture was created back in 1996 by artist Tom Otterness. It depicts an alligator emerging from a manhole covering to bite down on a man crowned with a bag of money as his head. Although this has a straightforward message, this sculpture becomes a little too real considering alligators have actually been found in the New York sewer system, claims CityMetric!