18 Of The Weirdest Places Celebrities Have Been Spotted

While the concept of celebrity has been around for quite a long time at this point, it's the modern world that has made it pretty much impossible to escape the level of exposure that we've ended up with. Yes, we spend some part of pretty much every single day looking at the world of celebrity, taking in a different life that most of us will never get to properly experience, no matter how hard we try.

What we've done is pull together some of the photos taken of celebrities when they've been caught outside of their homes. They're spotted from time to time, amongst the rest of us, taking in the world that the rest of us live in. These images are proof that, no matter how rich or famous someone might become, they're still just human beings!

So, we think it's about time that we took a look at times when celebrities have been caught out in the real world, where the rest of us live. No matter what it is they've done to get famous, they'll always have to enter our world from time to time!

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18 Liam Neeson At This Sandwich Shop


We're going to assume that this sign was written after Neeson got there, but we like to imagine that maybe this actually happened the other way around.

Imagine if these two guys have been putting this sign outside for years in the hope that he would see it.

Then one day, he turns up, and he sees this sign, and thinks why not go in for a free meal while I'm here?!

17 Nicholas Cage Wasn't Ready...


Cage isn't exactly known for his important work in the world of cinema, but he is known for having fun no matter where he is.

That being said, it looks as if he's been having too good a time before heading onto this plane. Sure, it might have just caught him at a bad angle, but is that more likely than him actually just being a real party animal?

We say more power to him. If we had his money we'd be partying all the time and getting flights everywhere.

16 Tom Hanks Is A Special Guest At This Wedding!

via: wordpress.com

It would seem that a lot of people tend to get married in fairly public places, because this is the first of many images in this list that show celebs taking part in wedding photographs!

To be honest, if we saw Tom Hanks while we were being wed, we'd shout him over as well. He seems like such a nice man after all.

There's no chance he'd be able to refuse if you asked him to come along and be a part of the happiest day of your life!

15 Louis Tomlinson At A Froyo Shop


"I met Louis Tomlinson while he was in an alley smoking. He ended up burning a fan who got to close with his cigarette. My friend followed him to a frozen yogurt shop and got this sick photo of me sobbing with him." (Buzzfeed)

He always seems like a guy that really enjoys the famous life, and never seems to be upset about being approach and take photos with fans.

He clearly just wants to go about his life, but can't, because he will always be hounded no matter where it is that he goes, but he takes it in stride.

14 John Mayer In Costco

via: wp.com

"I met John Mayer at Costco in the middle of Montana this summer. He was buying shorts and told me to tell everyone he was Ace Ventura." (Buzzfeed)

Meeting celebrities like this makes us realize that they're just normal human beings like the rest of us at the end of the day!

They also need to grab their basic stuff, and why not spend as little as possible while doing it?! Also, they may miss the days when they used to walk around places like this.

13 Andre 3000 At The Orthodontist


"When they were done taking my braces off I went to the front desk to do some paperwork. He was there to get his son braces. He was very pleasant and was glad to take pictures with anyone who wanted to." (Buzzfeed)

This is a perfect example of how celebrities are just human beings who have to do the same boring things as us!

Who knew that a rapper of this calibre had children with teeth after all!

12 Janice Dickinson At Target

via: junglecreations.com

"I actually heard her before I saw her and sort of followed her through the women’s department so I could confirm that it was her. I stopped her and we chatted and she posed for a couple pictures. She was so sweet and warm." (Buzzfeed) Does anybody else think it's weird that this woman was found in Target?! We know that she may have fallen into hard times or something, but we think she probably has the money to shopping somewhere else.

11 John Green At A Bakery


"I got a summer job working in a small bakery in Union Pier, Michigan (which is the smallest town on the face of this earth), when all of a sudden, my favorite author in the world John Green walks in. Needless to say, I freaked out and couldn’t stop saying, ‘Oh my gosh, it's John Green.'" (Buzzfeed)

It really is John Green! Honestly, if we had managed to become rich and famous from our writing, we'd probably spend our days making YouTube videos and going to bakeries as well.

