When you think about booking a trip to Mexico, your mind definitely goes right to staying at an all-inclusive resort. There are many of them in Mexico, located everywhere from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, and they feature pools, access to the beach, unlimited drinks and food, and sometimes a spa or another bonus activity right there at the hotel.

It's easy to see why these resorts are so popular with tourists as the weather in Mexico is warm and it seems like a nice way to enjoy it. But travelers would be missing out on Mexico City, which is a beautiful and artistic place.


Read on to find out why staying in Mexico City would be better than an all-inclusive.

All-Inclusives Can All Feel The Same

There's definitely a time and place for booking an all-inclusive. These are often the best type of trip that parents could take with little kids as they're all about the beach and the pool, and this can be a good way to save money and still take a vacation.

But when travelers are heading to Mexico, a resort isn't the best way to see the country, and it can make it seem like you're staying literally anywhere. An all-inclusive resort can feel the same, whether you're in Mexico, Cuba, Florida, etc. You would definitely feel like you were missing out at the end of your trip because while it's nice to sit by the pool and see palm trees and the ocean, there's a lot more to Mexico.

You Can Stay At An Airbnb And Experience The Local Culture

Instead of staying at an all-inclusive in Mexico, stay in Mexico City because you can book an Airbnb and experience the local culture. As someone posted on Reddit, Roma Norte is "a hip neighborhood with a lot of cool Airbnbs."

The World or Bust echoes that sentiment: the website says the area is "a hip, safe neighborhood full of countless amazing restaurants offering every type of cuisine you can imagine, hipster-run coffee shops, bars, parks and just about anything you’d want from a well-rounded neighborhood." There are also a lot of nature and trees here, which is lovely.

According to The Culture Trip, there are so many things to do in Mexico City. You can check out Plaza Rio de Janeiro, which has a fountain with a copy of the "David" sculpture by Michelangelo. There is also a bookshop/coffee shop hybrid called Cafebrería El Péndulo which has three stories and will be a really fun experience.

The Culture Trip also recommends a food market called Mercado Medellín. According to some Trip Advisor reviews, the produce is really high quality and someone mentioned the Cuban ice cream, which sounds delicious.

You Can Explore On Foot

The problem with staying at an all-inclusive resort is you can't exactly get up in the morning and walk around the surrounding area. Sometimes the resort is far away from the rest of the city or town, or paying for a tour seems pricey and it seems more affordable to spend the whole time at the resort.

According to Oyster.com, you can definitely explore Mexico City on foot by sticking to each area -- for example, the Centro, Polanco, Condesa, and Roma. So if you stay in Roma, for example, it'll be convenient to walk around a lot. This is one more advantage to staying in the city instead of at a resort. You'll see so much more and stumble upon some gems.

For instance, in Roma Norte, there are quite a few restaurants that you won't want to miss. Enjoy some plant-based tacos at La Pitahaya -- the bright pink colors are almost too pretty to eat. Or go to Contramar for delicious fish menu items ranging from tuna tostadas to shrimp, and don't forget to order the fig tart for dessert.

Travelers can also walk around and find some great cafes. Have a cappuccino, your morning meal, or lunch at Cardinal Casa de Cafe Roma, or try Tierra Garat for coffee and pastries.

Travelers will also get a lot out of simply walking the streets of this area. According to the NY Post, Roma Norte has houses in the style of Beaux-Arts and Art Nouveau that have since been turned into business offices.

Instead of staying at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, consider staying in Mexico City and getting the chance to stay in an amazing neighborhood and walk around. You can find delicious local cuisine and dine out for all of your meals and find some cool cafes, too. Best of all, you'll feel like you're part of the city instead of spending all of your time at a resort.

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