Steak is a staple food in many of our diets, but eating one at a restaurant is an earthshattering experience. When you order from a prestigious restaurant that understands what quality truly is, the steak will melt in your mouth. The flavorful juices combined with the aromatic atmosphere in the restaurant is an experience like nothing else in the world.

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Washington D.C. has some of the best steakhouses on the planet, which is why when you visit here you have to eat at one. The tenderness of their meats and the dedication of their cooks is what brings them out on top. Keep reading to learn about the ten best steakhouses in Washington D.C.!

10 10. The Prime Rib

If you were looking to go somewhere for a very romantic date, then this is the place. Put on your best dress, or suit and tie, and waltz your way down to this restaurant. This restaurant opened its doors back in 1976 and has perfected its cooking methods to become one of the best steakhouses on Capitol Hill. They have a wide selection of steak and seafood that is utterly delicious. You won't be able to eat a homemade steak again after the first bite you take of one of their dishes.

9 9. St. Anselm

Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley gives food a new dimension with her creative dishes that give guests a new take on steak. You can order things like lamb merguez, crispy young bobo chicken, or just a simple ax handle ribeye.

The presentation of the food is phenomenal and looks so wonderful you won't want to touch your meal for fear of ruining its ethereal beauty. The atmosphere of the restaurant gives off an old-school vibe between the checkered floor and both studded booth seats.

8 8. BLT Steak

This restaurant features an executive chef whose first career found him in finance, and now he is serving up some of the best steaks in Washington. They serve steak, American wagyu, a variety of other main courses, and some raw and chilled foods.

It is upscale and meant for those with a passion for fine dining, which is why their menu holds things like steak tartare and grilled branzino. They also have a wide variety of award-winning wines for guests to choose from because no evening is complete without a perfect pairing.

7 7. Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab

This restaurant was originally from Miami but eventually expanded to open its doors in Washington. They serve both lunch and dinner, but their evening menu is probably what will call to your tastebuds. It serves everything from their famous stone crab to an array of great steaks that will tickle your senses.

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No one ever goes hungry from a lack of selection as everyone is capable of finding something worth their time on the extensive menu. If you have room for dessert make sure to try a slice of one of their freshly baked pies for your sugar fix.

6 6. Urban Butcher

If you were looking for something a little more alternative, then you should eat at the Urban Butcher. They only use woodland ossabaw island hogs, dry their meat for 60 days, and salt it for at least 30 days to ensure maximum tenderness. They understand the importance of good meat and the effects of proper preparation.

You can have your meat raw, hot, or smoked and the options in terms of meat choices are endless. If you and a friend are looking for a challenge then you can try and tackled their $96 meat mountain platter that has a variety of several types of meats on a single plate.

5 5. Bourbon Steak

This dining area is actually a part of the Four Seasons in Washington D.C., so you know it has to be good. Executive Chef Drew Adams will treat you to the best meal of your entire life, and you won't know how to properly thank him.

A few of their signature dishes include things like filet mignon, tuna tartare, and even a berbere-spiced lamb burger. You will feel like a whole new person after devouring plate after plate of food as it sets your mind on fire with its greatness.

4 4. Charlie Palmer Steak

The bold style of this restaurant will entice you to walk through their doors, but the food will have you coming back again for more. You can choose to sit inside part of the National Mall or head up to the rooftop terrace for some fresh air.

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They have several different menus available depending on the time of day and whether or not it is a holiday. This restaurant offers guests options of a raw bar, fish, and pasta, but the highlight of this venue is their steak selection. They have everything from a dry-aged New York strip to a coulotte.

3 3. Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse

The brothers who started this steakhouse obtained fame by competing on Top Chef, and they have been a hit ever since. They take a lot of inspiration for their decor and dishes from their home state of Maryland but twist it to incorporate new ideas into old favorites.

You can choose steaks from three different categories including USDA prime, American wagyu, and Creekstone dry-aged for 45 days. Guests can also add a sauce to their meal, or choose to neglect steak altogether and choose between lamb, pork, and poultry.

2 2. Bobby Van's Steakhouse

This restaurant actually has two separate locations in D.C., so you know they must be good. They serve both lunch and dinner, depending upon what suits your fancy, but lunch has more of a focus on sandwiches and salads, rather than freshly made steaks.

The dinner menu has a raw bar, plenty of appetizers, salads, and your usual entrees, but people come here for the steaks. There are so many choices and the different flavors they give each piece of meat are unbelievable. It will probably seem like a dream come true as your meal's flavor is all you can think about.

1 1. Medium Rare

This restaurant serves brunch and dinner to their guests, both of which feature an award-winning steak. When it is brunch you can order steak and eggs or even one of their famous benedicts. Dinner brings about an entirely different atmosphere as it transforms into the date night of your dreams.

They have a set menu that includes bread, salad, and a steak with fries, but it is not as simple as it seems. The taste will blow you away and have you begging for more, but you probably won't have room after the dessert menu is passed around.

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