10 Rihanna At TGI Fridays


"A couple of weeks later, I walked in at 4:30 for my dinner shift and there she was. She couldn’t have been nicer or more gorgeous. She took a photo with me and signed a stack of napkins." (Buzzfeed) We like the added detail of signing a stack of napkins, as it sort of means that people who weren't even there might be able to get in on the action of having one. You could probably sell that for something on the internet...

9 Fabio At The Supermarket


"Ran into Fabio coming out of a bathroom at an organic market in Seattle. Of course I made him hold my baby for a photo op." (Buzzfeed)

When the guy looks like this, it's no wonder that he shops at organic markets!

He must be working on that body on a daily basis, especially when it comes to what he eats. That being said, we would probably stay away from celebrities when they're walking out of the bathroom...

8 Shaq Is A Big Guy


Honestly, it didn't make that much sense for Fabio to be holding that guy like a baby, but meeting Shaq is essentially the only time many adults are going to get a chance to be cradled like a baby. This guy could pick anyone up and make them feel like a child, held in his arms and safe from the world, just standing beside him you can see how he towers over pretty much everyone. Okay, now we want to go find this guy and see what it feels like to be held by a man this big and tall!

7 Trying to blend in


Okay, so we've already been over the fact that celebrities will struggle from time to time to pretend to be as happy or excited as fans want them to be for every single photograph they take.

It's always hard to remember that they are just very normal people, just like us, except with a whole lot more money and fame. 

Whenever we catch a glimpse of them in the real world, just listening to music, or doing something equally as basic, we try to squint and see them like an average joe, but some people just make it hard, and Katy Perry is one of those people that would stick out no matter what she was doing or wearing

6 Think Sharon Stone Was Flattered?

via: guff.com

It's funny to think that somebody in a t-shirt on would approach the woman that it's depicting. It is her most famous scene after all!

It looks like she took it all in good fun, which is always a good thing to see in celebrities, as they can sometimes seem as if they take themselves way too seriously.

Images like this where the celebrity is as happy as the member of the public is always great to see!

5 Jeff Bridges Always Looks So Cool!


No matter where people catch this man or what he's doing, we always think he looks cool.

What is it that we have to do to ensure that we end up being this cool when we get this old? It's easy when someone manages to be cool when they're young, but it's harder to pull off as you get older.

If somebody could get in touch with us and let us know how to keep our level of cool this high into later life, that would be great.

4 Can't Believe He Felt Comfortable Approaching This Man...


While we know that Cranston was obviously just playing a character, but he was able to come across as very brutal just by changing his facial hair and placing sunglasses on. That means, when he was walking around in the real world, he looked just as scary as the character he was portraying. We'd be worried he'd turn around after this photograph and tell us to say his name. In fact, he seems like just the guy to do that!

3 No one will believe it was really Bill Murray


One of the things that the internet has become obsessed with is Bill Murray walking into normal scenarios and then telling the people around him that nobody will ever believe that he was there. At a charity golf tournament Bill Murray was asked to sign his name on this fan's forehead, and in true Murray fashion it didn't quite go as we'd image! The only evidence that he was even there was this photograph after all, or else he could have told people that Miley was signing his head.

2 Axl Rose Has To Find New Ways To Have Fun Now That He's Boring

via: guff.com

Look, this man doesn't live the way that he used to, so he has got to find his fun in other ways. That being said, it doesn't look like he's having too much of a good time.

In fact, if you ask us, this looks like the sort of image that people end up taking of their friends during their teen years, not as they move past adulthood and become elderly...

Honestly, has anybody checked on Axl since he was snapped in this thing?!

1 Mel Gibson Ran Into This Wedding Photograph


"I was getting some pictures taken right before my wedding and in the middle of the photo shoot Mel Gibson walked by, complimented my dress, and asked me to ditch my fiancé and go with him. He also photobombed me and my mom!" (Buzzfeed) What a surprise that rather than being asked, this guy ran into the frame and started to make the whole wedding about himself... Shows the difference between these two men!

Sources: Buzzfeed; ViralThread

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