Archeologists have discovered some of the most amazing artifacts of human history to date. However, as extraordinary as most of these discoveries have been, some of them have been perpetually mystifying. These mysterious and strange finds seem to have provided researchers with more questions rather than answers. For instance, there are finds like, Stonehenge, Otzi the Iceman, or the Lascaux Cave, just to name a few persons, place, and thing archeologists have been intrigued but also troubled by.

With these artifacts being unearthed, revealed, or discovered, bring deeper, sometimes bigger unanswerable questions to the surface. Here is a list of the most perplexing, intriguing, even downright strange discoveries ever made.

15 Missing For 75 Years Found Frozen In The Snow

Workers in the Alps recently found a husband and wife who disappeared 75 years ago. Surprisingly the couple still had one remaining living child, a daughter, who at 79 learned the fate of her parents, who after leaving for milking the cows one day never returned home.

14 Otzi The Iceman Found With All His Tools

One of the most special things about Otis the Iceman is the fact that even though he is from the Copper Age, some 5000 years ago. Otis was discovered completely mummified in the glacier found with his tools and his clothes. Now, Otis is famous all around the world.

13 The Unknown Purpose Of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a timeless place. The stacked stones and rocks form a circle. A circle is believed to be used for either astronomy or celebrations. Many people come from all around the globe to see Stonehenge because there's something reaffirming in its design about how far people have come.

12 The Lascaux Cave Paintings, Or Tragic Story?

Way Down in the dark depths of the Earth humans found a way to communicate messages through by drawing on cave walls. One of the most curious finds of the century the Lascaux Cave paintings were discovered by accident. Now protected these caves give us a glimpse of what life was like back then.

11 The Missing Makers Of The Moai Statues

One of the biggest mysteries is of Easter Island, besides wondering what happened to its inhabitants, is figuring out what these giant stone statues were for. Some believe the people of the island died off from disease or were sold into slavery, but one thing is certain, the statures are evidence of their people.

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10 Tullond Man: The Face Of Guilt Or Rest?

Bog bodies have to be one of the strangest things in the world. These bodies were usually victims of severe punishment or execution. The bodies were tossed into the bogs to get rid of them. Over time the bogs perfectly preserved them. The Tollund man is one example. Only his head was found with a rope tied around it.

9 Croghan Man: A Petrified Moment of Death

The Croghan Man is another version of a bog body made famous by being found in such good, yet strange condition. The most impressive thing about the condition of this body has to be his fingernail bed, which is still defined and prominent. It's pretty bizarre considering he died so many years ago.

8 The Mysterious Death Of The La Brea Woman

It makes sense that a human skull should be found in the La Brea Tar Pits after all that's where they've found lots of dinosaur bones. However, when they found the skull of La Brea woman there was cause for alarm. After researchers found she was not a recent victim of a crime or foul play they felt better.

7 The Antikythera Mechanism: First Of Its Kind Or Last One Left

On many occasions, this broken artifact has been called the first computer. Found on a shipwreck, the analog computer could predict dates, map stars, and even track the Olympic Games. It's believed the computer is one of the first of its kind ever discovered and greek.

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6 The Lloyd's Bank Coprolite

This weird fossil is, strangely enough, human feces. It is over 8 inches long and 2 inches thick. The fossil is named after the place it was discovered, but there's not much known about the person who left it behind, except for that their diet was rich, consisting mostly of meat and bread.

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5 The Voynich Manuscript Full Of Unanswered Questions

More people should know about the Voynich Manuscript, which is carefully written and drawn, but can't be read. The language in the book is indecipherable, and the drawings depict never before seen things. The book is either written with a dead or forgotten language full of secrets.

4 The Rosetta Stone A Perfect Key To Understand

The Rosetta Stone seems to have fallen out of the sky like a key. The stone, which has three different scripts inscribed on it, was the most crucial tool in deciphering Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Otherwise, most of the text read in the pyramids would have remained unread.

3 The Lost City Of Pompeii Preserved In Ash

When Mount Vesuvius erupted Pompeii was right in its path. The Volcanic heat and ash annihilated the city of Pompeii and all its residents. However, the strangest thing is the fact that the people who were burned into permeant positions capturing the exact moment of their death did not succumb to the elements through time.

2 Nazca Lines Intended For Humans Or Aliens

The Nazca Lines are impressive! Not only are the lines made with accurate intention, but then it seems their purpose was to be seen from high up in the air, or up in space. The Nazca lines have not only endured through time but raised many questions about their message or purpose.

1 Khufu Ships Passing Through The Night And Death

Of all the ancient artifacts found one that still seems mysterious is the ancient Egyptian ships, which were buried underground to transport people and things to the afterlife. The ships never left the physical Earth, but the lengths  Egyptians went to secure their expectations remains mystifying.

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