Chances are all of us have stolen an item or two from a hotel, but what is okay to take and what could potentially get us into trouble?

Fans of Friends will likely remember the episode where Ross educates Chandler on what is okay to steal from hotel rooms and what isn't. Many of us might even use that as the measuring stick when we take things from hotel rooms. The lightbulbs are okay to take, but not the lamps. Leave the remote controls, but the batteries that power them are fair game.


Truth be told, Ross's rules probably aren't the best ones to follow. The best people to ask are the hoteliers themselves, but they won't be telling us what we want to hear. Travel + Leisure recently collated a few different takes from those who work in the hotel industry, and some of the pointers they gave to patrons might surprise you.

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First of all, most hotels actually want you to take any leftover toiletries you don't use. In fact, they'd like you to take them even if you haven't used them at all during your stay. Since most of those products are stamped with the hotel's logo, the thought is former customers will see them and be more inclined to stay at that hotel again.

As for the bigger stuff, well, stealing that is a crime. A crime that could actually end up with you getting arrested. Nigerian woman Bilikisu Dowodu actually served time in prison for taking two towels from a Hilton hotel. Chances are the same won't happen to you, but why take the risk for a towel or a robe? At the very least, once the hotel discovers it's missing, it'll probably end up on your hotel bill.

Even worse, you could find yourself being turned away from certain hotel chains. It won't matter if you stole from a Hilton and switch to a Marriott either. There's a database used by most major hotel chains that your name could end up on should you get too fast and loose with stealing stuff from hotels. Just remember that the next time you try to cram a bunch of bedsheets into your suitcase.

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