There are a lot of 'sweets' out there that we all enjoy sampling, or outright love binging on from time to time. While a lot of it may be full of naughty things we're allowed to indulge every so often, because let's be honest, we've earned it. The idea of a cheat day after a week or two of working hard is exceptionally appealing, and we fully support the idea.

One particularly popular treat, especially in the United States (but also worldwide), is Oreos. It's a very simple yet wonderful cookie/biscuit type of snack, and if you're reading this and you've never even tried one, then what are you waiting for? Of course, this isn't intended to be an advertisement for them, but there's a chance it could end up that way.

Alas, while we enjoy eating Oreos, there are certainly some variations and flavours out there that we find a bit questionable. There are also creations that we think are really great and inventive, but there's a very thin line there. On the face of it they all look pretty appealing, but of course, that's how they draw us in.

Some of these are still on the market and some aren't, but you should go ahead and do your own research (aka go out and buy them) so that you can try them for yourself. Your taste buds may agree with the above idea but they may also reject the premise entirely. It's a bit of a back and forth and you may question what you like and don't like, but such is the fun of Oreos.

21 AMAZING: Double Stuffed - Nice And Classic

It’s a classic, really – as confirmed by the fact they came into existence back in 1974.

Whoever looked at an Oreo and thought that it wasn’t quite full enough is a minor marketing genius, and we don’t say that lightly. In many ways, it ruined the originals for a lot of people out there, because the natural instinct is to buy something that has a little bit more to offer.

They’re a little bit more sickly, but they’re certainly better to the alternatives that have come out since.

By that we mean the ‘triple’ or ‘quad’ Oreos that seem to be popping up, which is just a bit excessive. You could certainly make the same argument for this entry, but we’d politely choose to ignore you.

20 STRANGE: Green Tea - Not For Oreos, Thanks

Green tea should be green tea and that’s all there is to it, really.

You’re going to notice quite a few ‘green’ coloured items in this list, and we’ll be interested to see what the general consensus is about them. Some are good and some are bad, and these ones certainly fall into the latter category.

It’s an odd sensation to taste them and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they’ve only really been introduced to the world in Japan and China. So if you’re ever feeling a little bit weird and you want to try them, then your best bet is to hope you’re heading over there sometime soon or get them shipped over.

19 STRANGE: Birthday Cake - Not The Right Texture

The Birthday Cake Oreo was released on a limited edition half-year basis back in 2012 to celebrate the company’s 100th birthday. The idea was pretty nice and it’s great to see them celebrate their history, but the taste really didn’t go down well.

It tasted like a birthday cake which was great but if you’ve ever actually eaten a standard birthday cake, you’ll be well aware of the fact that they’re incredibly sickly.

We wouldn’t say that they were the worst flavour on this list by any stretch of the imagination, but it was definitely a hit and a miss in our opinion.

18 AMAZING: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie - All Day Every Day

Who says that you can’t throw everything against the wall in order to see what sticks?

This somewhat mess of a cookie is actually quite tremendous, and we’re going to stick to our guns on that. It was released pretty recently back in June 2018, and ever since then the majority of folks have raved about just how good it is. Of course, if you eat too many then you’re almost certainly going to suffer for it, but the same thing can be said of many different Oreo flavours.

It’s a personal favourite of ours, and it should be for you too.

17 STRANGE: Candy Corn - Very Overrated

Candy Corn, in general, is something that a lot of people outside of North America may not have even experienced before. That may be a good thing, too, because it doesn’t really work within the confines of an Oreo treat.

It was released as a Halloween-flavoured speciality and while the packaging and marketing was pretty good, that’s where the compliments begin and end for us. It returned for a brief period in 2013 and then again in 2016, but it kind of feels like they were beating a dead horse a little bit. Some may like it, but we don’t fall into that category.

16 STRANGE: Banana Split - Very Overpowering

We actually admire them for this one, because if it was done right, then it could’ve been a resounding success. Again, some may have felt like it was, but it’s all about personal preference.

It was limited edition release back in 2013 and it felt like they were trying to test the waters a little bit in order to see how people responded. For those who don’t know, it included a layer of strawberry and banana filling. Those two sound quite nice initially but we’ve never been fans of putting them together, simply because it doesn’t seem to work from a taste perspective.

15 AMAZING: Blueberry Ice Cream - Better Than You’d Think

It’s going to sound odd, but hear us out on this one.

Blueberry Ice Cream flavoured Oreos were released in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and then briefly in China and Thailand, back in 2010. Initially, it would certainly seem like they’ve taken a few crazy pills, but upon review, we think they’re actually pretty great.

Anything with blueberry in it would probably qualify here, and while we may be a little bit biased with that, it’s the nature of enjoying naughty snacks like this.

If you go in with low expectations, which we can completely understand, then you’ll probably leave feeling a lot better about things.

14 STRANGE: Spongebob - Ineffective

Everyone loves Spongebob Squarepants, and if you don’t then you’re lying to yourself. It’s a great TV show and understandably a lot of items and creations came out of the character – including Spongebob Oreos.

They were, again, a limited edition release (this time back in 2014), with yellow filling as well as character designs on either side of the cookie. While we think it’s a nice novelty, the main issue we had is that there was no real difference in the taste. We’re not sure whether or not this was purely done as a marketing scheme or something like that, but even so, we’re not fans.

13 STRANGE: Ice Cream Rainbow - So Much Going On

The weird and wonderful world of Oreos can leave you feeling a little bit perplexed sometimes, and that’s the position we find ourselves in here. The Ice Cream Rainbow Oreos were a limited release in 2013, with the promise being that the raspberry and lime colours would be met with a sherbet flavour.

In our not so humble opinion, we couldn’t taste the sherbet whatsoever. It was another cheap marketing ploy and it felt like a really lazy end product, especially because people were excited about them doing something a little bit different for a change.

Fool us once and all that.

12 AMAZING: Gingerbread - Merry Christmas!

Now we’re talking.

Gingerbread Oreos should be released throughout the year but unfortunately, they were limited which is a shame. Some would argue that they couldn’t actually taste the gingerbread all too much, but we think they were able to find the right balance and we commend them for that.

It was just a neat, tidy and all-round efficient novelty Oreo, and we’d like to see it return. Sure, there are many other favours to satisfy our Oreo needs, but combining a good piece of gingerbread with an Oreo truly does go above and beyond in every possible way imaginable.

11 STRANGE: Caramel Apple - Who Thought Of This?

If you’re a fan of Caramel Apple then you probably went wild for this one, but we feel like it’s a particularly niche selection.

It was a limited edition release back in August 2014, and it only appeared exclusively in Target stores. It was quite an overbearing taste at times, to be perfectly honest with you, it felt like a bit of a waste of time. In truth, we could probably say the same thing for a lot of these entries as they do seem a little bit random, and we’d be interested to see what the numbers were behind their sales.

After all, these limited edition treats can often be a tad hit and miss.



The summer of 2013 will likely be remembered by many for a variety of different reasons, but in our book, we’ll always look back fondly on Watermelon Oreos. They were a limited release during that period of time, and we’d go so far as to say that they’re one of the best flavours Oreo has ever created.

Watermelon flavoured sweets are often great by default, mainly because it’s a really strong flavour. The same thing is true of these Oreos and if you weren’t able to scout them out during their release, we’d try and see if you can get your hands on them now if possible.

9 STRANGE: Root Beer - Utter Chaos

Root Beer Floats should be enjoyed in the manner that they were created in, and that’s just a fact. They should not be sampled in any other way, shape or form, and we’re pretty passionate about that.

Root beer is an acquired taste at the best of times, especially if you’re not an American. So then, you can imagine how much we loathed the Root Beer flavour when it came out on limited release back in July 2014.

It was exciting to hear about the new ideas they had at the time but there were never many high hopes for this flavour in particular, and we can’t say that we’re all too shocked by that.

8 AMAZING: Key Lime Pie - Absolutely Incredible

Key Lime Pie, in general, is one of the best kinds of pie. If you did a poll then we’re fairly certain 99% of humans would agree with you, and while that may be a slight exaggeration, we’re standing firm on it being a great pie.

It was a limited release (we hate limited releases, we’ve decided) back in July 2015. Again, there’s probably a chance that you could get your hands on it somewhere in the present day, but we haven’t had much luck.

They just seemed to get the taste and flavour spot on with this one and from a visual perspective, it looked really impressive.

7 STRANGE: Fruit Punch - Not That Tasty

The idea was good, but the execution was not.

Fruit Punch is another that falls into the category of ‘should be left alone’, mainly because it’s supposed to be enjoyed as a drink. That’s an odd dynamic to try and change or alter, and it didn’t work for us here.

It certainly made us crave actual fruit punch, but what good is that when you’re supposed to be eating an Oreo?

Everyone loves fruit punch as it’s an important part of American culture (in some ways) so we like that they were thinking for the fans here, but it just didn’t go to plan.

6 STRANGE: Jelly Donut - What A Bizarre Mix

Swing and a miss.

The Jelly Donut flavour was released in May 2017 as a limited release, and visually, it was kind of hard to get your head around it. Essentially it was a ring of vanilla filling, with a big slab of jelly flavoured filling right in the middle. The contrast of tastes didn’t really work well, because it felt like they tried to make it far too sweet. The texture of an actual donut means that isn’t too much of an issue, but this wasn’t one of Oreo’s finest efforts.

Anyone else want a jelly donut now that we’ve been talking about them?

You could probably make cookie dough casserole and people would love it, and this time, we’re not exaggerating. Cookie Dough Oreos were yet another limited release way back in March 2014, and they were just splendid. It felt like they put just the right amount in for it to work, as if they added a little bit more than a regular Oreo and a little bit less than double stuffed.

If you were lucky enough to buy these in bulk then we’d imagine it still wasn’t enough, and you were left craving them even more once you’d finished your last load.

4 STRANGE: Limeade - A Bit Weaker

Limeade Oreos, which were released officially in 2014, just don’t seem to have the same kind of appeal or overall satisfaction levels as your standard Key Lime Pie Oreos. We may just be being picky but once again, you’re dealing with something that should be drunk instead of being eaten.

The ones that we tasted felt a little bit watered down by comparison, too, and that’s never a good position to be in. It always felt like these were favoured more over some better alternatives, too, and we can’t really wrap our head around why. We’ll get back to you on that.

3 STRANGE: Cinnamon Bun - it Doesn’t Really Work

The January 2016 release of Cinnamon Bun Oreos should’ve been a resounding success, but it just didn’t really work out that way when it was all said and done. The cinnamon cookies were a nice touch and the frosting filling was interesting, but it was just all a bit too much.

We were never really big fans of the marketing, either, mainly because they probably should’ve just gone with a simple Cinnamon flavour.

There are many other alternatives that we could’ve put in place of this one, but to be perfectly honest, we think the disappointment factor involved with this entry is what earns it a place in the list.

2 AMAZING: Golden - A New Generation

Golden Oreos have been the basis for many of these flavours, as they’ve served as the alternative to the traditional black outer layer of the Oreo cookie. As such, the company clearly felt like the variation in flavours would work better with Golden than the normal colours – for the most part, that is.

It kind of changed the game for the brand and it offers up many new exciting ideas in the future, but you have to wonder how many more limited edition releases they want to do. Some of them are successful but not all, and they need to take that into consideration.